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American Institute of Architects A Leader In Excellence

     Robert A. Ivy was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction, and Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record magazine. Architectural Record received many awards in the publishing sector under the editorial leadership of Mr. Ivy. These awards included the premier magazine journalism award, the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. After resigning from McGraw-Hill Construction Mr. Ivy went to work at the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Robert Ivy attended the University of South Tennessee where he received his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. He attended Tulane University in Louisiana where he received his Masters in Architecture. Mr. Ivy was recognized for his contribution to effectively communicating the importance of design, by the National Architecture Fraternity Alpha Rho Chi.

On February 1, 2011, Robert Ivy, FAIA, assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Institute of Architects, (AIA). AIA’s network consists of over 250 chapters and a membership of over 90,000. These members are professional architects and designers who are devoted to adding to the sustainable surroundings and environment. Through encouragement, assistance, backing, along with public endeavors, and implementation of educational leadership, Robert A. Ivy assist members in serving their clients and communities in an ever-changing age.

In 2011, under the supervision and administration of Mr. Ivy, AIA was revolutionized to handle the architecture profession. AIA has a profound history and a great heritage in the architectural field dating back to 1857. One of Mr. Ivy’s goal is to lead AIA into becoming an organization with an ever-expanding influence in the architecture field. His desire is to help the public become aware of AIA’s importance to the growing population of architects. Mr. Ivy has set his sites on moving some of AIA assets in training and preparing architects for their part to address the issues of climate change, and the effect on the health of the public.

AIA is an ever-growing organization whose employees are some of the best professionals in the industry of architecture. They have had a positive impact in the architectural industry. Their membership includes many benefits such as services and products that are structured on professional development. AIA is geared toward building a better tomorrow with their architectural designs. They offer superb services and membership in their organization. Some of the accomplishments of AIA includes designing and building hospitals, and churches worldwide. The buildings they build is designed to save energy and to enhance the safety and health of communities.

With his vast knowledge and experience in the architectural field, Mr. Ivy can add the title of author to his many professional accomplishments. He authored the book Architect, a biography of Fay Jones, the Architect. Mr. Ivy is also a public speaker.

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Paul Mampilly: Stock markets investment opportunities

We are living in a dynamic world. A world where everything has the potential of changing from time to time. In fact, there is nothing constant with life. Human life is continuously affected by changes. One major cause of changes is- technology. Technology is being implemented on almost everything we know. Almost every task that can be performed by a human being can be added a touch of technological innovation. Technology has influenced even the most basic human activities such as watching a movie. Today there is Virtual entertainment system that takes human entertainment to another level. Other areas that have been influenced by technology include home decoration and shipping.Today, e-commerce has become the order of the day. People no longer need to present themselves in stores physically. Just by using a smartphone, one can order an item that is miles away and is delivered to their doorsteps. What we have mentioned here is just a tip of the iceberg, more areas have been affected by technology.

As some wait for the next technological innovation to use the product, wise investors wait for the next innovations so that they can invest. New products present perfect opportunities for anyone who would like to make money. If an investor can correctly predict an industry that will gain, they stand to make money from such companies. Stock markets investment is a popular means of investment. It is a method that involves speculating in the performance of certain companies depending on the activities they engage in. Stock investments earn income for the investor if the share value of the company increases. For one to make money, they must buy a product at a low price and sell them after the share value has gone up.Technological innovations present some of the best opportunities for any investor who is looking for good investment options. Technological innovations which replace traditional ways of doing things have a higher probability of rewarding investors. For instance, a good investment opportunity that came as a result of technological innovations is cell manufacturing industry. Cell phones were replacing the traditional booth telephone lines. Investors who got the opportunity to invest early reaped huge profits.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investment adviser. His advice regarding investments in the stock markets is considered authoritative. He has a way of studying the market and giving a correct prediction on the stocks that will gain and those that will lose. He has experience of over 25 years. He retired from the Wall Street after he made enough money to sustain him for the rest of his life. He concentrates on educating other investors on how to perfect their analysis skills.

What Will Whitney Wolfe Do Next For Bumble?

Bumble is preparing for an entirely new challenge ahead of it. The popular dating app has already taken the world by storm with its unique approach to matching but it has the potential for so much more. That potential to offer the world much more than they are used to is exactly what makes Whitney Wolfe such a visionary. She knows she can do better and she strives to do so much better overall. The story of Bumble is still being written but it’s going to be an amazing one regardless of how you look at things. People have clearly seen something they can identify with and it’s making a huge difference and how we do things in general.

The most amazing thing about Wolfe is how she managed to make her brand one of the most popular in a time when other brands were falling to the way side. We can see dating apps are at a point where the market is stagnating. There’s a need to do something that will help us change things up and let people better decide what they want. Bumble is all about that and more. It’s a change from the normal way of doing things. Wolfe has a desire to see her app become so much more than it is right now and she is willing to work in order to make sure it reaches the heights she believes that it needs to have.

