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North Korea, a nation with a disturbing history of dictatorship and a poor human rights record. The respective government regimes of the last five decades have exercised policies that have created discontent on the international arena. Diplomacy has failed, and the country is isolated from the rest of the world as far as media is concerned. The citizens of North Korea are the most oppressed people in the world. The dictators of North Korea have had their way for decades.

One of the nightmares for the current North Korean regime presents itself in the form of a diminutive 21-year-old human rights activist Yeonmi Park. She is the global ambassador for the oppressed masses of the North Korean Republic. Yeonmi has a painful yet inspiring story of resilience and determination. She is a role model for women around the world. Her life experience mirrors the common saying that what doesn’t kill you only serves to make you stronger.

She resides and studies criminal justice in South Korea. The world knows her for the advocacy and campaigns shedding light on the harsh conditions the people of her country endure. Hers is a campaign for empowerment and liberation.

She desperately escaped her native country aged 13 in the company of her isolated family. They sneaked into China where her father passed away, and they almost got deported back to North Korea. Her family’s stay in China was brutal. She lost her dad and had to experience a painful raping act on her mother. Death was imminent, and her family had no other option but to cross the unforgiving Gobi desert to get to South Korea.

In her narratives, Yeonmi acknowledges how she had developed a wrong opinion of life in other parts of the world based on her experience in North Korea. In her country she says people have no access to fundamental rights and freedoms. As a child, she was accustomed to brutality and inhuman treatment of her people. Such experiences have only worked to strengthen her resolve today. Yeonmi’s new book “In Order to live” on Amazon sheds light on her traumatizing experiences and painful journey to freedom.

Yeonmi travels across the globe raising awareness of the crimes against humanity levelled against the people of North Korea by their government. Her campaign has been embraced by social media especially Youtube where her emotional speeches are famous. Ms. Park’s sworn purpose in life as she explains is to shed light on the darkest place in the entire world. Her testimonies add credibility to UN findings and reports on North Korea.

Many accusations are being levelled against her. She became a defector in her home country with the government using the media to discredit her efforts. However, this is a cheap price to pay for a very young girl with such a huge public appeal and profile. She is relentless and unmoved in her efforts. It goes without saying that this young woman is an inspiration to people around the world to refuse oppression and fight for their rights.

Hiring Process In A Technology Business

Nearly everyone who opens a business will at some point of the operation need the assistance of professionals. If it is a technology company, it will need employees skilled in the product or service the company is selling, accountant, attorney, banker, executives and so on. Some also hire marketing consultants on to take advantage of the competition in the critical days of their businesses. If you decide professionals are needed to help with your business, then finding one with appropriate expertise should be the first step you take to start your business operation. Other tasks such as reorganization, strategy design, plan and actions will be easier once these professionals are in place.

Others will hire consultants for short or long-term without actual in-house employment contract. One thing is common to all hiring process. Whoever you hire and with whom you will deal, you are paying them to look out for your best interests. If you feel otherwise, lose that person and find someone else. The goal of this hiring process is to make sure that you have the right candidate for a specific position. When selecting professionals, many rules determine whether or not you should hire them. First, does the person have the expertise to fill the vacancy? Second, can another person do it more cost-effectively than the current one? Once your business needs are assessed, it is time to locate these professionals, either through references or direct interviews.

Many companies in the technology field have been successful due to hiring right professionals for various positions. From employees to CEOs, these professionals have contributed tremendously to the overall growth of their companies. For example, Shaygan Kheradpir is one such figure who has faced a strict hiring process in his early career and went on to become Chief Executive Officer of a multi-national company. Shaygan started out as an employee for GTE Corporation and later worked for Verizon for more than a decade as its CIO. His dedication and hard work are evident in many areas. He then retired as a CEO of Juniper Networks in 2014. He was the right candidate with the right type of expertise that Verizon and Juniper Networks needed.

There are many places where one can find the right professional. Trade associations, local Chambers of Commerce, clubs and Better Business Bureaus all provide free or limited-cost services in recommending such professionals. Joining one of these groups equates to access to services supplied by these professionals or access to their whereabouts. Whether the business needs to hire these personnel and retain them will depend on the requirements of a particular operation. All these professionals hired from legitimate places can be very useful in helping with the business. There are a growing number of people who provide multiple services. This will reduce the overall cost of labor as well.

An Introduction To The Pet Products Of Purina Pet Care

Purina Pet Care sells a number of different foods for pets, which are available through the Purina news site. Purina Pet Care makes foods for both cats and dogs. They have quite a long list of different brand names, including Beneful, Purina One, and Fancy Feast. Interestingly, Nestle owns Purina Pet Care. There is likely a connection between the company that makes your pet’s favorite foods and the company that makes some of your favorite foods!

