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Making The Switch To FreedomPop Is An Easy Choice To Make

Not all cell phone companies are diverse and offer the Internet outside of offering it for a customer’s cell phone. FreedomPop is not only offering the Internet in the form of data from a cell phone but also Wi-Fi connections, hotspots, and Internet service for the home. FreedomPop has a vision of bringing low priced services to all of their customers. FreedomPop has chosen to go further than providing people in the USA with cell phone and Internet service to expanding it to other countries, especially in the UK. Those who have free cell phone service from FreedomPop can also enjoy it in the UK as well.

A lot can be said about the FreedomPop company and their services, especially because of the fact that their prices are unimaginable to some people. When a person is used to paying up to $100 each month for their cell phone bill, it’s hard for them to picture paying half of that or even 1/5 of that to another company. Those who pay $100 each month for their cell phone service will save $80 each month if they join FreedomPop’s unlimited cell phone service. The person making the switch can pocket $80 every month and still enjoy the same unlimited cell phone usage.,2817,2427635,00.asp

Those who want Wi-Fi service will also enjoy what FreedomPop has to offer because of their five dollar service charge each month for unlimited Wi-Fi. With tens of millions of different hotspots that can be found in the USA, it’s very hard for a customer not to find a hotspot that they can connect to. The hotspots that FreedomPop offers are safe to connect to, and the Wi-Fi services are high speed as well. Instead of the old 3G or even 4G speeds, 4G LTE speeds are what the Wi-Fi user will experience when using FreedomPop hotspots.

Even those who wants Internet service in their home can get it from FreedomPop and have Wi-Fi service in their home as well. FreedomPop’s services run the entire gamut of technology between cell phone service and Internet service, so why wouldn’t a person want to become a FreedomPop member to use all of the services that they have to offer? A person who chooses FreedomPop over other carriers will save money on their cell phone usage, Wi-Fi usage, portable hotspots, and home Internet service. FreedomPop should be the company of choice for cell phone and the Internet.

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Choose A Reliable Company By Choosing FreedomPop

What is the measure of a good company? Is it the low prices? Is it the quality customer service? Is it the reliability? Many people would say that all of the above are the things they’re looking for in a good company, which is everything that FreedomPop has to offer. FreedomPop is a reliable company, their services are reliable, they have low prices, and they have good customer service as well. Many people have chosen to switch over to FreedomPop for their many needs for several different reasons, but low prices are one of the most common stated reasons for a customer choosing FreedomPop.

It’s difficult to understand how a company that’s only been around for a few years can offer lower prices than companies that have been around for decades. Other cell phone carriers have only chosen to raise their cell phone rates, especially if a person wants unlimited service. Even though there are cell phone carriers that allow unlimited service for cell phones at a low cost, none of them can beat the cost that FreedomPop charges. FreedomPop will only charge $19.99 per month for unlimited cell phone usage, and this price includes unlimited data as well.

Those who choose FreedomPop for cell phone service have no problem with reliability because it’s similar to every other cell phone company out there. Since FreedomPop is located on the Sprint network, it’s known as one of the most reliable cell phone networks in the United States, compared to many other companies. The unlimited Internet service that can be accessed on a cell phone is great for those who need constant access to the Internet at high speeds. FreedomPop doesn’t just stop at low-priced cell phone service because they have other services to cater to their client’s needs as well.

Any customer who is looking for Wi-Fi service should choose FreedomPop, especially since their prices are lower than any other Wi-Fi service out there, and the service is unlimited. For only five dollars per month, a person can access the FreedomPop Wi-Fi network as much as is possible, and there are millions of hotspots that they can access as well. Not only will the person be using a safe Wi-Fi network but also be paying a low fee. Those who want low-priced services should always choose FreedomPop, especially if they want services that can always be relied on.,2817,2427635,00.asp

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Why Does The US Money Reserve Sell Gold Coins?

Philip Diehl runs the US Money Reserve after many years working for the US Mint, and he now helps people make sure that they can get into new and diverse investments that are easy to understand. Everyone who is investing in gold coins will notice that gold prices are very high, and those prices will keep rising over the years.

There has never been a time when gold was not trending upward even if its price is not totally stable. Someone who is investing in gold coins will make a lot of money when gold coin prices rise, and an interview on EPNS Radio shows that anyone can do this on their own.

The people that are buying from the US Money Reserve will notice that they can pick from a lot of different designs, and then they can decide how they want to sell them. Some people will sell them when they can, and other people will not sell them until they are very sure that they are ready. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio and US Money Reserve |

That might make these coins into the retirement for someone, or it could just be something that people use to make a quick buck.

