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What Happens To Your Body While Freezing To Death


To experience freezing to death is something that a person will never want to have happen to them in their lifetime. There is nothing creepier than a body becoming hypothermic and then freezing to death.


This is what happens in order: First thing that happens is the blood flow inside of a person begins to constrict. In other words, it seems to get thicker, almost like a jello. It is because the body’s blood is made to keep the organs warm and when the temperature goes down, the capillaries are so close to the skin, the blood works the organs harder, making a person feel colder by the minute.

Then the heart rate begins to pump faster and blood pressure rises. The body begins to shiver because it is trying its best to keep warm. Slowly the skin begins to lose its color, turning the skin a shade of white. It is the start of frostbite. Then peeing is the next feeling that overcomes a person in the beginning stages of hypothermia. Why? Because the blood flow has moved away from the skin into the vital organs to protect them. Later on, it may be impossible to stop the flow because a person may have lost all control.


As the cold seeps through the muscles, it starts to become difficult to move. After so long, the body can’t move and brain fog sets in. Next the arms and legs begin to turn blue, the heart rate decreases as it pumps less blood and the mind begins to hallucinate from lack of oxygen. The end result: death.

New Looks And Sexy Bodies With Jennifer Waldens Help

Cosmetic surgery is the specialty of one Jennifer Walden. She lives in Austin Texas with her two sons. Jennifer Walden is the daughter of a dentist father and a surgical nurse mother. He made her decision to pursue a medical career when she was in the eighth grade. She completed high school and went on to college in Texas. After receiving her medical degree she took a job in New York working for a physician that specialized in surgeries of the eyes, ears, and throat. After working with this surgeon for a few years she made the decision to become pregnant and move back to Texas.


Jennifer spends a lot of time with her family but she also spends a lot of time giving talks on ABC and other programs. She loves to give advice on skin care. She is a beautiful young woman that understands the ways to reduce the signs of aging. She explains that sunscreen and face cleansing will help keep the wrinkles at bay. Jennifer has won several awards throughout her life. One of the awards is American Society Of plastic surgery award and the American Women’s Association award. She also has an old award from high school soccer. Jennifer is currently listed among some of the best beauty surgeons in America.


Liposuction is one of the treatments that Jennifer performs. This procedure is done to remove excess fat from areas of the body. The procedure is hard on the body and does produce bruising. Liposuction and tummy tucks give anyone the flat tummy and sexy body that they desire. This procedure is rarely paid for by insurance and will usually be the sole responsibility of the person receiving the procedure. Jennifer Walden is an expert at providing surgeries such as this. She does a wonderful job at providing patients with a new look safely.

Livio Bisterzo, Creator of Hippeas

Why did the founder of Hippeas and the CEO of Green Park Brands. Livio Bisterzo, choose chickpeas instead of maybe lentils for his new snack? He said that the trend towards products based on plants and the fact that chickpeas are one of the hottest industry trends led them to focus on chickpeas as the “hero ingredient”. It took countless rounds of product development to get to the bite, crunch, taste, shape, and texture that they wanted.

Hippeas organic chickpea puff snack is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, has only 100 calories to a pack, has three grams of protein, is a good source of fiber, is low in fat, and comes in flavors including Pepper Power, Sweet & Smokin’, Herbs We Trust, and Far Out Fajita. These organic chickpea puffs are healthy and flavorful as well as being addictively delicious.

Launched on June 13, 2016, the original retail partners included Starbucks, Holland and Barrett, and Boots. Hippeas became the newest product in Starbucks’ grab-and-go snacks with the Vegan White Cheddar and the Far Out Fajita being available in over 7,500 Starbucks locations across the United States. The merchandising lead for Starbucks Retail Branded Partnerships, Carolyn Chinn, said that they are constantly seeking new food items that are enjoyable and which also cater to dietary needs.

The identity of Hippeas is geared toward a modern ‘hippie’ and millennial generation and also a partnering with Farm Africa on a joint initiative ‘Food for Good’ that gives back by supporting eastern African chickpea farmers.

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The packaging, visual identity, tone of voice, and personality were created by Jkr, a food innovation company. Stephen McDavid, Jkr design director, said that the aim was to strike a balance between irreverent humor and being socially-conscious. The personality took inspiration from the smiling face of the original hippie era but is updated for today’s modern audience. The charismatic visual identity is a bold yellow face with a different colored tongue for each of the flavors in order to make the snacks stand out on the shelves, online and in the minds of consumers.

Livio Bisterzo, now 35, originated from Italy, attended the University of the Arts in London, and built businesses ranging from consumer goods to hospitality. In 2015, Livio Bisterzo combined years of experience with natural foods with a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. That led to creating Green Park Brands with a goal to manufacture healthy products and also create positive social impact.

With the game-changing Hippeas, chickpeas have been thrust into a spotlight and are on the way to becoming one of the United States’ fastest growing snack brands.

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Fight off aging and dark spots with Makari

Maintaining human skin is very important to stay healthy and look pure over the long run. There are several life hacks to keep skin clean and clear as well as beauty products to try out. There are so many products to test out that it is hard to identify which one is the best or most effective. Self-confidence is directly related to how we feel we look compared to others. Why not try out Makari products and get a boost above everyone else.

Makari is constantly producing some of the best skin whitening cream products on the market. The best part about this product is that is works well for everyone. No specific race or skin color will look better than the others when using this product. Their products are create to provide the smooth, radiant skin.

Makari brings out the unique beauty in everyone. Makari does mean “beautiful” in Swahili. Over the course of the last decade their products have been changing lives. All products are made in Switzerland and are then shipped to many other countries all around the world.

Makari comes highly recommended by its users and continues to build upon their quality products. The ultimate goal for customers is to get that radiant skin.

There products also reduce any and all dark spots without using hydroquinone. Makari helps get rid of those painful acne scars with quality ingredients. People using their products look younger after sampling. The tested formula is proven to help achieve a lighter skin tone. Check out for the full product list.