Robert Ivy: Promoting Professional Architects

     Robert Ivy is the current executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, a group established in 1857 to protect genuine professional American architects from impostors and to promote the profession among the American society. Robert Ivy was chosen to become the group’s executive vice president and CEO in 2011 after the organizational board decided that an organizational restructuring is essential to ensure the growth and success of the group. Robert Ivy is presently overseeing the operations of the group through the American Institute of Architects headquarters located in Washington D.C. American Institute of Architects is considered as one of the first professional groups in the country, and the government of the United States recognizes their historical significance and their contribution to the American society.

One of the responsibilities of Robert Ivy is to uphold the by-laws of the American Institute of Architects. He is tasked to look for issues concerning architects practicing in the United States, and if issues arise, he is tasked to fix it. He is also promoting the profession among the American public, stating the importance of the profession and the people who are practicing the profession. Robert Ivy also needs to make sure that the American architects are practicing their profession ethically, and that there should be no member of the American Institute of Architects who would be involved in shady transactions. He is also tasked to protect every architect practicing in the United States, advising them what they should do if they would encounter any problems in the future.

The organizational board that chose Robert Ivy has made the right decision. They have appointed a dedicated and a responsible man for the job, and Robert Ivy is currently doing his best to ensure that the American Institute of Architects would always be one of the respected groups in the country. Robert Ivy never thought that he would become an architect someday. He graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South, where he became a cum laude after taking up a BA Degree in English. He would later enroll himself at the Tulane University, taking up a Master’s Degree in Architecture. Immediately after graduating, he had to look for a job to support his family.

In 1996, he found a job working as an editor in chief for the Architectural Record, one of the most popular architectural journals in the world. After becoming an editor in chief for a publications company, he decided to focus on his organizational duties. Robert Ivy is also a recipient of different awards and recognitions which recognizes his contributions in the field of architecture. Today, Robert Ivy is doing his best to ensure that the people would always think positively about architects.



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