It is possible to get Friskies as dry cat food or as wet cat food. It comes in a variety of different flavors, including fish flavors that cats love. Fancy Feast is also made by Purina. This cat food is regarded as a “premium” cat food. Purina One is another line of Purina Pet Care products that has foods for cats. There are also cat treats that are made by Purina. A good example of this is Friskies Party Mix. Friskies Party Mix is made in a variety of flavors that cats seem to really find delicious. In addition, Purina Pet Care even makes cat litter products! Tidy Cats is a commonly used cat litter that is made by Purina. This brand of litter helps to reduce the level of odor from the cat litter.

If you have a dog, Purina has numerous foods for your pet on the market. In addition to being a food for cats, Purina One also is available for dogs. This pet food brand provides excellent nutrition for dogs, in addition to having a different version for cats. The widely known dog food, Alpo is also made by Purina Pet Care. Dogs really like foods with a strong meat base, and Alpo certainly has this. Another great dog food offered by Purina is Mighty Dog. As the name suggests, Mighty Dog gives your pet great nutrition to help him or her be a strong, healthy canine. This particular brand by Purina is specially created for smaller canine companions. There are also other brands of dog food available, such as Beneful. If you would like to have treats available for your dog, Purina has that too. T Bonz dog treats are made in flavors that your dog will love. Not only do they taste like beef, but they actually are genuine beef!

All in all, Purina is a pet care company with a great variety of products. Their products can be used for virtually all of your pet’s needs. Purina’s pet foods are known for not only taste, but they are healthy pet foods. The broader company of Nestle also makes some very healthy food for humans as well.

Skout Helps People To Get Dating Right Away

Dating has never been easier than it is right now in this modern day. There are so many great websites and apps out there for those who are wanting to find a date for themselves, and Skout has proven itself to be one of the best. When people get on that dating website or app they will be able to connect with people who are in their area. They’ll be able to find people who are nearby, so that they can get started dating right away. This allows for people to have more similarities and easy access when dating. Dating really has never been easier than it is when one is to use Skout to help them to meet someone.
There are so many great things about all of the dating apps and websites that have come out, recently, and all of the things that make Skout unique are especially great. When someone gets on the app or website they’ll be able to quickly locate someone who shares the same interests as them, and who is in the same area as them, and that will help them to get out there and start flirting right away. Other dating services do not allow people to get started dating as quickly. They aren’t nearly as convenient as this one, and they don’t allow people to connect with others who are in their area. Skout is different in so many great ways, and that is why so many people have come to love it and what it can do for them.
People have started dating in all kinds of crazy ways nowadays, but one of the best ways that they have started to date is by meeting someone through an app or website like Skout. That way they are able to know that there is someone else out there in their area who is looking for love, too. They are able to know that there is someone else out there who wants to date just as badly as they do, themselves, and that will leave them feeling great.
When someone wants to get out there and start dating they might want to consider doing things the modern way. They might want to consider using Skout to help to set them up with a date, so that everything can go smoothly for them, and so that they can get started dating right away.

Skout: The Latest Way To Connect In The Digital Age

If you are the type of person who likes to use the Internet to meet new people, flirt, and maybe even find a date, then you will like Skout. This is the latest dating app which allows users to connect with others in their same geographic area and hopefully find things they have in common to talk about and connect over. Skout has helped transform those who would otherwise be lonely into people who can fill up a social calendar like no other.

Travelers are the biggest beneficiaries of this app because they get the opportunity to meet new people in all of the different cities that they may travel to. It matters because many of them are not able to find new people to talk to when they are in a place that is away from home. It can be very isolating and make a lot of people no longer want to travel or do the things that they love. Skout on techcrunch is helping to bring that back for them.

People of all ages are able to and encouraged to use Skout. When you sign up for the app, you will be asked for your age so that you may be placed in the appropriate categories for your age group. After that, you are able to search for people in your age group and see who is available to chat with.

There are some special features on this app which make interacting easier and more fun. For example, there is a feature called “Shake to Chat” which allows users to shake their phone in order to be connected with another user who is also shaking his or her phone to chat with them. Two people shaking their phones at the same time will create an Instant Message conversation.

The nice thing about this feature is that the chat remains anonymous at first, but users are then able to learn the identity of the person they are chatting with if they remain in the chat long enough.

Skout is different from other social and dating apps in that there is not as much pressure. It is not something that forces people to look for dates, but it does offer this possibility for those who are interested in finding that special someone. It is simply something that allows for the casual interact of individuals which may over time form into something more. It is great for those who are traveling and for those who are just bored and want to kill some time.

