Chris Burch Opens New Luxury Hotel In Indonesia, Makes It One Of The Best In The World

Chris Burch has always been an entrepreneur that made a huge impact on the industries that he has ventured into. He is a serial entrepreneur who has helped build the foundation of several well-known companies throughout the world. The sectors that he has divulged into a range of fields from fashion and lifestyle, to real estate and hospitality. One of the more recent ventures that Chris Burch decided to take on was with the intent of building a resort that could stand as one of the best in the entire world.

A Luxury Resort Catering to the Global Community

The Nihiwatu is the destination that Chris Burch built that would go on to rival some of the most well known luxury holiday destinations in the entire world. The resort is located on the island of Nihu Simba in Indonesia. The island is known for its pristine beaches and untouched land. Before Chris Burch decided to build the resort on this island, this little piece of paradise was relatively unknown to the outside world. The people of the island had little connection to the outside world and mainly engaged in activities like fishing and cultivation. After building the Nihiwatu, Chris Burch was able to give the people of the island an additional source of income that would give them a better financial backing and a better manner in which they could earn a stable income.

When building the Nihiwatu, Chris Burch decided to pull out all the stops and use the best of everything to build the hotel that he has envisioned. He wanted the hotel to be a place that his family could enjoy, and a place where people could come to relax and have a good time in the midst of pristine luxury and natural beauty. The resort is home to twenty-seven private villas, which surpass even the highest standards regarding decor, amenities, and luxury. Each villa comes with its plunge pool and a personal butler to tend to the needs of all the guests that come there. The Nihiwatu also has a number of other amenities that can help the people visiting have a wonderful time ( The hotel has a beautiful spa and wellness center that is located in the midst of breathtaking waterfalls for an otherworldly experience. Additionally, the Nihiwatu is also known for a number of additional activities that visitors can indulge in at any time when they are visiting the Nihiwatu.

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