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Sujit Choudhry and Colleagues Call for Constitutional Dialogue in Resolving Spanish Impasse

Sujit Choudhry joined other constitutional law scholars in penning an opinion on current affairs in Spain more so events in Catalonia. In the letter Sujit Choudhry jointly authored with two others, the constitutional scholars expressed their desire to see all sides engaged in constitutional dialogue. They insisted that only an open-minded discussions will lead to viable solutions. In a message targeted to both the Spanish national government and the Catalonian government, the scholars opined that a referendum was only a means through which the wishes of Catalonians could be known. Spanish Prime Minister Mr. Rajoy was specifically requested to ensure his government does not resort to violent suppression of Catalonia’s independence bid.

The scholars observed that the attempts by the Spanish government were only making an already tense situation much tenser. Identifying the activities of October 1st when the national government resorted to forceful means as a step backward in the development of democracy. Further, such steps only served to undermine the European Union ideals.

Sujit Choudhry and his colleagues seemed to suggest that both sides should climb down from hardline positions on their stands. While commending Mr. Puigdemont for suspending the declaration of independence in favor of continued dialogue, they cautioned him to go slow on excessive secession rhetoric. The ideal scenario was that both leaders should pursue other constitutional means that will guarantee more autonomy for Catalonia and maintain the territorial integrity of Spain.

Mr. Sujit Choudhry has served as a constitutional advisor in many circumstances around the world most notably in ceasefire negotiations during situations of political violence. He is widely respected for his experience in leading stakeholder consultations, offering enhanced advisory services to technical teams, and as a facilitator of public dialogue.  For more of his views on politically related issues, check

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Sujit Choudhry specializes in comparative constitutional law, constitutional designs as a useful tool for resolving political issues that could end up in violent confrontations, constitutionalism and ethnic divisions, decentralization versus secession, federalism, constitutions in the transitions from dictatorship to democracy, and constitutional building process in general.  For his timeline activity update, hit

For 20 years, Sujit Choudhry has held various positions ranging from being a Dean at the Berkeley School of Law to being a Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions at the University of California.

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What Parents and School Administrators can Learn from Rocketship Education’s K-5 Personalized Learning Approach

Rocketship Education made a name for itself in the U.S. education sector as the first school to adopt a personalized learning approach known as K-5. School administrators at Rocketship Education believe that the art of personalized learning should be practiced at home and school. These administrators have a shared vision of incorporating technology in students’ day-to-day learning activities. Listed below are the lessons administrators and parents from other schools can learn from Rocketship Education’s personalized learning approach.

2.Parents and Tutors Play an Essential Role in Students’ Education

The role of parents at Rocketship Education goes beyond the payment of school fees. Parents are included in a leadership program that allows them to organize and advocate for quality education. Teachers are also instrumental in developing cultural systems to benefit students irrespective of their cultural backgrounds. Regardless of class, race, creed or ethnicity, students acquire high-quality education to help them in their future careers.

2.Parents Should Make Rational Decisions on their Children’s Education

Parents’ top priority should be to enable their children to access quality education. This objective can be best achieved when they enroll their kids in Rocketship Education. This learning institution is guided by the fact that meaningful inclusion is beneficial to students. Along these lines, the institution has a quality program targeting children with disabilities.

3.Learning Never Ends

Rocketship Education’s personalized learning culture is based on actionable feedback, weekly goal-setting, and progressive learning. Teachers at Rocketship Education have embraced actionable feedback in their daily classroom activities. They are also open to learning new ways of perfecting their art of teaching and making Rocketship Education an ideal center for academic excellence.

About Rocketship Education

Preston Smith is the man behind the success of Rocketship Education. In his CEO capacity, he is concerned about enabling the institution to serve low-income communities in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Washington DC and California. Smith has two kids who are also enrolled in Rocketship Fuerza Community Preparatory, which is situated in San Jose, California. Rocketship operates as a non-profit institution consisting of a number of public elementary charter schools. Its first school operated in a Christian worship center in San Jose, California.

