Food and Beer Shortage in Venezuela

In a move that many financial analysts like Velasquez Figueroa had long predicted, Empresas Polar, the largest beer producer in Venezuela, has completed shut its doors. The company first closed two of its six factories in July 2015 according to Open Corporates. The final closure came after the country’s president refused to give the company money that it needed to buy barley from the United States.

President Maduro has called on all residents to become urban farmers growing their own crops and animals. According to a article, many residents, however, are finding this extremely tough to do because they cannot find the seeds to grow crops. Making seeds even harder to find is the government’s new seed law passed in January. Importing seeds into the country is nearly impossible because the government refuses to allow any genetically modified seeds into the country. Therefore, many major companies like Monsanto have completely pulled out of the country. The government expects these urban farmers to use only seeds that can be saved and replanted another year.
Raising farm animals in the country can be very hard because of the lack of veterinarian supplies. The country already experienced the smallest farming base in Latin America and current conditions are making the shortage of food precarious, according to an article published via ABC News