End Citizens United Takes a Stand Against Florida Governor Scott

The grass root and wholly donor-funded, organization known as End Citizens United has filed a complaint against Florida Governor, Rick Scott. Scott, who is currently running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, is accused of illegal use of a Super PAC. In addition to the $78 million that the candidate has raised for his Senate campaign, the complaint filed by End Citizens United alleges that Scott is utilizing the Super PAC with the intention of circumventing federal campaign finance laws. The PAC, called New Republican PAC, is accused of working directly with the Scott campaign to directly affect his campaign for the United States Senate, which is not allowed. The Scott campaign has denied any wrongdoing.

According to the complaint, which was filed with the Federal Election Committee (FEC), End Citizens United is claiming that the Scott campaign is using the New Republican PAC to funnel soft money away from his own campaign in order to avoid adhering to disclosure requirements. Additionally, it is alleged that the PAC has paid for expenses that are directly related to the Scott campaign. To further complicate the issue, Scott worked as Chairman of the New Republican PAC and as recently as January of this year, his name was still listed on the PAC’s website as the organization’s chair. New Republican PAC is claiming that any money that has been disbursed to Scott is in relation to work that he has performed for the PAC in his role as chairman.

While PACs are permitted to raise and spend as much money as it desires, a right afforded by the controversial Citizens United ruling that the grassroots group is working against, it is unlawful to use the funds to directly benefit or pay for expenses that a campaign has incurred.The complaint has been filed with the FEC but it unclear when any ruling will be handed down, or even when a statement will be made by the government oversight committee. End Citizens United continues to work against political campaigns that are using the Supreme Court Ruling to circumvent campaign finance laws and regulations.

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