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Doe Deere Kicks These Ruls To The Curb

As a fashion blogger, Doe Deere has constantly come across rules and codes specific for dressing and doing makeup. She knows that these rules are only guidelines, but some people take the rules to mean much more than that. Many of the rules are weird and have no basis in reality, but are simply dreamed up by the higher ups in the fashion world. She wants these higher ups to know that the rules do not apply to her and she has a following that are consistently breaking the rules, as well.

Thanks to her beauty blogging and her makeup company, Lime Crime, Doe Deere has been able to secure herself as one of the top authorities on all things that are alternative to the typical environment that is normally seen in the fashion scene. She has made the decision to break fashion rules and has proven herself to be one of the best at doing so. There are many things that she likes to break, but there are a few rules that are her favorite for abandoning. She knows that you can break any fashion rule that you want, but these ones are her most favorite ones.

Colors that are bold should not be worn with other colors that are bold is a ridiculous notion. It is something that many people may lean on, but is also something that can be thrown out the window. Doe Deere believes that you should wear colors that you love and not worry about whether they are too bright or too fun. There is no such thing as too many bold colors in Doe Deere’s world because she loves all of the colors and thinks that they all go together. Black is not a thing for Doe Deere, unless it makes her other colors pop more.

If you want to wear a bold lip, you shouldn’t wear a lot of eye makeup. The same goes with a bold eye, but Doe Deere knows this is a bunch of bologna. She makes sure that you know you can wear a bold lip and a bold eye by showing off some of the hottest looks that contain both. She is sure that it is acceptable to do so and that this rule does not apply to her. There are many things that you can do that will enable you to have both the bold lips and eyes.

By making sure that you are always wearing black, your unnatural hair will always match. This is something that men and women with unnatural hair have been told for years and is a fashion rule that Doe Deere does not agree with. She regularly breaks this rule and tries to avoid plain black at all costs. This could be due to the fact that she likes bold colors in her hair and on her clothes. There is nothing that holds her back from choosing to wear the colors that she loves, whether they are on her hair or clothes.

The Incredible Journey of Yeon-mi Park

Novelist and human rights activist Yeonmi Park remembers a time when she did not have the freedom to write about her life. In her words, until she escaped to China with her mother in 2007, she had no idea “what freedom” meant. Park’s humble life began on October 4, 1993, in North Korea. Park’s father, a civil servant, was arrested and imprisoned for smuggling metal. Park, along with her mother and sister, faced starvation as a result. When looking back, Park recalled on The Guardian that her family was often rationed something as simple as a frozen potato to eat. “We never questioned,” Park wrote in her autobiography, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Park and her sister, Eun-mi, were left to fend for themselves for more than a month as their mother attempted to help their father escape from prison. When she returned, the girls were told that they would be leaving North Korea. Eun-mi fled a day before Yeon-mi and her mother. The 13-year-old girl and her mother were aided by a human smuggler as they trekked from North Korea to China by foot. The pair crossed three mountains and a frozen river, but the worst was not over for them. The smuggler attempted to rape young Yeon-mi as payment for his services. Her mother saved her by offering herself instead. Yeon-mi was taken by the smuggler and forced into marriage until he released her in 2009. She made her way to South Korea where she reflected upon her stolen youth. “The river wasn’t entirely frozen, and I couldn’t swim,” Park went on to tell others. “I never for a moment that I could die, but I had to survive. Somewhere, I found strength.” Park and her mother re-united with Eun-mi in early 2014 and after working a series of jobs, she began making a stand as a human rights activist. She has gone on to pen her memoir and has spoken at forums throughout the world regarding her hopes for reform in North Korea and of unification between the divided north and south.

Victims of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Still Need Help

The country of Nepal was completely devastated in April 2015 new when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred. During the following weeks, many aftershocks happened that caused even more damage. More than 9,000 people were killed. More than 20,000 people were injured. Many people were left without suitable homes to live in. Fortunately, many organizations around the world worked hard to provide relief to individuals who lived in the country. However, more relief is needed. Majeed Ekbal has set up a Go Fund Me account to help individuals who are still suffering because of a lack of food and a variety of illnesses.

It is his goal to raise at least $1 million to help provide medical and disaster relief. The money will be used to provide clean water, healthy food, suitable housing, and medicine to individuals who were affected by the earthquake. Majeed appreciates money that is donated, no matter the size of the donation. He thanks individuals who use their personal funds to help individuals in the country of Nepal. This is something that is especially dear to his heart since he has many friends who live in the country.

Majeed Ekbal is well known in the city of Chicago as a successful real estate investor. He is also well known as an entrepreneur. He set up the company Expresso Inc. This is a grocery delivery service that helps individuals who are busy. It is a convenient service that helps people who do not want to go to the grocery store. They are able to find items they would like to purchase online and then these items are delivered to their home. Only a small fee is charged. This small fee is more than worth paying to most individuals who are busy since they do not need to use gas to drive to the grocery store, and they are able to save tons of time by not driving to the store as well as wandering around looking for the items they would like to purchase. This service is even available to individuals who live outside of the Chicago area. He has offered to mail via Federal Express items from large chain stores as well as specialty shops in the area to people across the United States.

