End Citizen United’ Program To Enlighten California Voters About Katie Porter

End Citizens United together with WOMEN VOTE announced a six-figure digital advertising and direct mail program to educate the electorate in the 45th Congressional District of California about Katie Porter. Katie Porter is a law professor at the University of California Irvine. Porter is also a trained and qualified consumer protection attorney who has spent her career taking on the big banks of Wall Street and winning every time. Katie Porter is a champion for working American families as she stands by them through thick and thin. She has also stood to the conservatives in Congress and President Donald Trump as they continue to prioritize special interest ahead of the issues that affect Americans on a daily basis such as Healthcare and social security.

As a mother and a university professor, Katie knows why it is crucial to keep firearms out of schools and out of our streets. She argues that we can uphold the second amendment and still keep assault rifles out of the hands of criminals. Porters is also a champion of reforms in the current rigged system. She has made getting special interest groups and million-dollar donors out of the American political landscape a primary issue in her campaign. She has also made it public that she will not be accepting corporate PAC money.

Both senators Kamal Harris and Elizabeth Warren have endorsed Katie Porters because they know that she will champion for the rights and privileges that the 45th district residents deserves. Katie has promised to protect a woman’s right to choose, defend the Affordable Care Act, invest in public education and protect Planned Parenthood.

On the other hand, Mimi Walters has taken thousands of dollars from the NRA. Walters has cast a vote to loosen gun ownership restrictions now and then. Walters was also one of the architects of the failed conservative health care plan to end protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, increase premiums and tax people’s benefits.

She has voted with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan to limit health care access for women by withdrawing funds from the Planned Parenthood kitty. For most of her time in office, Walters has prioritized corporate interest ahead of the millions of hard-working families in California. End Citizens United’s management has categorically stated that the residents of California deserve a candidate who shall put their interests first. The digital advertising and direct mail programs will educate the voters about Katie Porter and her progressive priorities.

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