NewsWatch TV Helps Businesses Succeed

Early Monday mornings, on national cable and local television, NewsWatch TV’s television show airs. Anyone interested in news about celebrities, technology, politics, and more can watch interesting segments on the show. NewsWatch TV’s production staff and crew do more than providing informational content via a news program. NewsWatch TV also delves into promotional and marketing strategies for private clients.

The promotional side of NewsWatch TV can assist companies with reaching consumers. Several clients report positive reviews for affiliating with NewsWatch TV. The positive reviews derive from, not surprisingly, from business achievements.

Look at the example of Contour. Contour produced an ergonomic workstation capable of improving office environments. Creating the “ultimate workstation” isn’t enough. Solid sales figures must follow the development. Contour worked with NewsWatch TV to promote the super workstation. Sales spiked in the aftermath of the effective promotional strategy. In addition to delivering television reports to 200 U.S. markets, a massive online campaign drew in significant impressions. Nearly 698,000 online impressions drew attention to the Contour workstation.

Contour isn’t alone in its positive results from working with NewsWatch TV. Avanca came up with the idea for the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. An idea for a technological device stays an idea until it moves into the production phase. Avanca wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 through IndieGoGo. NewsWatch TV worked with Avanca to raise the funds. At the end of the 30 days, the Indiegogo campaign closed out with more than $456,000 in money raised. Avanca certainly was pleased with earning around 2,939% more than originally sought.

NewsWatch TV keeps the public up to date on tech, apps, tradeshows, and more. NewsWatch TV reaches an incredible number of households. The figure rises upwards of 90 million households. Such figures reveal why other businesses wish to work with NewsWatch TV.


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