NewsWatch TV – 2,939% Above Expected Crowdfunding – Review

Avanca came to NewsWatch to ascertain critical coverage of their Ockel Sirius B pocket PC and meet their crowdfunding goal. They were optimistic, as well they should have been. NewsWatch delivered! According to a spokesperson for Avanca, “We worked with NewsWatch and it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful.” Not only did Avanca meet their goal, with NewsWatch TV they exceeded it by over $440,000!

NewsWatch TV Reviews were seen in over 96 million households making the success inevitable. Due to the massive success, Avanca continues to work with NewsWatch Tv and the future looks bright for both companies.

NewsWatch TV is a thirty minute television program featuring celebrity guests and covering a plethora of topics for the general public. Their consumer product reviews have made NewsWatch TV a household name.

NewsWatch TV offers both paid and editorial segments in their show appealing to a vast audience. Their AppWatch feature is a consumer favorite as they flesh out the good and bad of Android, IOS, and Window devices.

NewsWatch has won many coveted awards for their programming as well as videography. Over the past 25 years NewsWatch TV has reached over 700 million people. With their up to the minute reviews on all that is the latest and greatest in apps and technology, NewsWatch is the show to watch. And if that were not enough, the impressive reviews of new and upcoming products for home and office will keep you coming back for more. From the perfect corn on the cob butter knife to a beach towel that couples as a tote, they have it all. Thirty minutes a day, a lifetime of new and interesting topics and ideas. Try it once, you will be hooked. NewsWatch TV leads the way in innovative and informative television programming.


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