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Former Hawks Owner Takes on Insurance Company

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is soon to be in some trouble if the Atlanta Hawks owners have their way.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the group that once owned the NBA franchise, has decided to file a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company over a breach of contract that involved a settlement of claims. This former group happens to include Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner although the lawsuit itself doesn’t make any mention of Tony Ressler, the group’s current principal owner. Only in June of 2015 did former general manager Danny Ferry reach a buyout agreement with the Hawks ownership, which according to an EPSN report ended a relationship that was originally supposed to be for six years and worth $18 million. The lawsuit claims that AIG, who was named in it, failed and refused to pay for the covered losses made in employee terminations in bad faith. All despite the fact that AIG was obligated to pay for them all.

A major figure involved with the Atlanta Hawks LLC franchise is former owner Bruce Levenson. Levenson is a native of Chevy Chase, Maryland but was born in Washington, D.C. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and then got a law degree from American University, using that to increase his overall business acumen. His first step was to found his own company called the United Communications Group (UCG) based out of Gaithersburg, and was mainly used for analyzing statistics involving oil prices, communication and technology. This came to a peak when he and his business partner Ed Peskowitz became majority owning partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004, which is a group of businessmen who own the basketball team and Phillips Arena.


A Brief Overview of Fabletics and How It’s Taking on Amazon

Fabletics is a company that has dedicated itself to offering a high-quality gym, athletics and yoga wears for women. The company, which was co-founded Kate Hudson, has a goal of making women sexy. When it comes to high quality, most of the athletic wears are pricey, and many people cannot afford them. Fabletics products are of quality, but they have strived to offer them at affordable rates and in a convenient online shop. They offer a broad range of goods such as hoodies, tees, tops, sports bras and many others. The company has achieved a competitive advantage over competitors because of their twenty-four-hour customer service through an online shopping platform which is secure and friendly.


Getting Started With Fabletics


There is a short quiz that is offered at their platform to new users on lifestyles, and it just takes a few minutes. The aim of the question is to help the company’s stylists who are dedicated to knowing your taste on various items so that they can choose items for you based on how you answered the questions. Once you create an account, you can pick the items of your interest every month and complete the purchase effortlessly. However, you can also skip this when you do not feel like buying anything that month. Another option of becoming a VIP member is whereby you will be receiving the items on a monthly basis, but you will be offered a discount. Signing up on their website is free, and so it is easy to get started.


Fabletics Taking on Amazon


Amazon controls 20% of the online market in the fashion niche making it difficult for new entrants to penetrate. However, Kate Hudson has gone against the odds achieving a business growth of $250 million in just a period of three years. Fabletics has established a large online customer base within a short period using a subscription mechanism and selling their products directly to the customers. The trick perhaps is that Fabletics provides products that motivate their customers thus pushing them a little further than their limits. Another powerful tool is the convenience of online shopping coupled with a membership plan making them unique and reliable.


In the past, many brands which were of high quality were pricey. Today, for a new company to carve a niche in the competitive market and hard economic times it has to come up with a different strategy so as to achieve success. Some of the factors that a brand should look into are customer experience, fashionable design, and brand recognition among others so that they can cater for the current clients.


The company is expanding rapidly and has plans of establishing itself in various locations and opening more stores apart from the ones in California, Florida, Illinois and Hawaii. This shows that their strategy is working and paying as well. Fabletics believes their dedication towards making their customers happy and getting what they what is what has made them successful in a business that is highly competitive.

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Capital Group Board Elects Timothy Armour as Chairman

The new Board of Directors at Capital Group recently announced that it had appointed Timothy Armour to become the chairman of the organization. Capital Group is known to many as the home of American Funds and is currently one of the leading investment management agencies in the world. Tim Armour will now be serving the company as the chairman of the management committee.

According to a recent press release from the successful company, Tim is expected to work together with the top members of the institution’s s management committee to bring the much-needed change. Some of these members include Robert Lovelace, the president of the company and Phil Toledo, the serving president of Capital Group. The new team will be expected to set, implement and also communicate the overall business strategies in the company. Team will also be responsible for overseeing the operations in the organizations

The new change in leadership of the firm reflects the succession plan that was put in place several years ago. The program was recently formalized after Jim Rothenberg, the former chairman, passed away.

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Timothy said that the whole team at the Capital Group were deeply mourning the loss of Jim who was a close colleague and friends. Tim also stated that Jim was a purposeful leader who had proved himself to the world by possessing unique talents. Jim was good in making decisions that were beneficial to the associates, clients, and investors in the long-term.

In a statement, Timothy said that Capital Group had proved to the world over the years that its strength did not lie in an individual but in the talents of its associates who had been working hard to make the mission of the organization come true. Although the former chairman has passed away, the new team will continue to deliver its legacy.

Timothy Armour is known to many as the chairman of the renowned Capital Group Companies.

