All Hail Chris Burch, the Greatest CEO of all Time

Talk of a man deeply connected with the world of business and you arrive at one renowned candidate, Mr. Chris Burch. Sixty-four years down the line, Chris Burch remains a darling of society. Having lived his life graciously, Chris Burch has been a real inspiration to the people around him mainly due to his unique attribute of ‘running the show.’ Whatever Chris Burch has created in the business world has had the opportunity to thrive, earning him millions of dollars in profits. With his unmatched skills in sales, marketing, and branding, Chris Burch has taken luxury fashion to a whole new level.

Thanks to his Burch Creative Capital, Tory Burch, and Nihiwatu, Burch’s name has been able to penetrate through unmarked territory thus reaching all four corners of the earth. Although Chris Burch has always taken his strides in life with a lot of caution, he is known to be the ultimate opportunist. After all, Chris would not be as successful as he is today if he never took risks. Or would he?   More to read about him on

Far from the work space, Chris Burch is a ‘party animal’- no harm intended. Recently, the CEO of Burch Creative Capital got to hire Chef Andres Morataya to grace his Hampton beach party come October with his unique beach-friendly grilled dishes. Chris Burch selected Andres as the master chef to his cookout mainly because Morataya has always exhibited his passion for preparing mouth watering dishes in the outdoor environment and only using the most basic tools available. With such a portfolio, Chris Burch knew from the get go that Andres was the perfect match to his expectations.  A must-read interview of him here on

While setting up his trade, Andres never had sufficient funds to put up his outdoor cooking business, and so he settled for the farm-to-table restaurant approach. It is in October that Andres Morataya plans to take his technique to the Indonesian resort of Nihi Sumba Island that is particularly owned by Chris Burch. Although Chef Andres can now afford to purchase all manner of cooking equipment, he prefers to stick to his handcrafted grill made from bricks and driftwood.

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Burch believes that come October; Chef Andres Morataya will step up to the occasion and provide his beach party with proper meals and delicacies as desired. Since summer time is quickly closing in, Andres is carefully preparing to offer only the best at the Nihi Sumba Island resort of Indonesia.  Related article on

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