Everyone has their own goals when they are investing, and it is important that they are working with the US Money Reserve. Philip Diehl wants to make sure that all the people who are going to buy gold coins get the design they want, and the US Money Reserve is always coming out with new designs that work for everyone. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

That means that all the collectors can get what they want, and then no one has to worry about how the designs look. They just pick what they want, and then they get to decide when they are going to sell off the coins that they have.

ClassDojo: Empowering Change in Education

Today, in some districts two in three schools use the popular educational communications app ClassDojo to enhance the sense of empowerment enjoyed by parents, students and teachers. The innovative software program allows instructors to snap photos of material prepared by pupils and transmit the information directly to parents. It strives to foster a positive, friendly classroom environment.

Created By Teachers

ClassDojo’s cofounders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, recently raised some $21 million in Series B funding to help increase the size of their startup. They created the app as a way to augment the sense of involvement parents feel in education. The ClassDojo company began operating in 2011. Since then, it has enjoyed significant growth. Its products now appear in classrooms around the world, especially in schools serving grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Sam Chauhary possesses a background in teaching. He taught classes part-time for nearly six years, an experience that helped him refine and develop the groundbreaking ClassDojo software. An avid reader, he hopes the product he helped invent will foster better communications between parents and educators.

Funding a Dream

ClassDojo has distributed its software free-of-charge to many school districts. In the future, the company plans to market some premium services for a fee, yet still intends to make the basic application available to users at no cost. Company management takes heart from the fact that the app’s popularity has grown since its introduction just a few years ago.

ClassDojo now enjoys a loyal following in some 85,000 private, charter and public schools in the USA alone. This remarkable growth testifies to the software’s immense popularity. Major investors in ClassDojo currently include firms such as GSV, SignalFire and Reach Capital.

Classroom Innovations

The ClassDojo app facilitates group collaboration in the preparation of projects. Teachers possess the capability to take photos of work prepared by individual students or collaborating teams and disseminate the material to parents and other educators.

In the future, the company may obtain an opportunity to monetize its platform by selling premium special content. For instance, parents might buy study materials or lesson guides to assist their children with homework sessions.

A New Approach

ClassDojo brings innovation directly into the classroom. It promises to expand further in the future. Some experts foresee a future for the technology similar to the bright landscape enjoyed by social media platforms, such as Facebook or its rival, Snapchat.


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Glenn Beck Spreads Lies About George Soros

George Soros has been attacked by Glenn Beck and accused of directly helping the Nazis to murder Jews in Hungary. If this statement sounds absurd, it is because there is absolutely no truth to the horrendous lies that Beck has attempted to spread about Soros for quite some time. Beck’s ridiculous attempt to discredit Soros and destroy his reputation includes accusations about Soros’ allegedly anti-Semitic behavior from when he was a teenager living in Hungary during the Second World War. Beck was so determined to take down Soros that he dedicated three one-hour long episodes on his Fox News show to detailing how he thinks Soros is an anti-Semite. Although it is not surprising that Beck attacked George Soros, the extent to which he dedicated television air time to attempt to disparage a single person is a bit extreme even for Beck.

The basic premise of Beck’s fabricated allegations against Soros is that Soros was present during the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Beck argues that Soros was complicit in the mass murder of Jews in the Holocaust and opposes the establishment of Israel as a pro-Jewish state. This baseless statements apparently stem from the fact that Soros was present during the Holocaust in Hungary. His family was able to survive the Nazi occupation of the country based on forged documents and a lot of creativity on the part of his farther. Despite Beck’s extremely reckless and ridiculous statements about Soros’ political and religious sentiments, there is absolutely no evidence that Soros ever supported the Nazis. Visit the site Open Society Foundations to know more about George Soros.

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The reality of Soros’ personal story is that he fled the Nazi occupation of Hungary and landed at the London School of Economics. The unfounded hatred and racism upon which the Nazis ruled were exactly the types of problems that Soros sought to avoid. He has never indicated that he supported any policies of the Nazi Party or wanted to assist them in any way. Since studying in London, Soros eventually ended up in the U.S. to begin an incredible career in finance and investing. Most of us know that Soros would go own to become famously wealthy and very politically active.

Since George Soros gained success and acclaim for his investing career, he has used his massive resources to fight for freedom around the world. Even though Beck has tried to spin that Soros supports communist regimes, Soros was actually one of the most active private individuals in helping to take down communist governments. In fact, Soros helped to fund revolutions against communist and post-communist regimes in Europe. Soros is not afraid to speak openly about his political views and educate the public about the problems with communist governments.

