The Multi-Faceted Benefits of Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a free to install app that is creating community within elementary schools. Teachers that are utilizing the Class Dojo app are able to use it as a communication platform between parents, teachers and students. This instant connection creates empowerment and inclusion. Teachers who opt to use this app will communicate with the parents of their students about sign in information. Parents who install the app have instant access to their child’s daily activities.

The Class Dojo app is multi-faceted. The first aspect of the application is allowing parents a sneak peek into their child’s day. Teachers can upload photos and videos from experiments, field trips or in class studies. Only the parents of students within a teacher’s class can view these pictures and videos. This opens the door to communication for after school conversation. If a parent saw a photo of their child reading or helping another student they can discuss this in the evening with their child. Another facet to the Class Dojo app is instant communication. Parents and teachers can message each other through the app. A third facet of the Class Dojo app is recognition of good and bad behaviors of the child and class as a whole. Students can create their own dojo monster and the teachers can reward points to the student for behavior. If a student acts out the teacher can remove points. The reason for points given and removed is listed. If a child receives points for remaining quiet in the hall or handing in homework on time the parent will know. If a child receives a point deduction for talking during instruction or being unkind to another student; the parent will also know. This also opens communication for parents with their children after school hours.

Class Dojo is recreating the way parents, teachers and students are able to communication. This app is spreading in popularity and more teachers from coast to coast are using it for their classrooms.

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