Omar Yunes: The Future of Sushi Itto

On December 5, 2015 Omar Yunes won the Best Franchise of the World award. The award ceremony was held in Florence, Italy and was represented by 34 countries which included Hungary, France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, and Brazil. He won for his innovating work in the Japanese food chain Sushi Itto, a franchise in which he became a part of at just 21 years old. In a relatively short time, his franchise has grown to 13 units which represents about 10% of the brand.

Omar Yunes was evaluated based on his contributions to the network such as employee motivation, knowledge, savings that were implemented, improvements that were proposed, and how much was charged. He proved himself to be a great innovator by adopting new and different ideas in the business model. This was not just Omar’s win, but a win for Mexico as well. This win brings Mexico a right to be at the international stage for franchise brands. Something that is also telling for Mexico is the fact that the 2nd Place Winner was also Mexican with his franchise Prendamax. These two innovators are opening the door for more Mexican franchisees to participate.

When Omar was giving his speech during the ceremony, he thanked his 400 employees for their motivation and dedication. He said that all his employees were instrumental in the innovative development of their unique product. He showed great humility in that it takes a team effort to build a brand. His investment work has yielded several professional awards. He is primarily focused on the food industry and manages 13 franchises in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. He is known for his aggressive marketing strategies. He has created over 400 jobs due to his effective structure and business strategies. If his past work is any indication, he will see continued success within his franchise. This will lead to more job creation and more brand recognition.

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