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When You Feed Your Pet Do You Hear . . . I RROVE RROU!

The Beneful Video Commercials aren’t commercials, but actual conversations pets have with their owners. The owners only fill in the words the pets express their excitement. Pet owners can read expressions on their pet’s faces, wag of a tail, or the perk of their ears. Pets express their emotions through the softness of their eyes and the excitement in their bounce.

These commercials are reflections of how pets feel when they are happy and fed nutritiously healthy meals. You can always tell when a pet loves what they eat, they attack the bowl of food, instead of sniffing around the dish wondering what this stuff in the bowl? Pets know whats good for them and they enjoy a good meal. You can always tell the excitement your pet feels when they come bounding into the room after hearing the bag of food being opened, or the snapping sound of a can being opened. The aroma of their meal fills the air and they know it’s meal time.

Taking the guess work out of feeding your pet is a time and life saver, and knowing what pleases your pet is a feeling of security for you and your pet. With Beneful commercial, you always have a nutritionally satisfied pet and a happy mealtime, every time. You can almost hear your pet say . . . I RROVE RROU!

Is Your Dog a Picky Eater?

If your dog is a picky eater, then you know how hard it can be to find a nutritional food that will also meet the scrutiny of their taste buds. Your dog’s taste can also change and why should we expect them to eat the same thing day in and day out with no variety? You are absolutely correct if you say that we shouldn’t!

Give your baby a healthy meal of Kibble in one of the many flavors available and you can even choose from varieties such as Healthy Puppy, Playful Life, Beneful Healthy Weight, or the Incredibites varieties with meaty chunks that any dog will love.

You can add Beneful dry food to kibble to fill your dog up, give them more variety in their diet, add some moisture into the diet of a dog that is not one to drink enough water or just as a special occasion treat. Dogs who burn more calories naturally, due to an active lifestyle, might be the best candidates to have wet food supplemented alongside their dry kibble. Senior dogs with sore teeth or gums will appreciate the wet food as well. Bear in mind that wet food is also a great way to give some dogs medications that can be stirred up in the delicious foods that have them lapping it up so fast that they never notice that pill.

Beneful Chooped Blends are designed as more of a gourmet line, with carrots and wild rice added into the recipe to give additional nutritional benefits as well as being full of mouth-watering flavor. When you open the packaging, the food actually smells good enough to eat it yourself. That’s how you know you are feeding quality food and when you watch your best pal eat the food as quicklky as they can, you’ll know that they are happy and satisfied.

Wrap up the training sessions with a treat from Baked Delights product line. Give your friend a treat when you leave the house or when you come home. These nutritious and delicious snacks will be a welcome surprise to even the most scrutinizing and picky eater.