All in all, this is a social app which is not likely to go away anytime soon. It is way too popular to fade into the background. We wouldn’t want to have that happen anyway because it is a lot of fun and helping a lot of people connect.

Beauty from Lime Crime

What a woman wears on her face is really as important, if not more so, than the clothes from her closet. A well made up face can be utterly stunning, especially if the makeup a woman wears is from a brand that really comes through with quality and colors that go on well and stay on beautifully. While there are many great tried and true brands of makeup today for women to choose from, from Revlon to Cover Girl to L’Oreal, the real excitement in the cosmetics world is coming from newer brands that take beauty to a whole new arena.

The Lime Crime Difference

One of the great brands that’s making a difference in the cosmetics world today is Lime Crime. This makeup brand was launched back in 2007/2008 by an Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere, who had a feeling that there were a lot of women out there who wanted great makeup that really made a statement and that conveyed a very cool rock and roll vibe.

The Grunge Palette

Lime Crime products available at offers a range of great looks in makeup, and one of the most appealing is the shadows that come in the Venus: Grunge Palette shadow kit. These shadows have an iridescent shimmer that goes on beautifully, with colors that are just right for shading and highlighting. For a really wild look, women can also add on a brush of glitter, from the Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter pots. These shimmering glitters go on with Glitter Helper adhesive, for an eye catching look that’s all about turning heads in the most gorgeous way possible.

Lasting Lip Colors

Lime Crime’s bold lip colors are really having an impact in the cosmetics industry, as these wildly colorful lip treatments have a quality and color selection that is second to none.

Velvetines lip colors are a true innovation in the lip color world, as these are the first lip colors that go on “liquid to matte.” Available in a range of bold colors, from hot pinks to purples, reds and mushroom brown, Velvetines were developed in a lab by Deere and a top chemist. Their months of work ensured that this innovative lip color would go on wet and set as a matte color that defies crumbling. The look of these lip colors is knock out gorgeous and highly kissable.

For women who want even wilder colors to choose from, Lime Crime has Unicorn Lipstick. This lipstick goes on a little wetter, but still has a matte impact. These colors range from pinks to reds, purples and even green, blue and orange. The effect is a total wow.

When it’s time for makeup that has impact to spare, choose Lime Crime.

How To Become A Successful Lawyer In Brazil

To become a good lawyer in Brazil and make a name for yourself in this country, you need to have certain qualities even if you don’t possess every skill needed by national law board. One of those qualities is interpersonal skills. As a lawyer who has to deal with dozens of clients each day, you have to be able to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone who touches your firm. If you actually thought passing the law board exam was tough, wait until you have to deal with cases that want a substantial piece of your time. Successful lawyers have the ability to work with all types of cases within their field and are able to provide their clients what they need. Many such lawyers spend an awful lot of time talking to clients on the telephone as well.

Again, Brazil is a country where laws are bound by many factors on both national and international level, so a lawyer should be aware of laws pertaining to other nations as well. Successful lawyers like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho who has dealt with hundreds of clients in many high-profile cases understand that clients are looking to them to make the hard decisions. They are looking for answers and direction and if you are not ready, you probably shouldn’t be a lawyer in the first place.

As a lawyer, you must be able to accept the fact that you are the last one to be paid. Your clients are in line ahead of you for the positive outcome and compensation. Successful lawyers are able to keep themselves afloat during the time that calls for only actions and no payment. You should be able to keep track of everything that is happening with ever client and get things done. You should know that if you lose track of your work done, you lose the money you deserve. In addition, being a lawyer in Brazil is all about competing with hundred other lawyers in the same field, so maintaining positive relationship with your clients is crucial.
About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr Tosto is one of the most popular lawyers in Brazil. He is a prominent leader as well as strategist in the nation’s legal practice. He started small and went on to build a huge empire which handles mostly corporate litigation. His firm is one of the largest in Brazil. He has defended many celebrity personalities, including politicians, movie stars, players and so on. His client base also consists of Brazilian corporations, multi-national companies and government offices.

Attributes of an Investment Banker

Investment banking seems like a field of winners when you investigate the industry from the outside. Reading stories may lead you to think that every single person that enters the field simply begins their own hedge fund, then becomes rich and retires. However, this is a view without the understanding of the competitive and intelligent nature of investment bankers on taken in mind. For every billionaire that made it rich through trades and investments, there’s a banker that attempted to strike it rich through their own hedge fund, but didn’t have the foresight in the market to make wise decisions, and ended up paying for those mistakes. For every winner there is a loser, and occasionally those who lost can pick themselves back up to learn from their mistakes to become one of the winners. Nevertheless, investment banking is not in any way easy or predictable and those who stand as successes made it their through wisdom, experience, foresight and some luck.

