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Why Use an Online Reputation Management Firm

For a lot of people, choosing to use an online reputation management firm is one of the best things they could possibly do. The reason for this is due to the fact that it helps to build your reputation and get it to where you want it to be. There are so many things that can go wrong when you are online with your business. People can write negative reviews and you may have issues with search engine results due to poor search engine optimization. If these have been problems for you in the past, an online reputation management firm is just what you need.

Once you make the decision to hire a company like Bury Bad Articles, they will do the heavy work for you and provide you with what you need to ensure you are satisfied with the work being done. By hiring a company like Bury Bad Articles, they can help to repair your entire reputation and get it to the point where it benefits your whole company. Now that you know how important it is for you to hire and use a company like Bury Bad Articles, it is all about having them to do this work for you.

Once you hire Bury Bad Articles, they will begin to repair the damage that has been done to your online reputation. Once repaired, you can feel confident in the fact that you will begin to gain clientele on the Internet. This is also something you will not have to worry about doing on your own. It saves time, hassle and worry on your own part to use a company like Bury Bad Articles for this specific purpose. Make sure to contact Bury Bad Articles to find out more about what they are able to offer.

Now that you know that Bury Bad Articles is there to help out, you can contact them to see what types of services they are able to provide to you. You will find that this benefits your online reputation and gets it to where it needs to be. There are a lot of people who are able to work with you, but Bury Bad Articles is one of the best companies out there and can be a wonderful option for those who are trying to grow their company from the ground, up and get its reputation to a solid level for clients.

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Wen by Chaz Dean Touching the Hearts of Hair Lovers

Every woman wants to use the best cleansing conditioner that can work magic on their hair; transforming thin hair to look like whatever they applied was pure magic. Anyone looking for this kind of a hair product should learn of WEN Cleansing Conditioner. The product has different formulations that are good for different hair types.


In an article that first appeared ob, Emily McClure, a Fashion & Beauty writer, gives her experiences when she decided to try the Fig version of Wen by Chaz, which promised a moisturized, bouncy, and shiny hair. The first observation made my Emily is that the amount recommended by the brand is much more than what other products recommends.


The amount is at least 10 pumps and utmost 32 pumps depending on the hair length. But Emily says that immediately after using the right amount of the product for her hair she felt changes. The hair immediately felt thicker and fewer stands fell off mid shower. After drying the hair, the shiny and bouncy look was evident. It was incredible and felt like a miracle already.


According to Emily’s facebook post one week journey of trying Wen, she concludes that the product is appropriate for fine hair. The users of this product have to commit to showering and styling their hair every morning to get the best results and avoid greasy hair. Wen might not be the product for the lazy who might skip a day between showers and hair styling.


Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner product by Chaz Dean is a 5-in-1 formula that takes the place of your conditioner, shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler. It is known for cleansing hair without lather and some harsh sulfates found in ordinary shampoos. It does not strip your hair its natural oils. The hair is left stronger, moist and manageable. It is available on Sephora.


Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles stylist, is the brain behind this great product. Chaz whose love for hair began while attending a commercial photography course got inspired and joined cosmetology school. He turned his passion into a professional career. His interest in creating products developed as he helped a highly successful company in developing a product line. Chaz has a clientele list of celebrities and big names in Hollywood.
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Bury Bad Articles Means Business

Reputation management as an aspect of public relations has gained relevance in this digital age. The use of social media come with limitless advantages for success at both individual and corporate level. However, social media has its downside. Negative information about you or your business online threatens to destroy your reputation.

In fact, scientific research reveals that a single piece of bad publicity can decrease a company’s sales by as much as 20%. The statistics get worse when negative reviews and search queries pop up online as the firm in question can lose up to 60% of its volume of business. This figures should worry every business administrator and owner since they threaten the core of the operations.

In the modern world, the internet facilitates all transactions across the globe. These actions take place simultaneously and spontaneously. Information travels at near the speed of light and social media can pick out information trends across the world. Therefore, there’s the guarantee that all negative information about an individual or company will be an Achilles heel for all the organizational strategies.

Besides, why spend so many resources on production, advertising, and marketing if your entire forest of work will eventually be lit on fire by a single matchstick of bad press? Every investor and manager should, therefore, stay vigilant and monitor their online activity for negative information.

Unfortunately, the online reputation management industry is still young and most firm’s lack the know how to manage an online business. It’s only fair in this case to engage the services of a digital marketing and reputation management expert. These professionals act as your cavalry in the war against negative publicity. They scour the internet for undesirable bits of information and substitute it with the desired image.