Timothy is also currently the chairman and chief executive officer of the Capital Research and Management Company, which is also part of the Capital Group. Timothy has been in the investment world for more than thirty-two years, and he has all the knowledge needed to take the organization into better and higher levels. Before getting this position, Timothy was working as the Equity investment analyst at Capital Group. The hedge fund manager is looking forward to working with his colleagues to make the dreams of the company come true.

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Davos Real Estate Group Announces The Launch of a New Mobile Application


Davos Real Estate Group has announced the launch of their new mobile application that lets their users estimate the net profit if they invest in a particular investment vehicle. For the company, they are dedicated to making their services better. For the company to become a global attraction, facilities including easy accessibility to their portfolio are a major concern. The Davos CAP Calculator is an application designed to reveal the investment value of an investment opportunity you might be interested.


David Osio’s Davos Real Estate Group is one of the independent subsidiary companies of the Davos Financial Group. This is a worldwide leader and leader among the Latin American marketplace. For more than 20 years, the company has served their clients with outstanding financial advisory services. The main objective of the company is to formulate a working investment opportunity for all their customers to gain massively. Davos Real Estate Group has also combined their products and services using a regulated framework that requires high-quality service. They also engage in hiring the most experienced and passionate professionals to join their team. For this reason, you will never doubt their exclusive advice regarding financial matters. These individuals are talented ad licensed to conduct business in the United States.


Davos Real Estate Group Executive Director, during the last six months, has worked with close supervision throughout the development process of the application. For the application to meet the high standards of the digital world, this guidance was necessary. Technolution Company is one of the leading Java development companies with more than one decade of professional experience. This company is dedicated towards the development of high-end software that meets the market needs of their clients. This application was also developed to run in major operating system environment including Android and Apple.


According to Davos Real Estate Group, this was the first application among many to come in the future. They are prospecting towards the development of a better application that lets the users engage in a chat with their service providers at the company. For them to make an informed decision about an investment opportunity, they will also gain access to exclusive interviews for free. According to David Osio, this application originated from the main objective of the company to serve their clients with high-end solutions, for this reason, they developed this application to attract more clients to work with them. This application guides clients through the various investment opportunities.

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George Soros Is Funding Political Reform Groups

George Soros, who is in favor of immigration reform, has contributed over $2 million in campaign funding to remove County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office. This is the most amount of money Soros has ever spent in a local law enforcement political campaign. His PAC group Maricopa Strong has received funding from other like-minded individuals like Laurene Powell Jobs and John Arnold. Soros had previously been involved in political campaigns to reform criminal justice by replacing local prosecutors.

In September of this year, George Soros had been reported to invest more than $500 million in funding migrant businesses in the United States and Europe. He hopes to spark a movement of investors to also support migrant businesses. He believes that governments are not completely covering the needs of immigrants and the private sector needs to pick up the slack. Immigrants often suffer periods of idle despair and struggle to fully integrate socially and financially.

In January, George Soros donated $8 million to boost the campaign platform of Hillary Clinton. This is his largest political donation since the Kerry versus Bush election. In December of last year, he donated $6 million to super PACs that supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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George Soros was very shocked by the loss of Hillary Clinton. Soros had read President-elect Trump’s 100-day plan to change the country, and he sees it as a step backwards for the progressive movement. Soros plans on banding together with other progressives to go against Trump and his policies the upcoming year.

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The super PAC that Soros had favored is named Priorities USA. Including the $6million by George Soros, they had raised over $25 million in total in the second half of 2015. Their total donations for the year totaled to $41 million.

During the Kerry campaign in 2004, George Soros donated a total of $20 million towards the campaign and super PACs. Soros also donated $1 million to Priorities USA in 2012 to support President Barack Obama. He also supported Barack Obama during the 2008 primaries over Hillary Clinton.

Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, created a super PAC for Jewish voters in the United States. Bend the Arc PAC is the first Jewish super Pac to focus on local Jewish issues. The group directly contributes towards progressive political campaigns that support inequality, marriage equality, social justice and immigration reform. Alex Soros had previously backed candidates that promoted social justice, donating over $1.2 million of his own money.

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Brad Reifler Guides Forefront Capital With Outstanding Leadership

One of the most popular areas in the financial industry is investing. Many people invest on a regular basis. Regarding their investments, people can see how their investments are doing in a variety of ways. As a result, people know how their investments are performing. While being able to keep up-to-date concerning investments is good, many investors do not have the time or expertise to manage their own investments.

An alternative that many investors use for the management of their investments is an investment firm. The ability of investment firms to manage, oversee, advise, or develop an investment strategy for investors is why many investors choose to allow an investment firm to handle their investments. For investors, the use of an investment firm is a choice that is considered wise by many people.

Investment firms can do as much or as little as most investors desire concerning the investments maintained at an investment firm. The level of service is usually dependent on what the investors want to accomplish with their investments and the ability of the investors related to investing. The typical investor will usually allow the investment firm to manage their investments. Also, many investors will allow the investment firm to make recommendations regarding new investments or changes to current investments.