While most people understand that Beck does not have a leg to stand on when it comes to trying to hold himself out as a serious political commentator. Even though many people understand that Beck is just an inflammatory entertainer, the fact that his network allowed this type of character assassination to air is alarming to say the least.

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Securus Technologies achievements and timely exposé on Global Tel Link GTL

People tend to choose the services of a company that has been in existence for long, leaving out new businesses. Trust is the main reason here. The clients, having tried and enjoyed their services over time will find it a little difficult to turn their focus on the new kids on the block. Securus Technologies is one such company that has been in existence for long, having its services reaching throughout the United States. Using technology, the company has always been the leader in bringing solutions in the civil and criminal justice, for public safety, corrections and monitoring. It first started its operations as T-Netix Inc, under the name Tele – Matix Corporation, which would later merge with Star, Ventures Inc in 1988.

In 1992, T-Netix Inc would then acquire assets of some two companies, alongside obtaining some eight firms that were also associated with inmate telecommunication. His endeavors of acquiring affiliated companies and the need to become the leading inmate telecommunication top dog in the entire US, would not stop there, as it soon obtains some other firms, Evercom Systems Inc included. However, the company wasn’t so big to be enveloped by the giant H.I.G Capital, a Miami-based Equity Firm, and formed the now Securus Technologies. Since then, the company has flourished, thanks to the hard work and dedication of its employees.
In a statement published on PR Newswire, Chief Executive Officer of Securus America Technology Richard A. Smith “Rick” said that referring to each other as associate other than boss and subordinate relationship has greatly influenced the flow of ideas from bottoms up and forth, and a sense of ownership of the organization. As one of its achievements recently in June 2016, on behalf of Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) did an exposé against another inmate telecommunication provider Global Tel link (GTL), representing the first in a series of other offences the company continues to do.
According to the PR Newswire article, it found GTL culpable of
1. Unauthorized programming their telephone clocks, adding up to 36 sec after the actual end of a call
2. Overrating the call costs, against the PSC rate caps
3. Billing single calls twice
4. Deliberate and unlawful overcharging clients

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Richard Blair Talks About Possible Hazards When Renting Out Rooms

In today’s economy, wages have not quite kept up with inflation for many people. As a result, it can be tempting to think about renting out a room in an apartment or house to people passing by. While doing so may seem to be a good idea on the surface, what many people are not aware of is the need to take into consideration the possible hazards in doing so. One person who urges his clients to be aware of the possible pitfalls should they choose to engage in such an act is wealth management expert Richard Blair.

Careful Thought

Blair is one of the nation’s leading wealth managers. As such, he has a full understanding of the various way that it is possible to generate money and use any assets to a client’s full advantage. In an article, he cautions that people who are renting out rooms even for a single day of each month need to take certain precautions before they decide to start. Such precautions need to be in place in order to help the process flow more smoothly and allow the owner of the house or apartment to protect themselves in the event of an unexpected emergency of some kind.

Be Aware of Risks

Above all else, Richard Blair reminds people to be aware of potential risks that may exist in any short-term rental situation. Such risks include the fact that a home or apartment owner is fully liable for any possible injury that may take place while the room or other space is being rented. A cautious and calm homeowner will want to make sure they have enough insurance on hand before they start in order to cover any possible lawsuit that may take place as a result of their decision to offer short-term rentals to guests.

His Background

Many people have turned to Blair for useful advice over the years. They do so because they know this means they will have the chance to be able to get the kind of help they need to properly manage their wealth. Blair has an extensive background in the field of wealth management. He has spent much of his working life offering expert advice to clients both in the United States and other places as well. This enables him to offer an impressive and insightful global perspective that has proven to be highly useful for his clients today.

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Michael Zomber the American Antique Collector, Writer and Peace Advocate

Michael Zomber is a famous American antique collector and authoritative writer. He prefers to keep his personal life private. Apart from his educational qualifications and the fact that he is married, a father of two, and resides in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland nothing much is known about his personal life. He is a holder of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in literature.

Michael Zomber the Antique Collector
Zomber is a famous antique collector. With more than forty years experience, he is renowned globally for his history of gathering guns, swords, and other significant arms. As a historian, he is greatly inspired to protect and preserve history through collection and preservation of arms. He works closely with other historians and antique collectors to safeguard history through collection and sale of antiques for preservation.