James Dondero is a prime example of a student of the craft. He began his investment banking career at University of Virginia by majoring in accounting and finance. His duel major allowed him insight into a market that was just about to make leaps and bounds, through which he would have the opportunity to learn a lot and make a lot through some well placed trades and wise deals that paid off in the end. He then had experience at American Express managing the investment of almost $1 billion. Following his experience in money management, Mr. Dondero went out on his own to begin an investment company called Highland Capital Management. As a co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has grown the company to become worth more than $21 billion. He has earned investors from many different fields and classes, with a variety of interests.

James Dondero has become well regarded for this expertise that he has acquired through decades of experience. Because of his efforts, Highland Capital Management has become the worldwide leader in global allocations. Additionally, Mr. Dondero has consistently revolutionized offerings that he has provided for his investors. He has routinely offered sound advise on the market, that turns out to be true more often than not, and is a quiet leader throughout the investment world. He is the type of investor that other investors read in order to gain a strong insight into the market. No doubt this experience and foresight has paid off, making Mr. Dondero one of the wealthiest men in America, but it has also paid off for all his investors.

Heads Propaganda: Just The Facts Creatively

Heads Propaganda (most commonly known as Heads) is a Brazilian advertising agency focused on communication techniques and strong media relationships with client and staff. Founded in 1989, the company is the largest of its kind in the country and has four locations in Curitiba, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. It specializes in corporate ad campaigns addressing controversial subject matters such as the killing of marine life, climate control, and other areas of global concern (e.g. health issues, endangered species, etc.).

Heads founder and CEO Claudio Loureiro used his creative background to launch a business that not only filled a niche in Brazil’s advertising industry but offered the uniqueness and flair business clients seek in brand marketing. Loureiro studied law at the University Pontificia at Parana, but pursued a career in advertising, winning the Colunistas Award for Best Advertising Professional in 1997. He is also a renowned cinematographer and has been credited for convincing Wood Allen to film in Latin America (Rio de Janeiro). An avid supporter of social issues, Loureiro has held membership in the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), receiving the CRPcom Creation Award for social responsibility in 2013.

Heads has an extensive global client base to include 3M, Caixa, and Positivo Informatica. Currently, the company is involved in a global women’s empowerment campaign with UN Women and a multinational ad campaign for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  Additional projects underway include the Project at Rock Vein and a new line of promotional ads for Caixa. Agenciao Globo told that negotiations with global retailers and other non-profit organizations are also in progress.

Beneful For The Picky Pups

It’s strange to think that the day my life changed for the better was the day I received a free sample. It was a free sample of Purinatore’s Beneful dog food. Prior to that, I was having problems with my new husky puppy. She wasn’t eating as well as she could have been. I was stressed out which was making it even harder on her. I tried so many different brands, different flavors, and different textures. It was always the same outcome. My dog would eat a little bit and then get sick of her food. She wouldn’t return to it.

I fed my dog the free sample of Beneful and she gobbled it up! I had never seen anything like it before. That’s when I decided to do a little research. I discovered that they sell a product that promotes healthy growth in puppies.

The Beneful product I chose was specifically formulated for puppies. It felt good knowing that she was getting the nutrition that she needs. I know that I will have Beneful grow with her. As she gets older, I will switch her to the next level of the product and eventually to Beneful for senior dogs. She literally loves this product and I couldn’t be happier. I think a big reason why she loves it is because of the variety in each bag. It’s a combination of soft bites and crunchy bites. She loves the variety!

I’ve even tried different flavors of her dog food and she still enjoys each and everyone of them. Beneful uses real meats and veggies that are full of vitamins! I know she’s getting just what she needs. It has shown too. My husky has more energy than she ever has before. She’s running laps around me when we go for walks and she’s always wanting to play fetch. I’ve seen other physical changes as well. My husky’s coat has never looked shinier! I’ve received compliments from strangers asking which groomer I’ve gone too. I, of course, told them my secret. I told them it wasn’t a groomer but in fact a change in diet! Beneful is giving her the nutrients she needs to grow a healthy coat.

Overall, this product has become a staple in our house. I am grateful every day for that free sample. I might have never hard of or tried Beneful without it. I’ve now made it my mission to educate other puppy owners on the beauty of Beneful. I want everyone to realize that they can have their puppy be in the best health possible with just a few simple changes. Sometimes, all that’s missing is a proper diet. A dogs food is the most crucial aspect to overall health!