Also, they can get other websites to pull down negative reviews and articles about you or your company. A perfect example of reputation management experts is the Bury Bad Articles online service. They are currently serving lots of happier individual and corporate clients and are getting noticed for their good work.

Kyle Bass Is The Doctor Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Of Hedge Funding

Hayman Capital Management founder Kyle Bass is known for making valid stock market predictions. In an interview with Bloomberg News, he stated that China has a very vulnerable banking system and investors should think twice when it comes to dealing with China.

“Anyone who takes a good hard look at what’s going on with China can see the writing on the wall,” said Bass. At Milken’s Global Economic Conference on Wednesday, Bass repeated his assertions that China is not in a good place. “China is in a very precarious position. Allocating money there is just not using common sense,” said Bass.

Bass made his bones in the industry by betting against sub-prime mortgages. In fact, he made a bundle during the banking crisis of 2008 when he correctly predicted the banking collapse. Bass is so certain of China’s position that he is raising a dedicated money fund for bets.

It’s only a matter of time before they bottom out, according to Bass. “I just hope investors putting their money into China can handle 30 to 40 percent write downs.”

While some people have a great deal of faith in what Bass has to offer, a number of people deem him as one of the most odious and dishonest people in the banking industry.

According to some, the subprime mortgage collapse of 2008 was the beginning and the ending of Bass’ career. Most of his other predictions meant very little or were so far off the mark that they were useless anyway.

Critics say that Bass has not only made many recent bad calls, he is also consorting with questionable individuals like Kristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina (and we all know what’s happening there)and Coalition For Affordable Drugs CEO Erich Spangenberg.

Spangenberg, in particular, is considered a con man of he highest order. His scheme is short-selling pharmaceutical stocks then challenging patents, thus harming millions of individuals who rely on the companies medications. Although Bass was warned about what Spangenberg was doing, he had no problem jumping in with both feet.

Bass is quickly gaining a reputation in the industry for being all about money, and to hell with anyone or anything that gets in his way. Bass has had a tough two years, according to financial guru Jim McTeague. “He’s lost big time. And if he isn’t careful, he’s not going to have anyone else to suck up to.”  ZeroHedge writes more about Kyle, and the mistakes he’s made.

BBA – Pushing bad articles down

When people conduct an Internet search about your business, they want to learn more about what your business has to offer. The last thing you want them to find is negative articles or reviews that have been posted by others about your products or services. It is impossible to make everyone happy, and the adage about the squeaky wheel getting the grease holds true in the business world. One negative article unfortunately will get the readers’ attention and can tarnish your public reputation. This can impact productivity and sales on a daily basis, and you may wonder what you need to do to remove the article from the Internet.

Unfortunately, you cannot remove the article from the Internet search engine rankings, but you may be able to bury the article under positive reviews and news stories. The reality is that people place greater emphasis and importance on the stories that have a higher ranking, and some may not even view articles that are posted on the second page of search engine results. With this in mind, you can easily create pieces that are ranked higher in search engine results than the negative pieces that are posted about your business.

Creating articles and news stories may be easy to do, but getting them ranked higher than the negative article can be more challenging. While challenging, it is critical that they are ranked higher so that the bad news story gets bumped down and hopefully off of the first page of search engine results. This is where Bury Bad Articles comes into the picture.

Bury Bad Articles is a service that specializes in creating pieces that will be ranked higher than the bad press that you are receiving. The company provides guaranteed results, so you can rest assured that you will generate the results you desire from their efforts. Managing your reputation online is difficult to do, but Bury Bad Articles makes it easier to do so through their services. If you are interested in learning more about what Bury Bad Articles can do for you, contact them today.

Food and Beer Shortage in Venezuela

In a move that many financial analysts like Velasquez Figueroa had long predicted, Empresas Polar, the largest beer producer in Venezuela, has completed shut its doors. The company first closed two of its six factories in July 2015 according to Open Corporates. The final closure came after the country’s president refused to give the company money that it needed to buy barley from the United States.

President Maduro has called on all residents to become urban farmers growing their own crops and animals. According to a article, many residents, however, are finding this extremely tough to do because they cannot find the seeds to grow crops. Making seeds even harder to find is the government’s new seed law passed in January. Importing seeds into the country is nearly impossible because the government refuses to allow any genetically modified seeds into the country. Therefore, many major companies like Monsanto have completely pulled out of the country. The government expects these urban farmers to use only seeds that can be saved and replanted another year.
Raising farm animals in the country can be very hard because of the lack of veterinarian supplies. The country already experienced the smallest farming base in Latin America and current conditions are making the shortage of food precarious, according to an article published via ABC News


DEVCO Continues To Thrive As A National Star

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority have yet again failed to make a payment of $1 million for the month of January 2016. The payment is for the principal and interest on a $20 million loan that was bankrolled for the purpose of the construction of The Heldrich Hotel. The Authority received the loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

The Improvement Authority has already piled up $7 million in missed payments, all within 5 years. The loan that was bankrolled in 2005 was for the construction of a hotel and conference center that was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp, a nonprofit private organization. DEVCO, as it is also called, is a model for the Atlantic City Development Corp.