Bumble is going to expand into the business world with the new Bumble Bizz feature. This essentially expands the function of the app in such a way that it can be used to find mentors and others who can help people network. That success is amazing in and of itself but there is so much more for the app to offer. It’s no going away any time soon and we will see this for ourselves. The future of dating apps is going to bring more of this into the light. Bumble is spearheading a movement that will change the way we think about dating forever and this is just the beginning. More people are going to adopt it as their preferred app and it will eventually take over the competition. In the tech industry companies rise and fall over the course of time, but this is just one example of how a company can continue to expand and grow over time.

How Does Comparative Constitutional Law Work?

Comparative constitutional law is a field of study that’s “collecting dust” if you’re unfamiliar with it. This branch of legal study works internationally and as emerging countries or group identities take form to establish nations. Comparative studies and the advancement of democracy is often the objective.

This is why a comparative process in put into place.

Every growing nation in democracy must establish the parameters of their governments and how they will operate. Interestingly, this requires that the formation of a constitution is taken into account for the values, beliefs and psychology of a nation. These documents help to move a country forward and to give it organization as it operates.

How Is It Applied And To Who

Comparative constitutional law is understood by looking at how the world is forming and bringing people to the democratic platform. The process begins with an analysis. What professionals learn regarding analysis goes beyond a mere glimpse of a local newspaper. These professionals are legal experts that must dig into technical data and history.

The results lead to the ideas and solutions we live.

What it’s important to realize is that nations have special facets relating to their people, economy and location. The variety of governing aspects to consider brings a wealth of information that the world’s leading professionals have to go through. This is how you truly create a new nation within the democratic field (

Looking Closer Toward Sujit Choudhry

People who work in comparative constitutional law are also professionals in transition. This brings to mind Sujit Choudhry and the history of international comparative studies he forwards. This man now leads the educational field of constitutional law and does so because of a long work history. Sujit’s experience stems from his work abroad. Check for an interesting interview.

He’s been called to rebuild the destruction of North African countries like Libya and Egypt (  These foreign nations are embracing a more democratic structure. They are able to with the guidance of a legal professional who understands the process of transition. The work that brings new nations to democracy begins with analysis and comparative law.

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Sujit Choudhry and The Constitutional Solutions He Offers for Ukraine

One of the biggest challenges of creating a nation is by structuring its constitution. Creating a constitution would be one of the most transformative ways that structure the essence of a nation. However, one of the challenges of the people creating a constitution would be the fact that its creators could be impetuous in their efforts and might overlook important information. Fortunately, Sujit Choudhry knows this and understands all of the challenges that come with the creation of a constitution.

The Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions

There are a lot of gripping challenges happening to Ukraine right now, and part of the solutions to the unceasing and growing problems in the country is the expertise of Sujit Choudhry. That said, last July 10, 2017, Sujit went to the meeting in Kiev to discuss among a series of experts to transition Ukraine to a semi-presidential system.

In the discussion with the experts, Mr. Sujit showed that a major think tank that he was part of would be a great part to the foundation of a democratic electoral system. It is the mission of the think tank that Mr. Sujit Choudhry led to make sure that there’s sustainable democracy in Ukraine without losing all the challenges that may be seen in intervening with a country’s political structuring.  Additional article on

This experience is something that Mr. Sujit doesn’t take lightly. He sees it as a privilege to be part of the executive program that will be responsible for the formation of the policy and legal reform of the country. With the links that he builds with intergovernmental organizations that want sustainable democracy, there’s a lot to expect from the involvement of Mr. Choudhry.

About Sujit Choudhry

One of the many things that you can remember from Mr. Sujit Choudhry is that he gained a Michael Heyman Professor of Law degree at the University of California as well as at the Berkeley Law School. His expertise on comparative constitutional law has also made him renowned for creating constitutional modules and solutions for countries.

Another trivia you should learn about Mr. Choudhry is that he is an inchoate biologist because, before he went to law school, he first took biology at McGill University.

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How To Select A Reputable Bank For Business Or Personal Needs

Do you struggle with your finances and need expert help? Looking for a reliable financial institution with a team of money management and investment advisors? Perhaps you have heard about Nexbank and the high quality services that they provide.

NexBank is delighted to support the organization that promotes women’s advancement and stability.

It was just announced recently that NexBank has shown support for the Dallas Women’s Foundation, by donating $100,000 to the organization. The Dallas Women’s Foundation holds luncheon to honor and show support for women in business.

Nexbank cares a lot about its community and has a great reputation. This highly regarded financial institution is located in the Dallas, Texas, area.

There are many banks out there offering a variety of financial products and services to customers. It is advisable to do your home work before selecting a financial institution for personal or business banking.