An investment firm that is highly successful and productive in the investment sector of the financial industry is Forefront Capital. The firm has a solid reputation in the financial industry for providing excellent investment related services. Also, the firm is able to produce very good investment numbers for its clients. The CEO of Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. A proven executive who understands the financial industry, Brad Reifler has been a productive investment professional throughout his entire career.

Brad Reifler has been able to provide tremendous growth for Forefront Capital under his CEO tenure. Brad Reifler has made many business decisions that have made many investors at Forefront Capital very happy over the past few years. The firm is one of the best investment firms in the financial industry. Managing investments for investors is a challenging situation. There are many things that are needed for an investment firm to successfully manage the investments of its investors, Forefront Capital has proven to be an investment firm that knows how to provide top level investment services and produce superior investment results.

Using Wen by Chaz on Natural Bleached Hair

After decades of using harsh shampoos to cleanse my hair and then following up with extra thick conditioners in the hopes of restoring what I just stripped away, I finally decided to try Wen by Chaz Dean ( After one use, I fell in love. I’m African American with natural hair. My hair often feels hard when it’s been washed with a harsh shampoo. After using Wen, it felt normal. Not too soft or too hard.

I believed I had finally stumbled upon a product that I should continue working with. Now after six months, I haven’t changed my mind. I’m still in love with Wen by Chaz.

When I first started using Wen, my hair was a natural salt and pepper. A couple of months later I decided to go try something different. I choose to dye my hair red using henna. My hair turned four colors: red, brown, black and gray. I didn’t like the mottled look, so I decided to try something more extreme. I was determined to bleach my hair light blonde.

I’d read all kinds of frightening stories on Twitter about bleaching hair. I’d heard my hair would fall out; I would burn my scalp with the bleach or I simply wouldn’t get good coverage doing a “dye job” at home. None of my fears were realized, the dye job was perfect. When it was time to wash my hair after applying the dye, I became a little nervous.

The hair washing had to stop the action of the bleach. Wen stopped the bleaching action. I hoped my hair wouldn’t feel dried out and brittle after bleaching. After washing with Wen and then using the Wen conditioner, I didn’t notice a difference in my hair’s texture. Overall, I’ve been completely satisfied with Wen by Chaz. It’s given my touchable hair that’s easy to manage since the day I first started using it nearly six months ago.

I love my hair now and one of the reasons I do can be directed a Wen by Chaz. I love the way it looks, although it’s DIFFERENT. And, I especially love the way it feels every day, but even more so after it’s just washed with Wen by Chaz. Wen hair care products are available on eBay and Guthy-Renker, try a bottle for yourself today!

Jason Hope Looks To The Future With Hope

Jason Hope is someone who not only looks ahead, but also someone who works ahead to a future that he hopes for. For one thing, he is an entrepreneur. This gives him a lot more room to live the life he wants. He is also working on something that he believes in which is the future of humanity.

Jason Hope not only believes in the future of technology and the role it plays in the lives of people, but also sees how it is going to play out for people. Among the topics that Jason writes about is the Internet of Things.

With the Internet of Things, Jason Hope writes on his blog that everyday objects are going to be connected to the internet. This is one of the events that Jason Hope is looking forward to. Jason Hope is also someone who is willing to challenge the modern school of thought. After all, if the modern school of thought always stayed the same, then there would be very little progress if any. It is important for the school of thought to be challenged so that new ideas could be brought forth that could make the world a better place. One thing that stands in the way of progress is opposition to new ideas.

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Among the schools of thought that Jason Hope seeks to challenge is the method of treating illnesses. Jason believes in the possibility of treating each illness in a preventive and proactive way as opposed to waiting until it has occurred. This allows people to actually experience a lifetime of health. Jason is also one of the people that are looking for ways to increase the lifespan of people for future generations. One thing that could be said for Jason is that he is someone who has chased after what he believed in and has made a successful life.

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What Is Smart Lighting for the Home?

Home automation is finally here. For decades, the idea of controlling most of the systems and appliances in your home with one remote or control panel was just a pipe dream. But today, home automated systems have come to the forefront. And one of the biggest automated systems to hit the market is smart lighting.

What Is Smart Lighting?

Imagine being able to control all of the lights in your home with just the touch of a few buttons on your smart phone. This is smart lighting. Companies like Gooee are behind this idea.

Gooee has created both the hardware and software for many state-of-the-art systems. These systems may be used for both residential and business purposes. Recently, Gooee showed off their handiwork at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair to thousands of potential buyers. There, they were able to demonstrate the numerous amazing benefits that smart lighting can have.

Why You Should Try Smart Lighting

Smart lighting may seem like a futuristic concept, but it’s actual here to stay and extremely accessible to almost everyone. The components that are necessary for smart lighting and any kind of home automation will vary, but generally speaking, you just need a smart phone to begin.

Once you have a smart phone, you can add light sensors and receptors for programming your lighting from afar. Imagine coming home from work and having the lights in your home already on. You’ll be more comfortable, and you’ll save on electricity bills. For more information, check out the Gooee website and see the products that they have to offer.