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Dr. McKenna’s Career in Medical Practice and Real Estate Investment

For those who keep up with advancements in the medical industry, S. Mark McKenna is a common name. Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor whose passion is in patient advocacy. He is licensed to practise medicine and surgery by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Originally from New Orleans, Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School. He started practicing medicine after completing his training. While he started out his practice working with his father, Dr. McKenna launched his own company years later.

Real Estate Interests

He started with his firm called McKenna Venture Investment, before he went on to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and another firm known as Uptown Title, Inc. Both firms are real estate firms, and they have grown in great lengths. In 2005, McKenna’s businesses were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. However, he did not give up. Instead, he helped the community in redeveloping a new yet low-moderate income options in respect of housing.

Wellness and Aesthetic-Based Medical Practice

In 2007, McKenna made the move from New Orleans to Atlanta, GA. That was the same year that he launched his wellness-based medical practice, also known as ShapeMed. When he sold ShapeMed to another company called Life Time Fitness, Dr. Mark McKenna became the latter’s National Medical Director. He served in this role until 2016. In 2017, McKenna founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company. He also acts as the company’s CEO.

Daily and Family Life

McKenna is a family man, and he is married to Gianine McKenna. The two have two children, Milana and Ryder. When he is not working, he loves hanging out with his family. He always goes home to have dinner with his family at about six in the evening.

When asked about where he draws his inspiration and motivation from, Dr. Mark McKenna points towards Mark’s ability to set goals and visualize them. He also loves to meditate, and to him, this is one of the best recipes for success. When he is not working or bonding with the family, he reads. One of his recommended reads is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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Annual American Institute of Architects Conference

     Exciting plans are already being made for the upcoming annual AIA conference, which will be held June 21 through 23, 2018, in New York City at the Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street. It will be three days focusing on what’s new in architecture and design and will be the event of the year.

Where to stay

AIA has negotiated hotel blocks at 43 New York City centrally-located hotels with a range of options and the best available group discounts. Perks will include free breakfast, free Wi-fi, and more. Unfortunately there’s no shuttle service to the Javits Center from the hotels, but AIA will be providing info and resources to help navigate the city on foot, by ride sharing, or by train.

Attention: Exhibitors

Why should you exhibit at this important industry event with Expo hours on Thursday, June 21, and Friday, June 22, both days from 10 AM to 6 PM? The most important factor is that 90 percent of attendees have said that one of their top five best experiences at the conferences is visiting with the exhibitors. Your company has the opportunity to show new and improved products, converse with the industry’s key influencers and decision makers as well as designers, and hopefully be chosen as a supplier.

Other benefits to exhibiting include choosing a desirable floor location and making full use of event promotions, being able to give researched information on the newest products and technology, showing off dynamic displays, and more.

What is the American Institute of Architects (AIA)?

It is a professional non-profit membership organization for United States licensed architects and members of the design and construction teams in the building industry. With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., AIA offers government advocacy, community redevelopment, market research, education including Web-based resources for emerging professionals, providing examples of contract documents, and does public outreach to support the profession. With approximately 300 local chapters and 200 employees, it serves its members in many ways and also sponsors hundreds of continuing education experiences to aid architects in maintaining their licensure.


Omar Yunes: The Future of Sushi Itto

On December 5, 2015 Omar Yunes won the Best Franchise of the World award. The award ceremony was held in Florence, Italy and was represented by 34 countries which included Hungary, France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, and Brazil. He won for his innovating work in the Japanese food chain Sushi Itto, a franchise in which he became a part of at just 21 years old. In a relatively short time, his franchise has grown to 13 units which represents about 10% of the brand.

Omar Yunes was evaluated based on his contributions to the network such as employee motivation, knowledge, savings that were implemented, improvements that were proposed, and how much was charged. He proved himself to be a great innovator by adopting new and different ideas in the business model. This was not just Omar’s win, but a win for Mexico as well. This win brings Mexico a right to be at the international stage for franchise brands. Something that is also telling for Mexico is the fact that the 2nd Place Winner was also Mexican with his franchise Prendamax. These two innovators are opening the door for more Mexican franchisees to participate.

When Omar was giving his speech during the ceremony, he thanked his 400 employees for their motivation and dedication. He said that all his employees were instrumental in the innovative development of their unique product. He showed great humility in that it takes a team effort to build a brand. His investment work has yielded several professional awards. He is primarily focused on the food industry and manages 13 franchises in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. He is known for his aggressive marketing strategies. He has created over 400 jobs due to his effective structure and business strategies. If his past work is any indication, he will see continued success within his franchise. This will lead to more job creation and more brand recognition.

