Austin, Texas’s Brown Modeling Agency

Justin Brown is the president and CEO of The Brown Agency. The Brown Agency, formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin, was launched in Spring 2010. It is one of the most respected and successful model agencies in Texas. Justin Brown was born in Reno, Nevada but Susanville, California is where he grew up. He moved to Southern California when he turned 18. While Justin was in college he was a fit model. He modeled skinny jeans and made $100 an hour. Which was an upgrade from his $6 an hour job washing carts at the golf course. He initially went to school for business management but gravitated towards the talent agency. He attended California State University-Northridge for 2 years. Justin moved to Austin, Texas in 2005. He felt that he could make an impact there so right off the back he started his business. He started a talent agency called J.B. Models and Talent. The agency booked jobs for different types of actors and models.


The Brown Agency has worked with the most popular brands including Louis Vuitton and Loreal. They’ve also worked with Dell, Toyota, Estee Lauder and thousands more. Their fashion models attend huge fashion events, such as, New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and more. The company has many different divisions. They have theatrical and fashion for men and women. They also have commercial for men, women and kids. They represent people of all ages. Also the inexperienced and experienced. You can visit



The agency is known for providing the most committed, quality talent for their clients. In 2015, the agency became a full-service agency after deciding to work with Heyman Talent-South. Justin Brown believes that both agencies are very professional and committed to preparing the talent and now they get to offer that in different places. Michael Bonne, the founder of Heyman Talent-South, says that the theatrical and commercial division of The Brown Agency was helpful in booking recurring roles. Austin is where the main headquarters will be located. The agency will also branch out to other cities. like, Dallas, and Los Angeles.



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