Malcolm CasSelle Is Committed To Transform Cryptocurrency With WAX

The world is becoming more advanced with the introduction of technology and it has become the foundation of every innovation and development. Virtual assets are also set to change the world of cryptocurrency powered by OPSkins where Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO. OPSkins has basically become a choice of many in terms of payments despite offering a centralized technology. In order to avoid this limitation, the OPSkins has stepped in to launch a brandy P2P marketplace platform basically for trading using decentralized smart contracts as its foundation. The new platform is Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

Now virtual assets users can buy or sell their virtual goods without clicking off their own game. With WAX, the greatest problems that have been a thorn in virtual assets trading have been trampled on. Fragmentation problem has been solved because the platform is uniting a fragmented market of the virtual assets. The other problem combated by WAX is fraud and all issues related to security.

One of the major issues with the OPSkins was the use of fragmented market that was divided based on the language, security issues and even the payment systems used in various regional marketplaces. This restricted people specifically to their own regions and countries. Nevertheless, with WAX Token every user anywhere can tokenize their own gaming virtual assets and sell or buy other assets from another user without any frictions.

WAX Token will actually be the common currency that will be used by all gamers and this means issues that come with FOREX. The platform is powered by DPOS which is one of the fastest, efficient, decentralized and very flexible models on the face of the earth. Malcolm is the current President of Wax. He has served at Tribute Publishing; he is an Advisor to Sensay, VOTOCAST, DirecTech Labs, Bringhub, PrettyQuick, WeRecover etc. He is the founder of PCCW and a Board Member at TLL.

Most the users of centralized platform suffered from incomplete receipts and delivery problems but with WAX all the transactional middlemen are eliminated. No more third parties anymore. With the decentralized Blockchain technology used by WAX will be of great help to various virtual asset traders. Malcolm CasSelle Studied Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.


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