Michael Zomber’s Love for the Japanese Samurai
He is an ardent fan of Japanese Samurai antiques. For this reason, Samurai firearms, swords, and other arms form the greatest portion of his antique collection. He is the founder and owner of Samurai Arts, An American firm that specializes in collection and sale of ancient Japanese Samurai antiques. Within his forty years of experience as an antique collector, he has managed to collect valuable antiques from Japan. His achievements in the antique collection have seen him appear as a guest historian on several American history channel productions including the programs Guns of the Famous, Million Dollar Guns, Shotguns dueling pistols, Tales of a gun and Automatic pistols. Most of these productions touch on or revolve around the samurai tradition.

Michael Zomber as a Storyteller and Writer
Michael is a talented storyteller and writer. He has authored more than a dozen historical novels which have received global credits. Most of his writings due to their uniqueness have been turned into screenplays. The most famous of these include Jesus and the Samurai, Soul of the Samurai, Shogun Limits, and Sweet Betsy that is me: A child of the civil war. His works have seen him get numerous endorsements from Japanese samurai organizations for his efforts to preserve the Japanese history. His works in literature are to a great extent enhanced by his outstanding academic qualifications in literature.

Efforts in Promotion of Global Peace
Besides his historical, and literature work, as is clear on Facebook, Zomber is also an avid human rights and global peace advocate. He dedicates a lot of his time and effort towards reconciliation of deep-rooted historical conflicts in the different parts of the world. He supports various peace initiatives by organizations such as the United Nations and Amnesty International. He has shown steadfast support for such initiatives throughout his career.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Struggle Finally Comes To An End

Benjamin Spillman from the Reno Gazette Journal describes the outline of the Olympic Valley and Andy Wirth’s uphill battle with both the forces of nature and a political take over in the form of incorporation.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort as well as Alpine Meadows has been in opposition of the incorporation since the beginning. His number one focus has always been to improve the community within which he himself lives.

By giving back to the community and the environment he hopes to improve the lives of residents and their business’s. Alongside his busy CEO position, Andy Wirth finds time to pursue his other passion which is philanthropy. Being the CEO of the Squaw Valley ski resort his main focus has been to promote the area and make it one of the most popular winter ski resorts.

This has been achieved since the completion of the ski resorts renovation which was estimated at a staggering $70 million. This put Squaw Valley on the map as one of the top ski resorts in the country.

Andy Wirth has had over 25 years of on hand experience when it comes to running resorts. He first started out as a backcountry and wilderness ranger and completed his education at the Colorado State University before going onto University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After the completion of formal education he went onto work as an intern at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation.

Here he remained for over 20 years and continuously worked his way through the marketing side of the company. In 2010 he moved on to becoming the CEO of Squaw Valley which was run by the Cushing family at the time.

The Olympic Valley has been through a tough 4 years as snow fall was scarce due to a drought plaguing the area around Lake Tahoe and a incorporation battle has been fought at the same time. The incorporation battle was mainly fought by Andy Wirth as he invested large capital.

His opposition for the incorporation was due to the threat of higher taxes and less public services being offered. These taxes would apply to both residents and their business’s. Andy Wirth succeeded in this endeavour and his company Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC can now focus on the development of both commercial and residential properties in the area.

This growth and development of the Olympic Valley area can only be beneficial to the business’s there as this would allow for more tourist traffic and other economies.

The incorporation was officially stalled and according to Andy Wirth residents can now work together in unison to improve the area.

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Actress Crystal Hunt’s Long Acting Career

Actress Crystal Hunt is known the most for her role in the Daytime television show The Guiding Light where she played the character Lizzie Spaulding. For her role she was nominated for the Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series and a Soap Opera Digest Award.

Crystal Hunt started paying her acting dues when she competed in beauty shows as a child. Her talent at beauty pageants she participated in was acting out a story or pretending to be different characters. She was scouted by a talent scout who got her the Lizzie Spaulding role in Guiding Light. The hunch that she’d be a good fit for the show proved correct when she was nominated for acting awards for the role.

Her roles after Guiding Light include the movies The Derby Stallion, Sydney White, N.Y.C. Underground, 23 Blast and Magic Mike XXL. Other television shows she went on to act are the famous One Life to Live and the new somewhat scripted somewhat documentary style show Queens of Drama.

Her role in One Life to Live as the villain Stacy Morasco is perhaps her second most famous role so far in her career. Stacy Morasco was a villain that fans of One Life to Live loved to hate so says the show’s writers when asked why they kept the character coming back again and again.

Crystal Hunt has additionally been involved in the entertainment business as a producer. Crystal and her best friend were executive producers of the horror movie Talbot County.  Crystal is also a photographer, and she even has a birthday coming up.