Former Hawks Owner Takes on Insurance Company

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is soon to be in some trouble if the Atlanta Hawks owners have their way.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the group that once owned the NBA franchise, has decided to file a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company over a breach of contract that involved a settlement of claims. This former group happens to include Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner although the lawsuit itself doesn’t make any mention of Tony Ressler, the group’s current principal owner. Only in June of 2015 did former general manager Danny Ferry reach a buyout agreement with the Hawks ownership, which according to an EPSN report ended a relationship that was originally supposed to be for six years and worth $18 million. The lawsuit claims that AIG, who was named in it, failed and refused to pay for the covered losses made in employee terminations in bad faith. All despite the fact that AIG was obligated to pay for them all.

A major figure involved with the Atlanta Hawks LLC franchise is former owner Bruce Levenson. Levenson is a native of Chevy Chase, Maryland but was born in Washington, D.C. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and then got a law degree from American University, using that to increase his overall business acumen. His first step was to found his own company called the United Communications Group (UCG) based out of Gaithersburg, and was mainly used for analyzing statistics involving oil prices, communication and technology. This came to a peak when he and his business partner Ed Peskowitz became majority owning partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004, which is a group of businessmen who own the basketball team and Phillips Arena.


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