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Colombia Is Reacting To A Zika Virus Outbreak According To Brazilian Medical Expert Sergio Cortes

The summer months in South America bring out more than pretty women is dental-floss type bikinis. The mosquito population in South American countries can be overwhelming especially in rural areas where there are thousands, if not millions, of breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for spreading the Zika virus as well as the dengue and chikungunya viruses. The Zika virus isn’t new, but the strain of virus in Brazil is new, according to a recent post on the Dr. Cortes official website.

Dr. Cortes is a medical expert for Brazil’s Ministry of Health, and he has been involved in trying to answers some of the questions that researchers are asking about the virus. It appears the virus is spreading to other South American countries faster than a speeding bullet, and Colombia seems to be the second hardest hit country after Brazil. More than 26,000 Colombians have the virus, and the government expects more than 100,000 more cases before the end of June. Cortes says those numbers are only the reported cases. There are thousands of cases that are never reported, according to the Brazilian doctor.

There are more than 3,100 women in Colombia that have the Zika virus. Dr. Sergio Cortes recently said those women may deliver babies with microcephaly. Microcephaly is a condition that produces babies with abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains. Most of those babies have very short lives.

A Brazilian research team recently discovered a connection between the Zika virus and microcephaly, but the scientists aren’t sure why some babies are born with microcephaly and other are normal. More research is needed to determine why the virus finds its way into the amniotic fluid of just some pregnant women and not other women. Dr. Cortes has information about microcephaly on his LinkedIn page.

There are more questions about how the Zika virus acts when it enters the human body. Scientist now know it doesn’t act the same way in all humans. The virus has been found in the salvia of most infected people, but it may not show in their blood. The virus is also found in semen, but the researchers don’t known if the virus is transmitted through sexual contact. But there has been at least two reports that the virus did spread that way.

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George Soros Talks Present Day Market Conditions

The global markets are highly intertwined. What happens in one part of the world may easily influence what happens in another part of the world. If the leader of Germany has opinions on the Euro or the president of the United States has decided that the dollar needs tinkering with, this can easily influence markets in the United States and markets in the rest of the world including Asia and Latin America. The leaders of the world, especially those nations that have larger populations and larger markets are well aware of this issue and well aware of the need to do all they can to address it closely. They also need to be aware that their actions may influence the reactions of investors in other parts of the nation.
One investor who knows the kind of investments that are necessary in order to earn an impressive rate of return is George Soros. Soros is one of the world’s richest men and a highly skilled leader. His work in this field has included a great deal of insight into various aspects of the markets and how the use of the markets can help generate profit for those who are aware of such ramifications. The work that he does at the present day in his retirement is largely about talking to various investors about the state of the market at any given moment.

At present on Bloomberg, he cautions investors that they need to be wary of present day market conditions as such conditions may be similar to a previous melt down that took place in 2008. In that year, markets across the world took a beating for various reasons. Investors who choose to decide on a bull market were often faced with stocks that did not do as well as projected or failed to expand in any significant way. Soros is seeing similar signs today in the markets.

In his Bloomberg view, the present day markets may be threatened by the state of the Chinese market. China has emerged as one of the world’s most important areas with a market that includes over a billion consumers and investors alike. He thinks that the Chinese may be seeing a shift from an economy that is based on saving to one that is more about using consumer goods and having an economy that reflects this fact. In his view, the markets in the United States may be effected by this issue. George Soros thinks that investors should be aware of such factors as they decide on the kind of investments that are right for their needs in the coming year. This kind of caution is one that investors should listen in the in coming year.

Sergio Cortes: Working To Help Xerém

According to the article that was published by Extra, Sergio Cortes has advised everyone in Xerém to make sure that they are putting hypochlorite in all of the water that they have aside from bottled water. This is because the chemical works to create clean water and is safe for the people to not only use as bathing water, but it is also safe for the residents to drink. Residents should not drink, use or even wash their hands in water that has not been treated with hypochlorite because they may be subject to diseases that occur as a result of flooding.

Sergio Cortes is the secretary of health according to wikipedia. He has experience as a physician, but he also has experience in emergency situations. He has worked in many emergencies and is confident in his skills to handle the medical aspect of the flooding in Xerém. He has made himself available to the people of the town as well as to the people who are medical professionals in the town. He has worked to come up with expert advice to let everyone know what they are doing medically after the flooding occurred. He has become well-versed in handling situations such as this type.

