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DAMAC Co. Business Ventures

Mr. Hussain Sajwani, a billionaire developer in Dubai, is looking towards expanding his business relationships with the Trump Organization, a real estate firm of Donald Trump. They have been involved in other ventures which have been valued over $2 billion. He is not bothered about the conflicts of interest which currently face Trump since he has extended ties to the children too. These are both the sons, Donald Jr. and Eric and the daughter Ivanka Trump.

Through this, Sajwani is hoping to ascertain that the business can expand and be able to make more income. Trump’s children will be taking over the business thus ensuring that it can flourish. This also means that both businesses and families will maintain the business relations they have had over the years. The three siblings have worked together in presenting business ideas to all renowned billionaires within the world, thus protecting their brand and expanding into newer territories.

The Hussain Sajwani family has been in close collaboration with the Trumps over the years. They have celebrated lots of occasions together, one of which is the New Year’s, Eve. The wives too have been in close relationships by communicating to one another over emails and visiting their homes. Through this, the bond between these two families has been able to grow thus bettering their business relationship.

During the eve of the elections, Mr. Sajwani was in the united states, in this time, Trump made it clear that he would be passing the business over to his children thus being able to head the nation if he won. This was no problem to Sajwani since he is familiar with the younger generation, and they have been in business transactions for a long time. The DAMAC owner, Mr. Hussain Sajwani, is assured that he will be able to continue being in business with the Trump family over his time in the presidency and even after.

His company, DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC, is engaged in numerous activities, most of which include the expansion of commercial, residential, and leisure assets in the Middle East and Dubai. He founded the company back in 2002, in Dubai. The company has been associated with lots of eye-catching marketing stunts and property developments, the recent one being the golf course project with Donald Trump. The business has worked with lots of organizations around the world thus making it famous and fruitful. Nonetheless, this active participation has given Mr. Sajwani experience which he applies in the business thus making it better.


MLP Investing With Matt Badiali

Investors seeking new places to park their money may have recently come across ads on the internet with a man Matt Badiali holding a check and spreading the word about a new investment opportunity called “Freedom Checks”. When the ads first aired, the legitimacy of these investments immediately came under question and most had dismissed this supposed investment as a scam. Most people didn’t understand what “Freedom Checks” were or what made Matt Badiali qualified to endorse such outrageous investment advice to the masses. The man is really promoting Master Limited Partnerships to the average investor and it is his background which has enabled him to understand this investment opportunity that is overlooked by even the most seasoned investors.

Matt Badiali received a Master of Science degree in Geology and has spent numerous years traveling to other countries to inspect oil wells and mines first hand. In 2004 while pursuing a Ph.D., he discovered that he had a passion for finance and felt that he could use his knowledge and experience in the resource sector to help average investors choose wise investments in the resource space. The Real Wealth Strategist is the newsletter he launched in 2017.

Although “Freedom Checks” were just a clever name, Matt Badiali was pushing investors to park their capital in MLP’s. These companies are not required to pay any federal income taxes, which enables them to give extremely high distributions to its shareholders, sometimes as high as ten percent. All an individual need is a brokerage account and they can invest in these companies with a small starting capital. Matt Badiali did make MLP investing sound extremely sensational and brand new, which caused many individuals to dismiss this investment opportunity. MLP’s have been around since 1981 and can provide individuals with a reliable income stream.

Detailed Information About Michael Lacey and Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Background

The two individuals were raised in Arizona and attended the Arizona State University before dropping out. They paired to helm the Phoenix News Times and later acquired other major news outlets such as LA Weekly, Village Voice and the Miami News Time. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

The news outlets mainly explored the social, political and economic issues facing the community. Over the years, the new outlets gained prominence as an alternative newspaper.

Nonetheless, their careers were often marked by many arrests. An example is the 2007 arrest that was led by Arpaio, Arizona Sherriff. Such incidences were regarded as going against the provisions of the First Amendment and limited the flow of information.

