Slyce Launches Their Newest Technology Called Slyce Link

Slyce is the owner of an amazing app that allows users to take a picture of items to find the best deals available. This shows them all the deals around them at various retail stores. This feature is used by really popular mass retail stores. This app allows stores to be very competitive with their prices and it helps bring in more customers. This is because it allows users to find deals and coupons. Here is some great information about Sylce’s recent achievements and what they mean for consumers and retail stores that use Slyce’s visual search technology.

This year Slyce completed a contract with a company that sells children’s toys. This company will be added to Slyce’s app that allows users to search for items by taking pictures of the product that they want to find. The app will also allow users to find coupons for this toy company.

Slyce is constantly coming out with new features. Recently Slyce launched their newest feature. This is currently being tested by one company. This feature lets companies show images of products that are similar to what a customer is looking to buy. This allows these establishments to make more sales if the current product the customer is looking for is not available in their store because it is very popular. This is also great if a product is not available in a customers size. For example if they put a shirt in their cart then realize it doesn’t come in their size they will often not purchase anything. With this feature they will be showed different options that are similar to the shirt they were wanting to purchase. This new feature also allows users to push a button that shows them similar products that are more expensive or cheaper.

This feature is going to revolutionize the way people shop for items and look for great deals on them. It will lower the amount of customers that do not buy items in their cart due to them not being available in the store or in their current size. It will increase profits for big companies.

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  • Justin Wright

    October 26, 2016

    Slyce continues to come out with new features that benefit both companies and their consumers. With all of these great, new technologies Slyce’s best days are ahead of them. I also found that did a lot for them too.

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