Eric Lefkofksy And Wife Liz Promote Educational Opportunities For Chicago Area Children

Eric Lefkofksy is a successful Entrepreneur with a long list of successful business ventures under his belt. His current project, Tempus, is a company that supports the efforts of physicians treating cancer patients by collecting, organizing, and analyzing patient data to allow for a more personalized treatment protocol. Tempus has only needed three years to become Chicago’s latest unicorn, a moniker applied to companies that are privately owned and worth $1 billion or more.Lefkofksky prepared for his career at the University of Michican where he both earned a bachelor’s degree and attended law school. He has now taken on the challenge of educating others and is an adjunct professor at Chicago University and a published author of the book Accelerated Disruption.

Just as important to Eric Lefkofksky as his business interests are the desire he shares with wife Liz to give back to his community. Together, the couple launched the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and support a number of initiatives in the Chicago area and beyond. A major focus of the LFF is making quality education accessible to all students. The foundation views this issue as a matter of basic human rights and one way they accomplish this goal is providing funds to organizations working to support middle school students make the important transition to high school.

Another educational initiative that benefits from the philanthropy of Eric Lefkofsky and the LFF is ‘High School Bound,’ a website that streamlines the process for students searching for the right high school for them to attend. Eric Lefkofksy has also given generously to his alma mater the University of Michigan as well as colleges near Chicago like Northwestern and Purdue. After School Matters’ is another favorite of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This organization allows students attending high school in Chicago quality out of school experiences to help them explore interests and talents. The organization also helps these students to develop skills that will be critical to their success in higher education, work careers, and beyond.

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