Learn about Bruno Fagali’s Contribution in the Legal System

     The legal system of a country requires brilliant minds so that the country can change. Brazil is honored to have Bruno Fagali, a renowned lawyer who has made an immense contribution to Brazil’s legal system. With his vast knowledge of Administrative Law and many years practicing law, he has managed to leave an impressive mark in the law field. His law career began in 2006, and it has helped him practice different disciplines of law in numerous law firms. His zeal to change the legal system is evident in his work.

People should not be afraid to start from the bottom and rise through the ranks. Bruno Fagali demonstrated the patience to rise as he was gaining the experience. He started his career as an intern where he learned the various fields of law and dealt with issues about family law and domestic violence. After completing his internship, he got employed by Radi, Callie Associados Law as a lawyer. He later moved on to work at different places where he gained vast experience he needed to use in the Law making processes.

From the onset, he knew that he wanted to pursue law and change the legal system in Brazil. He pursued Law from the Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo where he specialized in Administrative law. He later got a master’s degree in Law specializing in Anticorruption and Administrative Law. Armed with a strong educational background and vast experience in Law, he established Fagali Law Firm where he serves the people of Brazil. Also, he was working at Nova as a Corporate Manager.

The experience that he has had over the years has attributed to the growing number of cases that he has been able to win in court. The advocacy and competent skills he has gained has helped him to contest and win cases in the field of regulatory law, electoral law, compliance law, urban law, administrative law, and ethics. A surprising fact about Bruno Fagali is that he is proficient in four languages: Italian, French, English, and Spanish. This has made him more effective when dealing with clients from other countries. He realized language can be a barrier to a great breakthrough, and that’s why he decided to master several languages.

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