Innovative Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Lung Disease

Chronic lung disease has a severe impact on a patient’s quality of life. Chronic lung disease includes; interstitial lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, (COPD) and pulmonary fibrosis. Chronic lung disease can dramatically impair one’s physical and mental health. Simple tasks such as walking, getting dressed or talking on the phone are virtually impossible with chronic lung disease.

Most treatments for lung disease focus on treating symptoms, rather than treating the progression of the illness. Many of the treatments for chronic lung disease have severe side effects, says cedars-sinai experts. The Ventolin inhaler is often used in the treatment of chronic lung disease. This inhaler causes side effects including tremors, increased blood pressure, and a rapid heartbeat. Steroids are commonly used to treat chronic lung disease. Over an extended period, they produce side effects such as nausea and hypertension. Traditional therapies for chronic lung disease have serious side effects,.

The Lung Institute realized the need for better medical care for chronic lung disease. They knew only treating symptoms was not very pleasant or effective for their patients. The Lung Institute developed a stem cell therapy treatment program, see, designed to accomplish more than just treating symptoms.

The patient‘s autologous stem cells are used in the treatment. The treatment reduces the progression and the symptoms of chronic lung disease. All patients are thoroughly screened, to ensure they are a good candidate for the treatment program.

The first step in the treatment is to withdraw from the patient either blood or bone marrow. Next the stem cells are extracted and concentrated. Through intravenous therapy, the stem cells are introduced back into the body. The new stem cells target the lungs, to reduce the symptoms and progression of chronic lung disease. To read more stories on stem cell therapy, visit


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