An In Depth Look at Dr. Cameron Clokie

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a well established oral surgeon based out of Toronto. At the present time, Dr. Clokie is the Professor of Oral Surgery at the University of Toronto. Dr. Clokie is said to be one of the best surgeons within the field of oral as well as maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Clokie received his Doctor in Dental Surgery over thirty years ago. After graduating from medical college, Dr. Clokie received additional training within the field of bone reconstruction and regeneration. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

*Educational Background:

Dr. Clokie received his PHD from McGill University. Dr. Cameron Clokie is also an expert within the area of bone and jaw realignment.

Patients have traveled long distances in hopes that Dr. Clokie can cure their jaw disorder and hopefully alleviate their intense pain and discomfort. Dr. Clokie has successfully treated a number of patients suffering from the disorder TMJ.

Crunchbase reveals that Dr. Cameron Clokie has published a number of medical articles which explain in detail various bone disorders as well as disorders and malformations of the mouth and jaw. In addition, Dr. Cameron has also published information about his current treatments as well a success rate.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Clokie has also conducted various medical seminars as well as speaking engagements. Dr. Clokie enjoys speaking about the future of dentistry as well as issues related to transfer technology.

*Other accomplishments:

After intensive research and study, Dr. Clokie established “The Implant and Research Group” at McGill University over twenty years ago. In addition, the doctor as acted as an consultant to several medical advisory boards and research foundations. Read more: Cameron Clokie Believes Technology is Changing Dentistry For The Better

After careful consideration, Dr. Clokie made the decision to move his entire practice to the Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Clokie now heads the graduate program at Mount Sinai. In addition, he accepted the position as Chief of Oral Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a true success in so many ways. At present, Dr. Clokie is in the process of receiving two patents for advanced scientific instruments that will soon be used during an oral surgery procedure. Dr. Cameron created and designed the instruments himself.

The doctor is highly respected for his exceptional work within the field of oral surgery and treatment. Also, Dr. Clokie is highly respected as a person and trusted colleague.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Explains the Roles of Rapamycin Especially in the Process of Aging

Rapamycin, locally known as Rapamune serves a lot of purposes in the medical industry. The drug is used to prevent rejection during organ transplant, coating coronary stents, treating lung disease, and the biggest being the role it plays in cancer research management. Initially, Rapamycin was used as anti-fungal until research showed that it has excellent immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties. Further, the drug has found a new use after Mikhail Blagosklonny conducted a study and found it to have the ability to prolong life. Mikhail is a professor of Oncology. He is based at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. He has researched on cancer and its therapies. Recently, Blagosklonny is conducting extensive research on the subject of aging.Rapamycin is among the best drugs in the medical industry due to its contribution to the curing of several diseases. It is used as an immunosuppressant during an organ transplant. Naturally, the body principle action is to reject new organs. However, administration of the above drug as an anti-rejection enhances compatibility. Most importantly, it has lower toxic levels as compared to other drugs.

Rapamycin is also used for treating hemolytic-uremic syndrome, a disease that is as a result of anemia and kidney failure. Kidney transplant requires the use of Rapamycin to reduce the chance of rejection. The drug work wonders when it comes to the treatment of cancer. Its anti-proliferative properties enhance the immune system enabling the body to respond towards the tumors. It also plays a role in tumor regression.Additionally, the presence of mTOR inhibitors in the drug makes it suitable for suppressing tuberous sclerosis. Studies have shown tumor re-growth after patients were discontinued from the medication. On the other hand, people ailing from TSC are mostly affected by facial angiofibromas. The rash is treated cosmetically using lasers or dermabrasion. However, Rapamycin is the best drug to address the outbreak. According to Mikhail Blagosklonny, Rapamycin causes immunological rejuvenation in people. As a result, he concluded that the drug could be used to increase longevity in people.

The drug is also used to treat Alzheimer, muscular dystrophy and SLE.Blagosklonny extensive research on oncology has helped him to uncover better ways of targeting cancer. His idea is to bring a long lasting solution that will be accessible even to the low economically empowered people. As a result, Mikhail medical research puts focus on cancer and aging as the two diseases interact at a particular stage. Most importantly, he nurtures and contributes to the development of students whose aim is to grow, expand, and help the world of oncology. Most of his research has got attention both in the medical field and research fields. Mikhail acknowledges that the present methods of treating cancer are excruciating and expensive. Today, he researches on ways of eliminating cancer cells from the body without harming the healthy cells. Such a breakthrough would result in a low mortality that is caused by cancer.Mikhail has made advancements in his research and hopes to inspire researchers into continuing with his remarkable work. Still, he believes in the eradication of the disease. With time, cancer will be treated easily with regular drugs.