Flooding can be detrimental not only because it can cause damage to homes and buildings, but it can also bring diseases with it after the initial flooding. Because there is so much to clean up after the floods and there is a large amount of water just sitting in the streets, diseases can be easily spread and passed around. Not only do people lose their lives during the actual flooding, they can also be killed by the diseases that come as a result of flooding in the days following the flood that has happened.

The diseases that people can get from flood waters include simple things like diarrhea all the way up to complicated diseases like hepatitis A. The dengue fever is also a major issue for people after flooding. When floods are not handled properly and the people of the areas are not educated on what they need to do after the flooding has occurred, they could become the targets for more death. It is important that floods be cleaned up as quickly as possible and that every resident be warned of the dangers that can happen after a flood if proper care is not taken concerning water sanitation.

Securus Technologies App Puts Them On the Map

Securus Technologies is a wonderful company, and I believe that my cousin who in incarcerated would totally agree with what I am saying. He is directly benefiting from this patented technology and I believe that more prisoners will get a glimmer of hope because of Securus. 

This is a the company that has present prison video visitation in a bold new way. I remember when there was a time when I had to grab my keys, get in my car and travel. The travel for the prison was something that I could not imagine doing now that I have access to a mobile app that allows me to do video visitation. This is such an awesome gift from Securus Technologies. 

The thing that I really like is the fact that this company has managed to get a system set up in the prison that my cousin is in. Everyone does not have access to this, but it is available in some prisons. I think that this is awesome for Securus and it will be something that gives prisoners hope. 

The reality with prison visitations is that it starts out very frequently, but then it starts to get less and less frequent. People will be so distraught when their loved ones get arrested. They will make a guarantee to visit every chance that they get, but life happens. I know I thought that I would visit my cousin more, but time just didn’t allow it. I felt bad about it, but Securus came along with video visitation and saved the day.

Now I get the chance to visit with my cousin through video and I believe that this gives him a glimmer of hope. It is hard to have hope in a prison system, but this is something that he can look forward to. This is something that will allow him to transcend his mind beyond the bars that he is in. 

I feel like people should be more excited about Securus. It is giving families a chance to reconnect. It is giving inmates hope. It is also cutting down the time that it takes to set up visitations in brings. All of these are good things. I pray that this company will continue to grow and reach more prison systems. It is something that more families are looking forward to as a means to communicating with family. These visits are important to prisoners.

Learn more about Securus’ mobile app by visiting the following link >>

The Manse On Marsh Offers Many Housing Arrangements

Any assisted living facility is one that will offer those living there many kinds of options. In many cases, the person living in the facility can often choose between various kinds of living arrangements that right for their needs in some way. Most such places offer residents many kinds of housing options to pick from including a house, a local area cottage and a one bedroom unit with a private bath. Many such places also include units that allow married couples to live in the same space at the same assisted living facility at the same time. This can be an ideal arrangement for the couple that prefers to be together as much as possible.

When looking at any kind of assisted living arrangement, it often makes sense for any couple to do as much investigation as possible at all times. The right kind of assisted living option can be an ideal way to help get assistance of all kinds. Those at the Manse on Marsh fully understand this need and want to help their residents have a living arrangement that is right for them. They know that residents here rely on them to help them locate the best possible options for their specific needs. This is why they have created a site with many such options.

Anyone who wants to move here will be able to decide on the right kind of option for their needs. They may want to have a small one bedroom on site that allows them to come and go as they please. They can also pick out a cottage on the site of the residence that allows them to be able have a larger space that is often ideal for the resident who likes to entertain and loves to have guests over as much as possible while they are living here. This can help them stay in touch with friends and family who may be visiting from abroad or just lives nearby.  That’s one of the biggest positives of most reviews actually.

This allows them to be able to find the right kind of housing arrangement for their needs on this campus and also allows them to also have access to the kind of common spaces that can help them relax with others who share their peer group and have the same interests. Those who choose to live in this space will find that doing so enables them to be able to have access to meals as well as rooftop space where they can relax when they are not in their rooms or out on one of the many trips that are offered in this assisted living facility. This can be ideal for those who want to live in this part of the country.  The Manse Blog has further details about the goings on therein.