Greg Secker, impacting the world through education

If there’s a way to impact the world positively, it’s through education. Instead of giving you what you need, a wise man teaches you how to get it yourself. That way, when the benefactor is no longer around, all is well. This is exactly what Greg Secker does; impacting the world positively through education. Having made it in the world of business, Greg Secker has made it his business to pass on the knowledge he gathered in his journey up the success ladder.

He has come up with several training programs that educate people not only in his line of work but in business generally. He also brings on board other experienced and respected teachers to help train those who attend the training. What is amazing about Greg Secker is he is so passionate about education that sometimes he does his trainings for free. Of cause there is a paid training after the free one but imagine the number of people he gets to reach for free!

By opening himself up to teach others on how to be successful, he has had the chance to interact with other renowned teachers like Robert Kyosaki and T Harv Eker. This has seen him learn even more in terms of business, family and daily living. During his teachings he encourages his listeners to teach others what they have learnt over the years. He says it gives the teacher more insight on the same subject and makes it easy for other people to approach you with new concepts.

Apart from being a successful business man and educator, he is a philanthropist. Many needy students have benefited from programmes he has funded. The youth mentoring program and early childhood development programs in South Africa are a good example of some of education programs he is funding. He says he believes that by empowering these students through education, they will be able to afford the same opportunities millionaires have. That is the difference between a millionaire and other people; opportunities and options. Once they can afford the same opportunities, taking advantage of them and propelling themselves to the next level is quite easy.

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