Greg Secker is a Famous Forex Trader and Philanthropist

Greg Secker is probably most famous for his knowledge and speeches about Forex, but he is also an active philanthropist. Secker firmly believes in his “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy.” – philosophy. His personal philosophy makes it possible for him to exemplify to others that it is possible to make money in almost any scenario or situation. Secker takes great pleasure in creating charity awareness, since helping others is an important part of life. Secker started his studies in the area of agriculture and food sciences. Secker decided to make a radical decision and study finance instead. This transition took place after an interview with Thomas Cook Financial Services. Secker was later able to format trader strategies with codes and algorithms for computer programs. Greg Secker is a renowned Forex trader. Secker made more than 6000 presentations among which are the National Achievers Congress as well as the Success Summit Congress.

As a philanthropist, Secker leads the Greg Secker Foundation, which helps make it possible for young people to develop life skills while young, avoid making mistakes, and to have a good and clean start in life. This philanthropic work takes place in Australia and in South Africa by providing electricity to young people, and also by assisting them in gaining a better education, improve their natural abilities as well as learning new abilities and skills. Secker is an active member of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy with the objective of attracting other business people and enterprises in participating in philanthropy and making it a part of their business model and not simply giving funds to charity.

Greg Secker teaches others what he knows and is an international speaker due to his belief that everyone should have access to life-changing tools. Secker would like people to be able to make decisions that can present them with options that will make their lives and those around them, better. Greg Secker is an author of books that deal with the topic of financial freedom and helping people create and improve their income. Greg Secker owns 17 enterprises in many different sectors.

Greg Secker’s philanthropic focus is on Filipino people and helping them in many ways. Secker believes that “If you can make a profit, then why not make a difference, too?”

The Greg Secker Foundation, an NGO founded by Greg Secker establishes and develops partnerships so that they can help people have access to better education, teach young people leadership and life skills. The “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” features Greg Secker on this year’s list.


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