Neurocore Trains Brains to Boost Performance

Neurocore was founded in 2004 by Timothy Royer. The company is focused in providing data-driven assessments and training programs for children and adults alike to help improve concentration, have better sleep patterns, and manage stress in healthier ways. They have grown quickly since their beginning and now have nine neuroscience performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

In an article written by Ask Reporter, the question of why one feels good in one moment and bad the next was asked to the Neurocore doctors. We understand that the brain responds to positive and negative results, but what causes us to feel one emotion in a moment, and suddenly switch for no apparent reason? Though Neurocore primarily helps people struggling with attention-deficit disorders, concentration trouble, and sleep disorders, Dr. Royer and his team treat all needs that deal with mental health. Dr. Royer explains that we feel different things because of thoughts going on in our subconscious, and by training our subconscious we have more power over our thoughts, focus, and emotions. By learning how to relax the conscious mind, and allowing the subconscious mind and muscle memory to take over in a relaxed state, we gain the ability to take our brains out of overdrive, thereby reducing stress levels, and halting adrenaline production in the body. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

By learning what it feels like to be overworked and over-stimulated, we can learn to focus our brains, and relax our beings thereby not feeling as though we have constant mood swings for no apparent reason. Aside from causing us to be happy one minute and upset the next, an overworked, over-stimulated, never resting brain can make us feel constantly distracted. If one feels that they cannot focus on one task at a time it is due to too much adrenaline being produced in the brain all the time. To learn to focus, one must learn to calm the conscious and subconscious thoughts. By learning techniques and practicing to adjust the subconscious levels of the brain, one can learn to be in an ideal state of mind; allowing for more stable moods and focused thoughts.


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