Take the time to determine what you need in order to have a pleasant banking experience. Do you have a hectic schedule and need access to ATMs or nearby branch locations? Perhaps you want to be able to do your transactions online.

After determining your needs, find out about location of branches and ATMs that a bank provides. If you rarely use cash, and your transactions are mostly digital, consider an online or mobile-only financial institution.

Nexbank gives customers access to top notch financial products and services and comes highly recommended. Their online banking solution is convenient and allows you to access your account any time, from anywhere.

Some financial institutions provide incentives to maintain a certain balance in your account – and others offer services and features to make the most of your profits. A knowledgeable financial advisor or money management professional can help with cash flow management or investment decisions. That’s where the financial planning and investment advisory experts at Nexbank come in – to help you select the services are right for your situation.

Nexbank has been around for a long time and caters to the needs of small business owners, corporate entities and individual customers and clients.

Tony Petrello And Nabor Industries: Active Participants In Hurricane Harvey Relief

There have been many adjectives used to describe Tony (Anthony) Petrello, many of which correlate with his role with Nabors Industries Ltd; Petrello serves as the company’s President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, and lastly, a member of the company’s executive committee. Founded in 1968, Nabors Industries has operations in the U.S., the Middle East, and Africa, making it the largest natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor in the world. Although Petrello’s accomplishments in the business world are worthy of praise, his humanitarian efforts are equally noteworthy. According to an article on (an independent U.S. local news and information platform), Petrello and Nabor Industries actively participated in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston, TX. The decision to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey is not unsurprising for those who are familiar with Nabor Industries.

Like many cities impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Houston was hit particularly hard by the 2017 hurricane, causing a scarcity in supplies, flooded streets, and a multitude of damaged homes. What did Nabor Industries do to help? Collectively, the company donated over $100,000 towards relief efforts and has also, provided hands-on relief, courtesy of company employees. For Nabor Industries, the impact of Hurricane Harvey was natural disaster that hit very close to home; according to the company’s corporate communications manager, approximately 10 percent of the company’s 1,200 employees were personally impacted. Of course, this is not the first time that Nabor Industries have sprung to action in the face of a crisis. Nabor Industries has made generous donations to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, one of the largest and best-known breast cancer organizations in the U.S. In addition, Nabor Industries launched a charitable foundation that aims to provide educational scholarships for company employees, as well as their families. To date, the Nabor Industries have reportedly distributed over $3 million in educational scholarships.

As far as Tony Petrello’s background, he graduated from two of the most famed Ivy League schools, Yale University and Havard University. Prior to starting his career, Petrello earned a B.S. and an M.S. in Math from Yale, as well as a J.D. degree from Harvard. After completing his education, Petrello began his career in law, joining the law firm Baker and McKenzie, 1979, and by 1986, he became one of the firm’s managing partners. In 1991, Petrello severed ties with Baker and McKenzie to pursue new opportunities, which ultimately led him to Nabor Industries, where he would serve as the company’s COO, and by 1992, the company’s President.

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What drives Rodrigo Terpins?

Rodrigo Terpins is a founding member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He began showing interest as a kid and was lucky enough to have a father that was so supportive of his dreams especially in sports having been a sportsman himself. His father Jacko or Jack Terpins was a member of Hebraica one of Brazil’s biggest basketball clubs in the seventies. He was quite successful having represented the club up to championship level. He would urge his sons to join a sport and be good at it. His sons took up racing as a career and have been able to do very well in it. His brother who is a teammate and Cofounder of the Bull Sertoes rally Michel Terpins is also as accomplished as him in the rally circles. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The brothers founded the team after Michel left the cross country championship and this would mark the beginning of Rodrigo Terpins life as a professional rally driver. The love for speed when man meets machine would manifest itself immediately Rodrigo Terpins began racing. He was doing relatively well but at the same time was mentoring his brother Michel Terpins who had just come from the cross country championship. The team needed them to work tirelessly and harmoniously for them to achieve any growth and establish any form of credibility as they were relatively new at the time. Check out Terra for more details.


Rodrigo Terpins would help his brother become a good navigator before he was finally able to become a professional driver. By the time Michel Terpins had become okay in the driving seen the team had already expanded, and there was a need to make the two separate drivers. This need, so each of them took on different cars but remained in the team. Happy with the team and the progress they were making sponsors started coming in. At this juncture, it was when MEM motorsport came onboard with a generous offer. MEM had been developers of the T-Rex a powerful sports utility vehicle that would be used in the two-wheel category in the T1 prototype category. This would mark the beginning of a partnership that goes on to date. Visit


Shervin Pishevar: Entrepreneurial Excellence With Diverse Interests

Shervin Pishevar is a highly successful entrepreneur and investor who created significant achievements in various sectors. The American entrepreneur is also a published researcher, incubation expert, and start-up advisor. His technology investments are futuristic and are aimed to transform the future. Due to that reason, he co-founded Hyperloop Technologies Inc. in 2014 and leading it as its Chairman. Hyperloop is accepted by experts around the world as the future mode of transport especially to cover large distances in short span of time. Shervin Pishevar also co-founded Sherpa Ventures, a venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco, and he gives the vision to the company as its Chairman.