How Dr. Chris Villanueva Runs MB2 Dental Solutions

As the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has built a company that is very responsive to the needs of his clients. His company offers business services to dental practices and how has over 70 affiliated locations. As a dentist himself he knows what is important to other dentists, with the biggest priority being complete clinic autonomy. He and his team respect this autonomy and support the dentist-patient relationship in all cases.
Over the course of his career as a dentist Dr. Villanueva worked in both a sole dental practice and in a corporate setting. Having seen both sides he knew what the positives and negatives were with each approach. His goal at MB2 Dental Solutions is to offer the positives of working in both areas to his clients. His company offers a number of ways that dentists can run their practice while spending most of their time actually treating patients instead of doing paperwork. This includes areas like payroll, billing, human resources, and other areas.
At MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris Villanueva stays out of the details of the day-to-day operations at his company as he believes micromanaging is very detrimental to running a business. He says his approach is to hire the right people, set the vision and tone of the company, and then let them do the jobs you hired them to do. He trusts his employees and in turn they trust him.
Under Dr. Villanueva’s leadership, MB2 Dental Solutions now employees over 530 people. His company’s employees are located in six states including his company’s home state of Texas. He strives to create a youth-oriented culture at his company instead of the usual drab presence that most companies in this field have. MB2 Dental Solutions is also one of the few companies in the industry that is owned by dentists.
To further support their affiliated dentists and for everyone to get to know each other better Dr. Chris Villanueva hosts Owner’s Retreats twice a year. The team at MB2 Dental Solutions and the affiliated dentists get together to have fun on a retreat. Some of the past activities they have engaged in are trips to places like Cabo San Lucas and white-water rafting trips. They also support their dentists in other ways such as collecting food and donating money to their affiliated dentists and their staffs who were affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

The American Institute Of Art Follows A Special Code Of Conduct

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional organization catered to architects in the United States. The headquarters of the organization currently resides in Washington, D.C. For many years, the AIA has been offering a wide variety of services such as education, government guidelines and expertise, community reorganization, and public advisement that supports the professional status of architecture. They work together to improve the public image. In addition to all of the services provided by the organization, they also work with other members to help design structures as well as construct them by utilizing the construction team.

Robert Ivy is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization. Thomas V. Vonier is currently serving as the President of AIA. The American Institute of Architects has been around for well over 100 years. The organization was founded by a group of thirteen architects who got together in New York City in 1857. They worked together to draft bylaws that would reflect their overall professional nature to promote the scientific and practical perfection of each member. They work to elevate the standing of the profession and increase the positive nature of the overall status. At the time, Richard Upjohn served as their first president. They decided to meet up on February 23rd, 1857, and work on constructing the constitutional bylaws. They invited 16 more architects that were known as spectacular and prestigious in the community. Some of them included architects by the name of Thomas U. Walter, Calvert Vaux, and Alexander Jackson Davis. Before the AIA came about, anyone in the community could claim they were an architect. There were no laws at that time and there were no educational fulfillments provided to gain the license. The members of the AIA worked together to construct the bylaws that were provided on March 10th, 1857.

Originally, the AIA was named New York Society of Architects. Thomas U. Walter suggested they change the name to The American Institute of Architects and they signed the new constitute on April 15th, 1857. As the AIA developed, more architects elected to join. In 2008, they reported that there were over 300 chapters involved. Currently, there are over 90,000 licensed members and associated professionals. All members are required to follow a special code of conduct and ethics that are intended to assure clients, the public and other colleagues that the architects are fully dedicated to practicing at the highest standards available.

Debt Management Services at Freedom Debt Relief

Although we all struggle to be as financially independent as possible, there often comes a time when our needs exceed the amount of money that we have. To meet the extra demand for money, we borrow money from outside sources. In so doing, we incur debts with a hope to repay such debts in the future. However, if not carefully managed debts can become a permanent burden in your finances. The situation can become more complicated is you try to manage your debts by incurring further debts. In such situations, it is advisable to seek the help of a debt relief service provider.

Freedom Debt Relief works hand in hand with you to help negotiate your debts to lower amounts, develop a personalized repayment plan for you to pay off your debts, and to get you on back the course of securing your financial future. Headquartered in San Mateo California, the company was launched in 2002 by Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh, its two current co-CEOs. With more than 15 years of experience, the company has built a reputation of reliability and quality service provision that have seen it expand from a small start-up company to a business employing more than 1,800 employees and serving and excess of 450,000 clients. It is the company’s reputation of quality services and customer oriented approach that has seen it emerge as the leading debt relief service provider in the United States.