Over 150 Years and Counting: The American Institute of Architects

     Located in Washington, D.C., The American Institue of Architects (AIA) is an organization made up entirely of architects and those in that field of business. The AIA has a long, rich history since it began in 1857. There are now more than 90,000 members and 260 local chapters. There are five levels of membership in AIA. A board of directors oversees the major decisions within the organization and approximately 200 employees run the daily operations. Being a member of AIA is a prestigious position due to the high standards the organization has in place, especially in regard to ethics.

Continuing education and guidance for new graduates is an important part of AIA’s values. They will help architecture school graduates to become licensed and offer an online job board for those seeking employment. Existing architects can browse many continuing education courses so that they can stay on top of changes in laws and trends. AIA also offers annual scholarships to up-and-comers as another part of their commitment to seeing architects succeed at all levels.

The AIA president for 2017 is Thomas Vonier. Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and CEO of the organization. Ivy has been with AIA since 2011. He has worked to incorporate new technology into architecture and planning. He also encourages members to look into the environmental effect of their work and how sustainable it is long-term. For example, Ivy promised the Clinton Foundation in 2012 that AIA would work for the next decade to improve public health and the lives of many through community planning, digital programs, and grants.

With over 150 years of experience, the American Institute of Architects has been bringing together professionals to promote positive core values. As their numbers have expanded from their modest beginning of only 13 members, AIA has changed with the times making sure to stay relevant. Under the excellent leadership of Thomas Vonier and Robert Ivy, the organization continues to thrive and leave a positive impact on the world. From helping new graduates to assisting experience professionals, AIA offers industry-specific support for architects. The American Institute of Architects maintains high standards as well as many exciting projects to come.

Madison Street Capital is the 2017 Annual M&A Advisor Awards

In January 2017, Madison Street Capital was announced the winner of the awards on 16th, Monday. There were lots of companies contending for the award, but Madison Street carried the day; it had the best financial deal of in 2016. Madison had the best programs for advising clients on how best to handle transactions for WLR Automotive.


What Madison Street had to say


The Chief Executive Officer of Madison stated that the company has always honoured the top M&A transactions, organizations and deal makers. Madison was picked from a huge number of participants of over 650 and issued with the award denoting that they had won. David Fergusson, the Co-CEO, and president of M&A said that it was great to identify the efforts made by Madison Capital in the previous years and offerd them the highest owner as M&A firms and experts. Madison CEO, Charles Botchway, said that it was such a great honour to receive the award of the year and that it is a genuine reflection of their hard work and determination.


The Gala


The Gala is the annual cardinal celebration for the firms that have done pretty well in the industry’s leading M&A dealmakers. The most previous celebration was held together with the 2017 M&A advisor summit that featured at least 500 companies from different parts of the globe. Besides Madison Street Capital receiving the main award, Ceasar N was awarded the 2017 leadership award; Ceasar is the Chairman and CEO of Winchester Capital. On the other hand, Robert Blumenfield was issued with inaugural Tom Farrel Memorial Award; Robert Blumenfield is the Executive Director of ACG New York.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a company that is aiming to provide professional financial services to clients from various parts of the world. Madison Street is majoring its focus on intelligence, integrity, and excellence while issuing financial advice to their clients who are located in different parts of the world. Privately owned businesses are the major beneficiaries of the professional services offered by the Madison Street Capital. Madison has gained trust from its clients over the years for it does not discriminate nor does it overlook into the issues affecting their clients who come to seek their services. In case you are looking for more information make sure to go here.



For a vast Period, Madison has manifested great commitment toward accomplishing their major goals. The fact that it received the 2017 annual M&A award is an explicit indication that Madison is the best firm in the industry. Learn more:


Equities First Work Became One of The Most Innovative

Equities work became one of the most innovative when it was using stock based loans, which gave them a more and more income. The Equities first holdings for this started in early to mid 2002, at first the company was determined to offer lending to its consumers all over the world.For the last 14 years the branches for this company thicken and it was all because of these company overseas, it managed to receive a whopping 1.4 billion dollars.So of course this company keeps its momentum going and it soon becomes the largest bank leading all of the others in the dust.One of the companies overseas was London, one of the most major financial within the borders of Europe, many companies leading the market list their stocks within this giant company.They were collateral as per the agreement loan they signed for,which in turn showed Equities holdings it offers were a fixed interest. Overall, These financial tool being used by the government offer a non-recourse in low cost of funds.


