MLP Investing With Matt Badiali

Investors seeking new places to park their money may have recently come across ads on the internet with a man Matt Badiali holding a check and spreading the word about a new investment opportunity called “Freedom Checks”. When the ads first aired, the legitimacy of these investments immediately came under question and most had dismissed this supposed investment as a scam. Most people didn’t understand what “Freedom Checks” were or what made Matt Badiali qualified to endorse such outrageous investment advice to the masses. The man is really promoting Master Limited Partnerships to the average investor and it is his background which has enabled him to understand this investment opportunity that is overlooked by even the most seasoned investors.

Matt Badiali received a Master of Science degree in Geology and has spent numerous years traveling to other countries to inspect oil wells and mines first hand. In 2004 while pursuing a Ph.D., he discovered that he had a passion for finance and felt that he could use his knowledge and experience in the resource sector to help average investors choose wise investments in the resource space. The Real Wealth Strategist is the newsletter he launched in 2017.

Although “Freedom Checks” were just a clever name, Matt Badiali was pushing investors to park their capital in MLP’s. These companies are not required to pay any federal income taxes, which enables them to give extremely high distributions to its shareholders, sometimes as high as ten percent. All an individual need is a brokerage account and they can invest in these companies with a small starting capital. Matt Badiali did make MLP investing sound extremely sensational and brand new, which caused many individuals to dismiss this investment opportunity. MLP’s have been around since 1981 and can provide individuals with a reliable income stream.

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