The legal issues and the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

The seizure of the website and the arrests of the Phoenix natives is one of the recent legal problems facing the company. The FBI arrested them, their properties and website and its affiliates seized.

Jim and Michael were later charged with promoting online sexual activities where the was termed as a sex brothel. However, there have been views that the arrest of the entrepreneurs violated the provisions of the First Amendment.

The Amendment warrants freedom of speech and expression among all Americans. Supporters of the prosecution appear to have past feuds with the Company. An example is Cindy McCain who was in the past exposed by the Phoenix news for her drug addiction problems.

Her support of the activities is thus seen as being a retaliatory attack. Nonetheless, the defence attorney is confident that the charges will be dropped.

Factors that Prompted Lacey and Larkin to create the Fonterra Fund

The objective of the fund is to champion for the civil rights of the Hispanic community in Arizona. The group composes of immigrants who are often subjected to human rights violation and harassment. Specifically, the decision to launch the Fonterra Fund was triggered by the ordeals that both Larkin and Lavey underwent.

They were arrested in 2007 by the Arizona sheriff Arpaio in what appeared as a retaliatory attack for publishing his misdeeds and violation of the Constitution in the area. However, there were released after a national outcry.

Being raised in the area meant that there were aware of the problems facing members of the group hence the move to empower them through the Fonterra Fund financially.

HCR Wealth Advisors Offers Long-Term Financial Planning

If you are looking for a company that would help you manage as well as plan your finances, then HCR Wealth Advisors is a company you should look into. With more than three decades of experience in the business of financial and investment planning, the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors can provide useful financial analysis and planning. It helps the individual to focus on their life and profession without having to bother about the finances. When the advisors with years of experience in planning finance take care of your investments and finances, you can be sure that you would achieve your financial goals without any hiccups. The best part about the HCR Wealth Advisors is that it’s a registered investment advisory firm and understands the dynamics of wealth management and investments clearly.

For people who are looking to accumulate wealth over time and want to plan their finances accordingly, it is a good idea to rely on the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors. There are many different components in anyone’s investment portfolio, starting from precious metals to stocks and from bonds to annuities. According to Whale Wisdom, if you want to make sure that your investment and retirement planning is well-balanced, you would want to have all these components in right amounts to ensure that your investments are not vastly affected during negative market direction. In many cases, people forget to diversify their investments, and it leads to issues in the future. It is seen that many people forget to monitor their investments timely after investing and it can lead to losses in the future. Do not only invest, but also track the performance of your investments and it is what HCR Wealth Advisors would do for you and have already done it for their clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) believes in offering a practical solution to investment problems for their clients. The advisors spend the time to understand the unique needs of their clients and then finding solutions that are going to work best for them. HCR Wealth Advisors takes the financial standing of its clients into consideration before creating investment plans. (Source: Glassdoor)

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Upwork’s Ways To Complete A To Do List

Upwork is where independent contractors and businesses meet. This platform facilitates collaborates between people having projects and people who qualify to complete those projects. The company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. The company was rebranded in 2015. It has grown to having over twelve million freelancers working on the website. The number of clients the company has reaching out to freelancers is in the five million range. Every year the freelancing website sees three million listed on the site. One billion dollars is issued out in salaries to freelancers. Upwork has had so much success it is a rival of Fiverr, a leading freelancing platform.

Upwork knows a lot about getting tasks done. That is the primary focus of the company to connect people with tasks to people who are willing to complete them. Over the years the company has been established, the company has found unique ways to assist people with ways to get their tasks done.

First, Upwork suggests no matter how good your memory is keep track of everything on your to do list. Your to do list should be the trap for all your floating thoughts and procrastinated tasks. Listing everything will help with forgetfulness. Aiding forgetfulness will make sure you finally get those tasks done that always seem to slip your mind.

