Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Dallas

Ice cream, a coveted favorite, is invariably sold by people who do not necessarily make us think of how good it is! If it were possible, however, to match a person to a profession who would serve to advance the agenda of the business by virtue of the essence of their very presence, that would be perfect. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a renowned plastic surgeon in the Dallas and Plano, Texas area, does just that. His aesthetics serve to undoubtedly advance his plastic surgery practice. He might well epitomize the very essence of the power of suggestion.


A billboard can only say so much about a business, therefore talent must lie behind any true advertisement. Dr. Jejurikar, having completed both undergraduate studies and medical school at the University of Michigan, has had success because he is a talented plastic surgeon. He did a subspeciality in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat, which undoubtedly shaped his early experience in this field. Some of the toughest clientele in the plastic surgery area are probably found on our East and West Coasts in the United States, so having a start in Manhattan was truly auspicious.


We might not ever know why what we see has such a great impact on us, and it could be a byproduct of our reticular activation system, which filters out unnecessary information and helps us to focus on what matters. It is basically a gateway for the important information. The RAS sifts through all the data we are inundated with and so it works in our favor without us actually doing anything. When one goes to the office of a plastic surgeon, who has a great reputation, our brains will sort through all kinds of information during that visit, thanks to our RAS, and then it will deliver what is important.


As plastic surgery is unequivocally about appearance, our RAS will naturally deliver the highpoints of what we are looking at during any interview with a surgeon of this specialty. That said, a billboard is just that, but a billboard that comes to life as a physical representation of what a customer is aspiring to achieve through procurement of the service the billboard offers, well that just might be capitalistic serendipity if ever there was such a thing.


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