Spreading the Good Word

Bob Reina has played a rather large role in my life the past the year. Bob is the creator of the video communication software called Talk Fusion, which is the same software I use to contact my husband overseas. If it wasn’t for Bob Reina, there would be a good chance that I would still be fighting with other software’s just to get a clear picture of my husband on the screen.

With Talk Fusion I can hear his voice clear as day and see his face as if he was standing directly in front of me. At first I was not willing to pay for video communication, but after trying numerous free software’s, I went right back to Talk Fusion. It is absolutely worth every single penny spent. I would honestly spend way more than they charge just to use their services because of how reliable they are.

Bob Reina definitely hit the hot spot with this program and how well it works for me and thousands of other users. After I signed up to talk with my husband, I got five others in the family to sign up for Talk Fusion so that they could talk to husband as well. I have yet to hear one single complaint from any of them on how the program works. Every time I talk to them they just mention how great it is to see his face and talk to him while he is over there. Him being in Iraq is very nerve wrecking for the entire family.

Every time he is shipped out, we all sit on the edge of our seats until the day he is sent home. Talk Fusion lessens the stress of him being so far away, but it does not take away the longing for his touch. The day I am able to wrap my arms around him is the day that I will stop feeling so sad and lonely. I really do give everyone credit who has gone through this before. I just wish I could spread the word of Talk Fusion to all of them so they could share the same experience as me.

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  • Sloane Abdullah

    July 4, 2018

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