Second, how can all of your tasks get completed if they are jotted down everywhere? Whether you are a digital person or a paper lover, keep your to do list in one place. This will allow you to be able to tackle the entire list without missing some tasks because they are placed somewhere else.

Third, Upwork mentions how vital it is to sort out what comes first. Yes, everything on a to do list is important. But the order in which you complete your tasks come down to what has more priority.

Lastly, Upwork tells taskers to remain calm. To do lists can get you overwhelmed. But remember these tips and stay calm. Following these tips will promise your to do list will be to start to dwindle down finally.


Adam Milstein humanitarian work

Adam Milstein views philanthropist as a way of fundraising and collaboration among the Israelites. Adam Milstein is annoyed by organisations that take credit of outcomes that have been achieved by others. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, for example, earned the victory of the Adam Milstein organisation which helped to educated students and stood by their side all along. This significant victory can be strengthened by the organisations coming together and work with one purpose for the common good. This way the organisations can share the credit.

Milstein is also a person who connects Los Angeles Adam based and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which supports various organisations and ensures every activity it finances is shared among multiple groups. Milstein believes that to compile attractive force teamwork must be involved and multiple teams must collaborate and focus their strength on a common goal.

Besides Milstein being a humanitarian he is also an entrepreneur and founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein foundation and also serves as the chairman of Israeli- American council. Milstein condemns anti- Semitism a radical Muslim movement which preaches hate and stones women. The anti- Semitism undermines the rights of minorities and also condemns gay people. The progressive movement teaches hate, bigotry and racism.

Adam Milstein calls upon all nations to unite and fight for freedom of speech anti- Semitism and tolerance. New York University condemns Israel and describes it 55 times more the references to trump, supremacy and racism. Some recent rallies in Chicago condemnation illustration were seen as people were barred from having the Star of David on their flag.

In an occasion meant for opposite-sex violence some Israel’s who were passionate of joining the walk were condemned by the organisers and deported. Adam Milstein is significance today that he educates people of the happening and also condemns hatred and discrimination. Adam is an eye-opener in the globe and deserves recognition and support to fight the social ills in the world. Such humanitarian needs support financially, socially and also appreciation if the social ills such as racism, discrimination and sexual violence is to be conquered.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner – Visionary, Mogul, Legend

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner came from humble beginnings of being the son of a shop owner, Hussain Sajwani has amassed a fortune that has him in the elite group of the richest businessmen in the Gulf region. Hussain got his beginnings as a bright student, chosen by the UAE government to go to the US for further studies. In America, Hussain would get his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

With his education completed Hussain Sajwani would return home and join Abu Dhabi Gas Industries, also called GASCO in a financial role. His business acumen would steer him away from the company as two years later he would start a catering venture. The catering company, now called Global Logistics Services boasts among many impressive customers, the US Army and many five-star hotels and resorts.

The company’s growth allowed Hussain Sajwani to take up another venture, one that would see his fortunes skyrocket beyond expectations. He would start DAMAC Properties in 2002, becoming a pioneer in the real estate expansion Dubai and the UAE as a whole, had experienced. Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner would go on to make DAMAC one of the largest constructions and property companies in the UAE.

Happily married, with four children, the DAMAC owner has given back to the country and is involved with philanthropic initiatives like sponsoring the Dubai Future Foundation’s One Million Arab Coders Initiative, a program aimed at creating one million coders of Arab origin.

DAMAC Group has continued to sponsor under the leadership of its founder and chairman, the group boasts a golf course designed by none other than Tiger Woods as well as collaborations with Paramount Hotels, a venture owned and operated by Paramount Pictures known for some of the greatest movies in history. DAMAC is also connected to famous fashion houses like Versace and Fendi as well as the automotive giant – Bugatti.

His work with DAMAC and GLS has earned him many accolades that include the Property CEO of The Year from CEO Middle East Awards of 2017 as well as the Real Estate Legend Award from the Arabian Business Real Estate Awards.

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