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Glenn Beck Spreads Lies About George Soros

George Soros has been attacked by Glenn Beck and accused of directly helping the Nazis to murder Jews in Hungary. If this statement sounds absurd, it is because there is absolutely no truth to the horrendous lies that Beck has attempted to spread about Soros for quite some time. Beck’s ridiculous attempt to discredit Soros and destroy his reputation includes accusations about Soros’ allegedly anti-Semitic behavior from when he was a teenager living in Hungary during the Second World War. Beck was so determined to take down Soros that he dedicated three one-hour long episodes on his Fox News show to detailing how he thinks Soros is an anti-Semite. Although it is not surprising that Beck attacked George Soros, the extent to which he dedicated television air time to attempt to disparage a single person is a bit extreme even for Beck.

The basic premise of Beck’s fabricated allegations against Soros is that Soros was present during the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Beck argues that Soros was complicit in the mass murder of Jews in the Holocaust and opposes the establishment of Israel as a pro-Jewish state. This baseless statements apparently stem from the fact that Soros was present during the Holocaust in Hungary. His family was able to survive the Nazi occupation of the country based on forged documents and a lot of creativity on the part of his farther. Despite Beck’s extremely reckless and ridiculous statements about Soros’ political and religious sentiments, there is absolutely no evidence that Soros ever supported the Nazis. Visit the site Open Society Foundations to know more about George Soros.

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The reality of Soros’ personal story is that he fled the Nazi occupation of Hungary and landed at the London School of Economics. The unfounded hatred and racism upon which the Nazis ruled were exactly the types of problems that Soros sought to avoid. He has never indicated that he supported any policies of the Nazi Party or wanted to assist them in any way. Since studying in London, Soros eventually ended up in the U.S. to begin an incredible career in finance and investing. Most of us know that Soros would go own to become famously wealthy and very politically active.

Since George Soros gained success and acclaim for his investing career, he has used his massive resources to fight for freedom around the world. Even though Beck has tried to spin that Soros supports communist regimes, Soros was actually one of the most active private individuals in helping to take down communist governments. In fact, Soros helped to fund revolutions against communist and post-communist regimes in Europe. Soros is not afraid to speak openly about his political views and educate the public about the problems with communist governments.

While most people understand that Beck does not have a leg to stand on when it comes to trying to hold himself out as a serious political commentator. Even though many people understand that Beck is just an inflammatory entertainer, the fact that his network allowed this type of character assassination to air is alarming to say the least.

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