Life Line Screening Gives You Healthful Optimism

As a person grows older, there are many health issues to be concerned about. There are many health screenings that offer preventive measures for many health issues. You can also be screened as a means of early detection of some diseases. Life Line Screening is a series of tests for people of all ages, but mostly the elder population. These screenings can detect the early signs of certain diseases, or illnesses. They will also let you know if preventive measures should be taken.

With Life Line Screening, it is easy to be tested for the risk of an aneurysm, heart disease or stroke. You can be screened to see if the arteries have plaque buildup, plus many other benefits of Life Line Screening. These screenings are convenient, and affordable. They do not require preparation, and you can do more than one screening per visit. Life Line Screening provides services for more than sixteen health issues including a Bone Density Screening for osteoporosis. This is a silent disease because it is not usually detected until a person has a fracture of break.

Life Line Screening uses three kinds of screening techniques. This includes the Ultrasound tests for detecting abdominal aneurysms, clogged carotid artery, the ankle braachial index, and the bone density screenings. The finger stick blood tests are to used to get lipid panels, check glucose levels, measure C-reactive protein levels, and liver enzymes. The Limited Electrocardiograph will detect irregular heartbeats, and other factors that may increase a person’s risk of stroke. The screenings can be done in packages, with several of the screenings done during the same visit. Many times the screenings lead to very favorable results for the patients.

The sign that a patient needs to get The Bone Density Screening is a change in their posture. The best time to get this screening is when you are younger than the age of fifty. Screenings should be done annually, so you will be aware of any changes that may occur in the body over the years. Life Line Screenings have locations in many cities, and will locate the closet one near you. The price of the screenings is under $200.00 and may be covered by your insurance, and could be at no cost to you. Life Line Screening works with hospitals and other medical facilities to bring you the most affordable health screening any where in the United States.

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