Geoffrey Cone Knows About Taxes

Geoffrey Cone is an expert at taxes. He has worked hard for this title and he works hard for the clients that he has. As a global attorney, he has been confident in his ability to make things work for people who are planning to make the move to a different country. This has given him a lot of opportunities to learn about taxes.


As a global attorney, he often runs across people who are looking for places where they do not have to pay taxes. These people are usually ones who make a lot of money and who do not want to be burdened with extremely high taxes. This is a problem and one that Geoffrey Cone is usually able to solve by letting people know that they can live in a tax haven. These havens are places where taxes are either really low or there are no taxes at all that people have to pay.


Some people think that moving to New Zealand will solve their tax problems but this is not a good idea. New Zealand is not a tax haven. It actually has around average taxes for a developed country and can even sometimes teeter on having higher than average tax prices for a country of that caliber. While there are many great reasons that people can move to New Zealand for, they should not consider moving there for the low taxes because there are no low taxes in New Zealand. Geoffrey Cone lets people know all of this so that they will not be disappointed.


Following the advice that he often gives his clients, Geoffrey Cone moved to a tax haven. He made a lot of money and was having to pay a lot of high taxes. He was tired of it and made the decision to move to a different country. He knew that he could do that and could avoid very high taxes. This was a great option for Geoffrey Cone. He now lives in a country that is a tax haven and it has saved him a lot of money that he would have had to pay in taxes somewhere else.


People who are planning to move to a different country should consider every aspect of moving before they make the actual move. Moving to a different country isn’t always the best option and can actually make things harder for them. People who Geoffrey Cone works with are always encouraged to look at tax havens carefully before they make the decision of moving to one of the places. While not having to pay taxes is a great benefit that all of these countries have to offer, there are some things that can be bad about the countries.




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