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Using Stem Cells to Advance Lung Therapy and Cures

Most chronic diseases normally lead to desperation as most victims and their family members are always in dire need of some treatment or cure. Lung complications are no different. Now thanks to the emerging medical technology such as stem cells therapy for lungs there is new hope for these victims.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the essential building blocks of life in any organism. Normally these cells have the capability to form into any type of tissue within the body. Note adult stem cells are homogeneous in nature. This means, the cells from one body part can convert their function to another tissue type through a process known as plasticity.

The stem cell therapy process

Ideally, the adult stem cell can be derived from a number of different cells within the body however; they are commonly harvested from the patient’s bone marrows or blood. Once the stem cells have been harvested from the patient, they are separated and returned back to the patient intravenously.

Normally, any substance be it medication, stem cells or blood whenever introduced in the body, they go straight to the right side of the heart. With a heartbeat or two, these substances are pushed to the lungs, then with the help of blood vessels they are distributed throughout the body. This however is different when it comes to stem cell therapy. According to different research when it comes to treating lung disease, stem cells go through this process; however, they are trapped when they get to the lungs. This process is known as pulmonary trap. The trapped stem cell regenerate; hence, slowing down the effect of lung disease and improving the patient’s quality of life.

The Lung Institute at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, has been an institution dedicated to stem cell therapy. Through its multidisciplinary team, that includes specialists from medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, pulmonary medicine and radiology you are guaranteed nothing short of quality.

When considering undergoing stem cells therapy for your lung disease, expect more than quality treatment. The institution understands and appreciates the high cost associated with this alternative treatment procedure and is willing and able to accommodate alternative financing options such as crowd funding sites, social media donations among others. Chronic lung disease can be quite the burden; however, thanks to the Lung Institute and stem cell therapy you are a have a shot good health once again. Read the patients testimonials on

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