Erick Lefkofsky’s Input in Healthcare

Americans continue to spend a lot of money on pharmaceuticals despite efforts from different angles to reduce the medical expenses. JAMA publication argues that aging and population growth are the second causes of the increase in medical costs. Research that was carried out to establish the cause of high cost of medication revealed that different diseases have different factors that determine the value of their medicine.

Diabetes recorded the highest increase in expenditure during the period that the research was done with around $64 billion. The increase in the cost of containing diabetes was contributed by aging, population growth, utilization of pharmaceuticals, and prevalence of diabetes.

Neck pain and low back pain treatment recorded an increase of $57 billion according to the finding, but their contributing factors were different from that of diabetes. Patients with neck and low back pains spent 8.5% more annually when served as inpatients.

The general spending by inpatients in health facilities went up from $258 billion to $697 billion. Patients stayed in the hospital for few days, but the expense did not reduce. Drug prices remained high with others arguing that the cost of a drug can’t make one to save some money compared to one avoiding to be hospitalized. The research was done by University of Washington, Harvard University and Center for Health Policy and Outcomes among others.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky if the Tempus’ CEO and co-founder. Tempus is a technology company that is specialized in battling several types of cancer. Tempus helps doctors and healthcare professional to make personalized and real-time data-driven decisions on treatment steps based on in-depth patient’s genetic code analysis.

Tempus is working with patients suffering from lung, pancreatic, and breast cancer, and they are working to add more types of cancer gradually. Tempus’ effort to cure cancer is driven by love and care for cancer patients.

Eric is an entrepreneur with vast experience in integration of technology to both business and healthcare. Eric together with his wife Liz established Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a charitable organization to take care of people who are in need and are within their reach. Erick who is a graduate of the University of Michigan also serves on several boards of trustees.

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Securus Technologies Leads the Way in Customer Service Provision for Corrections Facilities Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies provides technology solutions aimed at modernizing the incarceration experience and improving public safety. Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies serves over 2,000 correctional facilities in the USA and Canada. The firm has revolutionized the civil and criminal justice systems using secure, simple and powerful technology solutions. Consequently, many are praising products and services the company has to offer. One facility reports it has witnessed a decrease in inmate-on-inmate crimes using Securus technology while another reports it was able to recover millions of illegal assets, cash money and drugs. Others say Securus has helped them arrest corrupt staff dealing in contraband such as drugs, access to cellular devices, and suspicious money transfer. Other facilities also say the firm provides the best reporting solutions in the industry which has eased the process of crime prevention. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Securus Technologies is not only changing the lives of inmates, it is also having an impact on the safety of the general public while ensuring the civil and criminal justice systems work effectively and efficiently.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company exists to serve and to make the world safe through connection. It provides technology solutions that help family and a friend communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated and also offers public safety solutions. The public safety solutions it offers include incident management, emergency response, and public information solutions. The firm also provides investigative solutions centered around data analytics, biometric analysis and location based services. For correctional facilities, it offers monitoring solutions, communication, inmate self-service, information management, and ancillary solutions.


BBB Accreditation


In 2016, Securus Technologies received Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating and accreditation thanks to the firm’s commitment to providing quality customer service. To improve its customer service for BBB accreditation, the firm set up the largest in-house domestic call center in the industry with a capacity of 220 seats. To receive this accreditation, the company had to meet standards such as building trust, being transparent, advertising honestly, safeguarding privacy, and embodying integrity, among others.


Dr. McKenna’s Career in Medical Practice and Real Estate Investment

For those who keep up with advancements in the medical industry, S. Mark McKenna is a common name. Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor whose passion is in patient advocacy. He is licensed to practise medicine and surgery by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Originally from New Orleans, Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School. He started practicing medicine after completing his training. While he started out his practice working with his father, Dr. McKenna launched his own company years later.