The 235-room hotel has struggled to attract guests since opening its doors back in 2007. The financial situation of the hotel is so dire that the New Brunswick Development Corp had to give around $776,000 to fund capital expenses such as mattresses.

DEVCO is an icon of development in the New Brunswick area and also around the country. The nonprofit firm on was formed in the mid-1970s to bring the revitalization that the city badly needed. The efforts of the corporation attracted praise from the New York Times, who described the Corporation as a “powerful engine for economic growth.”

DEVCO has relied on strategic alliances as well as strong public-private partnerships to create innovative project structures on that have gone ahead to realize the implementation of award-winning projects. DEVCO has worked hard to craft a redevelopment model that is recognized nationwide. The model is well based on sound public policy.

For the original article as reported by Press of Atlantic City, click here.

Lime Crime is What the Youth Desire

When it comes to makeup, teens do not want to be associated with what their parents are buying. They want their own style. Young adults don’t want to wear the makeup that they dub as makeup for “old folks.” They want a style that is hot and trendy. They want a youthful style of makeup. The cosmetics industry has Doe Deere to thank for her vision. She knows what the youth want, and she has created a youth cosmetics brand with Lime Crime that has really exploded since their inclusion at UrbanOutfitters.

The main reason that the young people stay connected to the brand has a lot to do with the colors. These colors are alarmingly bright at times. There are some other darker shades that are not quite Gothic, but the colors are dark. All of these different bold colors give teens the ability to pick a host of shades for different looks.

The Lime Crime brand, in essence, represents what it means to be young. There are an assortment of colors for women to change up their style and experiment. Older women will typically stay with one particular shade. They may go a little darker or a little lighter at times, but most older women stay within their lane. Young women don’t have a pre-defined lane. One day that may want to rock a Lime Crime shade like Lime Crime Squash. The next day – or possibly later within the same day – young girls may switch to a darker shade like the Lime Crime Teddy Bear color. This is what young girls do.

Lime Crime is plastered all over the Internet, from Twitter @limecrime to their Facebook fan page. There are different girls with various shades on the website. There are also quite a few girls that are posting their Lime Crime look on the web. Social media is how people discover Lime Crime.

Boraie Development Builds New Building Called The Aspire

Boraie Development is a real estate development company based in New Brunswick and recently completed its newest building called The Aspire. This is a brand new 17 story residential building located in New Brunswick and is conveniently located by the main train station.

With this location, residents will be able to easily commute to New York City and Philadelphia and enjoy those two cities on a convenient basis. Along with being in close proximity to two major cities, The Aspire provides its residents with high quality living spaces as well (click here for more: Explainer: How Downtown New Brunswick Has Emerged from Its Doldrums). Each of the units come in either studio, one bedroom and two bedroom layouts. Therefore anyone looking to live in a modern and luxurious living space will get what they want with The Aspire.

Along with being close to two major cities and proving a high quality living space, residents will also get lots of amenities. These amenities include on site maintenance, a 24 hour doorman and also a balcony.

They will also be able to take advantage of appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators that are of modern design. As a result, The Aspire offers luxury living for all of its residents and also allows them easy access to some of the top restaurants and retail locations in New Brunswick. Get full details here:

This building called The Aspire was built by the real estate firm Boraie Development. This firm offers a wide range of real estate services such as property management, sales & marketing and also development. Its mission is to help provide tenants an ideal living environment along with helping them get the most out of living in an urban setting. With its ties to top contractors, architects and financial institutions, Boraie Development is able to ensure that their projects are completed in a timely manner and give residents a satisfactory lifestyle.

According to PR News Wire, Boraie Development offers a wide range of services including property management. Not only does the firm design, arrange and build the properties but it also manages them as well. When it comes to management, Boraie Development screens tenants and provides maintenance.

Therefore, residents will be certain that their building is well taken care of and is able to ensure that their needs are met. By having property management, Boraie Development will have a more hands on approach to helping residents get the most out of their living environment along with keeping their property profitable as well as in the best possible condition to satisfy its residents.