The Blessing and Curse of Social Media

Social media really is a blessing and a curse. It is able to provide all sorts of benefits and give individuals the ability to interact with others around the world. However, it can also be a curse as one wrong post can cause all sorts of problems. That is exactly what Melissa Click discovered as she lost her job at the University of Missouri after one encounter online. It is also just one other reason why the team at Status Labs wants people to understand why it is important to think twice about not only posting anything online but when acting out in front of other people, as they may post videos online.

Melissa Click worked as an assistant professional at the University of Missouri. During a student protest, she wanted security to “strong arm” the protesters and have them removed. She was vocal about it but didn’t cause any physical harm to the students. Despite this, her “strong arm” comment was recorded by a student, who then posted the video online. Once heads of the university heard about this they fired her on the spot. Now, Melissa Click is stating it is not right to fire someone for making one, seemingly minor statement, in front of a camera that she did not expect to be posted online.

Whether people agree with her statements or not, Status Labs uses this as an important lesson for individuals to learn. They need to understand that anything and everything they might say can be posted online. It is why people who are in a public position need to remain extra cautious when they say just about anything online. As long as individuals take this into account and make sure to play it cautious and simply assume anything they say and do is going to be posted online, they will be better off.

Darius Fisher, the head and cofounder of Status Labs, wants to do everything he can to help both employers and employees to understand exactly what they should be doing about their online reputation and how they can avoid negative content from affecting their lives and other personal attributes.