Real Estate Interests

He started with his firm called McKenna Venture Investment, before he went on to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and another firm known as Uptown Title, Inc. Both firms are real estate firms, and they have grown in great lengths. In 2005, McKenna’s businesses were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. However, he did not give up. Instead, he helped the community in redeveloping a new yet low-moderate income options in respect of housing.

Wellness and Aesthetic-Based Medical Practice

In 2007, McKenna made the move from New Orleans to Atlanta, GA. That was the same year that he launched his wellness-based medical practice, also known as ShapeMed. When he sold ShapeMed to another company called Life Time Fitness, Dr. Mark McKenna became the latter’s National Medical Director. He served in this role until 2016. In 2017, McKenna founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company. He also acts as the company’s CEO.

Daily and Family Life

McKenna is a family man, and he is married to Gianine McKenna. The two have two children, Milana and Ryder. When he is not working, he loves hanging out with his family. He always goes home to have dinner with his family at about six in the evening.

When asked about where he draws his inspiration and motivation from, Dr. Mark McKenna points towards Mark’s ability to set goals and visualize them. He also loves to meditate, and to him, this is one of the best recipes for success. When he is not working or bonding with the family, he reads. One of his recommended reads is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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Annual American Institute of Architects Conference

     Exciting plans are already being made for the upcoming annual AIA conference, which will be held June 21 through 23, 2018, in New York City at the Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street. It will be three days focusing on what’s new in architecture and design and will be the event of the year.

Where to stay

AIA has negotiated hotel blocks at 43 New York City centrally-located hotels with a range of options and the best available group discounts. Perks will include free breakfast, free Wi-fi, and more. Unfortunately there’s no shuttle service to the Javits Center from the hotels, but AIA will be providing info and resources to help navigate the city on foot, by ride sharing, or by train.

Attention: Exhibitors

Why should you exhibit at this important industry event with Expo hours on Thursday, June 21, and Friday, June 22, both days from 10 AM to 6 PM? The most important factor is that 90 percent of attendees have said that one of their top five best experiences at the conferences is visiting with the exhibitors. Your company has the opportunity to show new and improved products, converse with the industry’s key influencers and decision makers as well as designers, and hopefully be chosen as a supplier.

Other benefits to exhibiting include choosing a desirable floor location and making full use of event promotions, being able to give researched information on the newest products and technology, showing off dynamic displays, and more.

What is the American Institute of Architects (AIA)?

It is a professional non-profit membership organization for United States licensed architects and members of the design and construction teams in the building industry. With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., AIA offers government advocacy, community redevelopment, market research, education including Web-based resources for emerging professionals, providing examples of contract documents, and does public outreach to support the profession. With approximately 300 local chapters and 200 employees, it serves its members in many ways and also sponsors hundreds of continuing education experiences to aid architects in maintaining their licensure.


Omar Yunes: The Future of Sushi Itto

On December 5, 2015 Omar Yunes won the Best Franchise of the World award. The award ceremony was held in Florence, Italy and was represented by 34 countries which included Hungary, France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, and Brazil. He won for his innovating work in the Japanese food chain Sushi Itto, a franchise in which he became a part of at just 21 years old. In a relatively short time, his franchise has grown to 13 units which represents about 10% of the brand.

Omar Yunes was evaluated based on his contributions to the network such as employee motivation, knowledge, savings that were implemented, improvements that were proposed, and how much was charged. He proved himself to be a great innovator by adopting new and different ideas in the business model. This was not just Omar’s win, but a win for Mexico as well. This win brings Mexico a right to be at the international stage for franchise brands. Something that is also telling for Mexico is the fact that the 2nd Place Winner was also Mexican with his franchise Prendamax. These two innovators are opening the door for more Mexican franchisees to participate.

When Omar was giving his speech during the ceremony, he thanked his 400 employees for their motivation and dedication. He said that all his employees were instrumental in the innovative development of their unique product. He showed great humility in that it takes a team effort to build a brand. His investment work has yielded several professional awards. He is primarily focused on the food industry and manages 13 franchises in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. He is known for his aggressive marketing strategies. He has created over 400 jobs due to his effective structure and business strategies. If his past work is any indication, he will see continued success within his franchise. This will lead to more job creation and more brand recognition.

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