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Lip Balm Sales Soar for the Fall

Lip balm products are becoming quite popular and there is a reason for that. It all has to do with the fall season. More than a few ads have started to appear as people enter the fall season and face the possibility of chapped lips.
Fortunately, EOS lip balm – commonly known as the Evolution of Smooth – is a company that has consumers covered. This is the company that has become known for making products that are smooth on the lips. The brand has been trusted, and that is why the Evolution of Smooth is gaining a lot of customers as the fall season nears.

What this company has managed to do is establish itself one of the premier companies for customers that are looking for lip chap products. Lip Chap is something that people are not going to agonize over. It is a small purchase. That is why the Evolution of Smooth had to work hard to become the leader. Lip chap from this company is now a purchase that consumers make without thinking about it. They already know that this is a great product. They don’t have to research. EOS has already promoted the product well so customers known what they are getting.

The lip balm from this company has vitamins and Shea Butter. The ingredients also avoid many of the chemicals that would cause skin irritation. That is why the product has managed to sell well. It caters to people that want a product that is going to protect their lips. They don’t even have to think about it. They just know because the fact sheet for EOS lip balm is clearly visible on the website. This is a company that cuts right to the chase. This is the type of company that people feel they can trust. Check out their products on Ulta.
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The New and Innovative Technologies Coming From Securus Technologies

The best source for getting the up-to-date information on what is going on in today’s world, PRNewswire, just released an article on Securus Technologies, one of the biggest companies around to provide technology for public safety, monitoring, investigation and also corrections. The reason for this article was to comment on Securus Technologies new release of Investigator Pro 4.0. With companies like Securus Technologies, prisons and other agencies have been able to keep their facilities up and running, while still not spending too much money. The decision that Securus Technologies made to release the Investigator Pro 4.0 was a great one indeed, with its feature of searchable voice. The searchable voice feature has actually made it possible for the investigators using the 4.0 version to look at one of the samples of voices that they have on file for an inmate or for someone who was making an in going call to one of their inmates, and use that sample to search within the system being used for any voices that are a match to the sample voice.


As far as investigators are concerned, this newest piece of technology will go along way in helping them in terms of finding out the much needed information on criminal activity that is going on in facilities and also outside of facilities. Not only are the people that choose to use the Investigator Pro 4.0 able to go off of telephone numbers or PIN/IDs, but now they are able to break through that barrier and go off of the voices. This will in the end, help to clean up the systems, and it will also help investigators not have to spend so much time on the work that they do right now, leaving them more time to get other things done that are just as important.


Securus Technologies


The company that goes by the name of Securus Technologies, has been able to over the past years help many different agencies with finding the right type of technology for their agency at the right price. In fact, Securus Technologies has helped more than 3,450 agencies, which is a lot and it makes them proud to have helped out so many individuals. To learn more on the technology company known as Securus Technologies, click here.


Keith Mann Shows Support To The NYPD

Keith Mann is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dynamics Search Patterns. The company is a premier executive search firm that is committed to sourcing top talents for the private equity and hedge fund industries. Dynamic Search Partners has been very successful. In the past 10 years, the company has paired their clients with some of the leading industry talents across different geographical locations. The firm has been able to build an enduring relationship with its customers and candidates. The strong relationships have been the core foundations of the company and have enabled it to reach new heights regarding service delivery. Under the guidance of Keith Mann, Dynamics Search Partners has emerged as one of the fastest growing private companies in America.
On February 17, 2015, Keith Mann showed his support for the New York Police Department (NYPD). It came in response to the protests and violence that had marred the police force Keith Mann and Keely Mann sent lunch to officers in the 54th Street precinct to show their gratitude, support, and boost their morale as opposed to feeding into the negative vibe.
Keith Mann has always had a special attachment and relationship with the New York Police Department. His wife’s uncle is a detective in Staten Island. Keith Mann felt that the actions of the police department fell close to home for him. There had been attacks on police officers earlier in the year during what was supposed to be peaceful protests in New York. His wife sent lunch to the officers at the precinct on two occasions. The first time was in early January and then again on February 9th.
Keith Mann stated that the law enforcement officers need to be thanked rather than attacked in their attempts to maintain safety. He acknowledged the fact that police officers are people with families just like the ordinary New York resident. However, Keith Mann stated that he would not want to see his or any other family hurt due to careless action against the police department. Keith Mann believes that the citizens should strive to help the cops.

Big Payout for Whistleblower

SEC Whistleblowers have become more and more prominent over the last few years, which has been a direct result of programs that have been implemented, which have created an easier path for people to come forward. In the past, if you did come forward with information in regards to some type of wrongdoing, there was a good chance that a person would be completely blacklisted, meaning they likely would not ever be able to become employed in the same field or industry. However, major cases have developed over the last few years that have not only provided the ground work for a means of protection for these individuals, but really have opened the flood gates.

In a recent case, a whistle blower that decided they wanted to come forward was awarded seventeen million dollars for doing so. This has been the second largest case to date and is truly a great thing, as these types of penalties, which come in the form of sanctions against one or more businesses, are a major reason for companies not to engage in illegal activities. The more mainstream these types of cases become and the more that companies are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, the less this type of thing is likely going to happen. Another great benefit of this case is the fact that the individual that blew the whistle remained totally anonymous, which means they are not going to get blacklisted from their industry. This is a huge thing, as in the past, when a whistle blower decided to come forward, even if they received any type of monetary sum for their testimony, they likely were not going to be able to work again. The actions that have been taken to create protection for whistle blowers truly is a great thing, as a person that knows something wrong is going on does not have to decide between exposing it and losing their job, or simply holding their tongue anymore.

One of the reasons why this works so well is the fact that it really is a win-win situation. The whistle blower remains fully anonymous and receives between ten and thirty percent of the sanctions that came against anyone they blew the whistle on. Essentially, the whistle blower gets a portion of the sanctions, the business gets penalized and everything starts to get a little bit cleaner in the business world. If you think you are going to come forward, it is important to get an SEC whistleblower attorney, as a lawyer is going to give you the best shot at winning your case and remaining as protected as possible.

Adam Goldenberg And The Importance of Avoiding Getting Caught Up With Trends

One of the most common ways that fashion retailers sell a lot is that they get caught up in trends. However, this is not always the necessary way for retailers to sell. Adam Goldenberg has another way to sell products. For one thing, he avoids sticking with trends or “pivoting” as he calls it. He is also trying to take the time to come up with his own trends for his company JustFab. One thing that makes JustFab so successful as a company is that they pretty much offer their own products on YouTube. While many retailers sell other products from other companies, JustFab is one of the retailers that sell their own products.

Adam Goldenberg not only tries to provide unique products, but also looks at the data in order to determine what sells and what doesn’t. The products that sell the most have a longer shelf life than other products. However, he takes the time to make sure that the products that are not selling as well are going to make it out of the store. For instance, he offers items on clearance. Adam makes sure that even the weakest product is able to sell.

While Adam Goldenberg maintains that many companies focus too much on the marketing aspects of business, he does understand that marketing is important for selling. For one thing, he understands that if no one knows about the company or the product, they are not as likely to pay for the product as opposed to a product that is heavily marketed. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg makes sure that the business is run in a balanced manner so that every one of the products when it comes to fashion is sold.

JustFab has made sure that it provides the customers with a unique experience. They not only work with the products that they offer, but also deal with the business model on Customers are given a chance to enjoy the products that are offered by JustFab not buy paying for the products but for the subscription service.