Before establishing Sherpa Ventures, he collaborated with Menlo Ventures as its managing director. During those years, he played a vital role in designing the Menlo Talent Fund, a $20 million seed fund. While coming to the technology sector, Shervin Pishevar established a number of companies and led them to greater success in the quick span of time. Some of them include HyperOffice, Social Gaming Network,, and more. Interestingly, the companies established by Pishevar reached a customer base of 100 million in aggregate and raised over $50 million.

While coming to his investments, Pishevar is credited for many seed and angel investments. Per the latest information, he has invested in more than 60 companies which are in diverse sectors such as media, search, social commerce, mobile, ad tech, and more. Apart from that, he is serving as a member of Global Entrepreneurs Council of the UN Foundation. Shervin Pishevar was also sent to Russia and the Middle East as an Entrepreneurial Ambassador by several Federal government delegations. At the Summit and Session on Entrepreneurship in Algeria in 2008, he was a keynote speaker and was part of various policy working groups in telecommunications, media, technology, and more.

He was chosen as an Outstanding American by Choice by the Federal government – one of the 100 naturalized U.S. citizens since the beginning of the award program. Shervin Pishevar earned his graduation in interdisciplinary studies from the prestigious University of California. He is also a published researcher at Neuroscience Letters and Journal of American Medical Association. Pishevar also holds numerous U.S. patents.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rises To Chairman Of Bradesco

Bradesco will be choosing a new CEO soon as its current one is about to rise to the company’s topmost seat. This is happening at the largest bank in Brazil because its present chairman is stepping down from his post. In keeping with the company’s management style, the choice of a new president will be coming from inside their ranks. Apparently, seven of their present executives are being considered for the post. Who will be the lucky one? If all things will go as planned, the name of the new president will be revealed soon.

Lazaro Brandao, 91, the current chairman, is vacating his seat to pave the way for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, its current CEO, to assume the post. As a consequence, the bank has to choose a new president to take up the responsibilities that Trabuco will leave behind. It seems the bank will reveal the name of the new CEO one month before they hold their shareholder’s meeting in March. According to a bank insider, there is already a shortlist of the candidates for the post. All of those included in the list are sitting executives of the bank.

Brandao has served the bank for more than 75 years. Being 91 years old, he is regarded as among the oldest bank chairmen in the world. He started his employment with Bradesco in 1943 as a lowly bank clerk. He was only 16 at that time. But due to his diligence, talent and effort, he rose to the chairmanship post. Before he became chairman of the bank, he first served as its CEO from 1981 to 1999. According to statistics, the bank is considered as Brazil’s second-largest in market value.


According to Brandao championed the present management style of Bradesco, wherein vacant executive seats are filled up with inside qualified talents. This is why Trabuco is set to assume Brandao’s post when he resigns. Since no CEO has been selected yet, Trabuco will still function as the bank’s CEO while assuming the responsibilities of bank chairman at the same time.

Trabuco served in various executive positions in Bradesco for more than 15 years before he became its marketing director. He was appointed CEO in 1992 and served in that capacity until now when he is about to be raised to the bank’s chairmanship post. The bank changed its bylaws regarding the maximum age for its CEOs only last year. It was increased from age 65 to age 67. This change allowed Trabuco to name a successor at the start of this year.

Bradesco is considering seven of its high-ranking executives for the position of president. It is very likely that one of them will assume Trabuco’s former position once he sits as the bank’s new chairman. The following executives of the bank are included in the short-list of candidates for CEO:

Alexandre da Silva Gluher, 57, the current chief risk officer of the bank
Mauricio Machado de Minas, 58, Bradesco’s head of IT department
Josué Augusto Pancini: Pancini, 57, the bank’s head of branch network and overseer of its high income segment
Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, 52, the youngest among the lot and is in charge of the bank’s corporate and investment banking
Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, 58, Bradesco’s head of lending and treasury department
André Rodrigues Cano, 59, the bank’s head of human resources department
Octavio de Lazari, 54, the second youngest of Bradesco’s executives on the list and is head of the bank’s lender’s insurance unit

Brandao said his resignation as chairman of the bank is his own decision. He also added that he has no regrets in serving the bank for the past 75 years. Brandao will still take charge of the bank’s holding companies when vacates his post as chairman.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,prisao-dos-irmaos-batista-nao-impactam-risco-da-jbs,70001996105

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