The founders of Freedom Debt Relief understood that the financial situation of each of the clients was unique. The solutions to the debt problems of these clients therefore needed to also be unique. Subsequently the founders launched the Freedom Debt Relief as a business the provided personalized debt relief services. This feature differentiates Freedom Debt Relief from other companies operating in the same market. At the company, the highly qualified employees work hand-in-hand with you to design a solution to your debt problems that is unique and best suited for your situation. The company employs a number of approaches available to you such as cash refinancing, declaring bankruptcy and the do-it-yourself approach. Ultimately, you get to make the best decision from an informed point of view as the company’s experts review each method with you showing its benefits and limitations.

Freedom Debt Relief understands that financial stability for individual begins with a good environment and a developed community. It is for this reason that company partners with various community based projects and non-profit organizations to improve the surrounding community. The company sponsors school event for boys and girls and participates in the development of community hospitals. Moreover, through its trust fund the company provides funding for various non-profit organization in the community. The endeavors have elevated the company to great success including being ranked as the best debt relief service provider in the United States.

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Linda Owen Is Now Highland Capital’s Charitable Giving Director

Highland Capital Advisors is one of the top-ranked private equity firms in the Dallas area and has delivered quality products for institutional investors and major corporations. But they also are the parent company to the Highland Foundation which partners with the Dallas Foundation, and they recently appointed Linda Owen to manage their philanthropic branch. Linda Owen was the former head of the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation and managed new recreation center developments across Dallas, and she’s also had extensive experience working for non-profit groups. Highland Capital CEO James Dondero said that Owen’s ability to build relationships and ability to direct will be invaluable to the foundation.

Highland Capital has been offering high-yield private equity funds for over 20 years and currently oversees $15 billion in assets under management. Their team of portfolio managers bring unique strategic approaches and the firm has been famous for turning around large corporations on the verge of bankruptcies, some of which Warren Buffet had lost money trying to do so. They also have utilized collateralized loan obligations throughout their years, a kind of investment that combines both high-risk and low risk bonds to fund businesses in high-risk fields. Highland Capital has holdings across all kinds of industries such as real estate, healthcare, investment banking and fixed income funds.

Highland Capital’s CEO James Dondero has been instrumental in building the firm’s portfolio along with CIO and co-founder Mark Okada. Dondero came to Highland Capital after managing the credit department for American Express, and Okada had been an advisor to Hibernion National Bank. They both worked for Protective Life’s Asset Management company and grew a GIC company from scratch to having over $2 billion in AUM. By 1998, Dondero and Okada had bought out the GIC company and renamed it to Highland Capital Advisors, LLC. Dondero and Okada are also on the board of Nexpoint Advisors and other affiliates, and both also serve as special advisors to Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business graduate program. Highland Capital’s philanthropic initiatives have supported Uplift Education, the Family Place, the Perot Nature Museum and other educational and healthcare endeavors.

Dr. Chris Villanueva Unique Achievements in Dentistry

Dr. Chris Villanueva is a successful active practitioner due to his professionalism. He founded MB2 Dental promoting both the corporate dentistry and sole practitioner sides under one roof. MB2 Dental has professionally supported more than 70 practitioners across six states with a workforce of 533. Typical dentistry is like traditional dental practices, and therefore, Dr. Chris created a unique experience.

The idea of MB2 Dental was born after he graduated from dental school. Graduates only have two options in the dentistry field either to join large group practice offering state of the art technology, CE availability, shared best practices and economies of scale. The second option is to start a private practice providing less bureaucracy, ownership and complete clinical autonomy among others. Having spent time on both sides, Dr. Villanueva understands their importance. Therefore Dr. Villanueva had an idea of having both of these options working in the same firm.

Daily Dr. Villanueva stays productive keeping everyone in the company working towards success. He brings his ideas to life by surrounding himself with smart people who help bring the great ideas, and he mostly gets ideas late at night like at 2 am while playing video games. Dr. Chris Villanueva is excited with the technology trend in the dental industry providing services that enhance the patient experience.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva thinks he is more productive because he does not take himself too seriously and MB2 Dental is a place where employees have fun together. Chris Villanueva believes the easiest way to gain trust is through humor. He recommends all entrepreneurs always to get time for self-reflection and have a simple day-day life. Moreover, he urges the community to read “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek to set strong visions.

MB2 Dental is changing the overview of dentistry. The company is unique because it is dentist-owned and is focused on personal growth, having fun, autonomy, and support.MB2 Dental offers an environment where dentists learn from each other and a youthful culture supported by practical experience. It also provides an expert team that help practitioners overcome any HR, payroll, legal, marketing or compliance challenging and thus they are protected.

Moreover, MB2 dentists enjoy a bi-annual owner’s retreats where they go to enjoy time with other dentists in the industry having fun and sharing knowledge. Some of the past retreats have involved white-water rafting adventures such as tours to Cabo San Lucas. Dr. Chis Villanueva is passionate about taking a different way in the field that will benefit the dentistry industry.