How Doe Deere Captures a Niche Market

When it comes to the cosmetic industry there are a few heavy hitters in the industry that are hard to compete with. Doe Deere was aware of this before she entered the makeup industry, but it did not stop her from pursuing her dream of starting a cosmetics company. Learn more:

It has been a challenge for Doe Deere to pursue this, but her marketing savvy has allowed her to enter this industry and become a dominant player. There are a lot of young teens that have become fans of this brand of makeup. It has become something of major success for someone that does not have the same amount of clout that big a corporations like Mary today and Cover Girl possess.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime. It is special a lot of consumers because it stands out. It is unlike the rest of the typical make up brands that have similar colors. When people get involved with Doe Deere they know that they are buying into something that is completely different from anything else that they have experienced before. This is what has allowed her to captivate the industry and move to higher ground. It is her Internet savvy and social networking ability that has given her access to a wide range of consumers in the United States and beyond. She has become a huge hit in a lot of different areas because she has carefully orchestrated a plan to reach customers that relate to her style.

What Doe Deere had ultimately done is go up against cosmetic leaders. She knows that everyone is not going to be into her product. That is why developed a niche market that is prime for a younger audience that wears lip gloss, eyeliner, and bodacious make up colors. She has developed this market well, and she has developed the right marketing channel to reach the niche market that she has laid claim to. Doe Deere realized that the best opportunity would be available in developing a unique brand. Currently, she has become something of a lightning rod for media controversy, but it’s really all just seems to be part of her grand marketing technique. People discuss her blog and her identity. It is with these conversations that people are also being introduced to her website and all of the products that she is currently marketing. This has made it rather easy for her to take on the role of a CEO and push her products forward without a big budget. She has a fan base that is unparalleled to any of the other new companies in the cosmetic world. All of this success links back to her dedication to stay connected with fans and the mystery that surrounds the cosmetic CEO that is simply known as Doe Deere to those that admire and patronize here cosmetic products.

Greg Hague A True Real Estate Maverick

There have been many real estate personalities that have provided the real estate profession with amazing success stories. Many of these stories provide people new to the real estate field with the hope that they will ultimately be able to achieve fortune and fame in real estate. However, many of these real estate success stories are just the story without the substance. The actual tips, knowledge, experience, and results needed to achieve real estate success are not usually available to the people who read these stories.

The lack of substance behind the stories leaves these people craving real estate success. However, a few real estate success stories provide the substance needed to give people the details required to achieve real estate success. Typically the actual real estate professionals through personal real estate training and coaching provide the substance.

One of the big reasons why real estate training and coaching have proven to be a great way for real estate professionals to increase their success level is the direct contact these real estate professionals receive from their trainers and coaches.

One of the most well known real estate professionals in the real estate industry today is Greg Hague. His success story is one that many real professionals strive to duplicate. From humble beginnings as a real agent, Greg Hague has ascended to heights in the real estate profession that very few people have ever achieved. However, unlike many real estate success stories, people can learn the substance behind Greg Hague’s story through his real estate training and coaching that he provides.

As a trainer and coach, Greg Hague delivers real estate knowledge through the Real Estate Mavericks training and coaching company. A unique blend of solid real estate knowledge combined with his proven self taught real estate techniques and formulas give his audiences a rare look into the making of a real estate success.

Greg Hague is a different type of real estate trainer and coach who moves away from the traditional real estate thoughts and ideas regarding real estate success. He takes his trainees through a series of steps that he actually follows himself. This sometimes goes against some of the usual methods that real estate professional use regarding acquiring listings, sales, and buyers, but no one can argue with Greg Hague’s personal success or the success levels achieved by the people who have received his real estate training and coaching.

A true real estate Maverick is a great way to describe Greg Hague. Words such as cutting edge, different, risk taker, and innovator all are words that describe his real estate approach and style. However, just one word describes his real estate career, which is amazing.

Helane Morrison Fostering Change With Hall Capital

In this day and age where feminism is finally getting the credit it deserves, it is heartening to see companies like Hall Capital effecting change in the best way possible – from within. The firm is so successful that big names like John Fisher and Warren Hellman are in its client list. Bay Area’s most successful money managing company boasts of $24 billion assets and if all this wasn’t an effective marker for the company’s success, it is the three women at the helm of Hall Capital who are pushing for diversity in education, background, and gender.

CEO Kathryn Hall is also the co-chief investment officer at Hall Capital and she is supported by two brilliant and successful women – Sarah Stein, the President, and Helane Morrison, the MD, CCO, and General Counsel of the firm. There are many firms that preach gender diversity but to see an organization doing that effectively by putting its vision and goals right at the top for all to see is a welcome change that other companies can truly learn from.

Speaking about the diversity, Morrison mentions an interesting point that both young and experienced women in the corporate world would relate to – when the high levels of an organization, including the CEO herself, are staffed by women of note, it becomes more attractive for women to come to the firm. Helane Morrison previously worked for the SEC and was also a South Florida reporter before that. Her experience as a reporter is evident with hard-hitting quotes like the one below that call out those who try to find ways around the law.

She added that her friends who were working at other firms had to take part in special meetings aimed at women as the gender gap in the industry is so large that women tend to feel isolated. Her educational and professional background have enabled her to make quite a difference in Hall Capital in the half decade that she has worked at the firm. President Stein said that female leadership is becoming rarer by the day and despite the equitable distribution in the world and business schools, when it comes to actual positions, the world is still not fair to women.

The three architects behind the success of Hall Capital also offered some advice to young women who were hoping to make a mark in the industry, saying that the key to success was to be flexible and resilient. It also helps that the firm actively looks for diversity in their recruitment efforts and promotes a culture where independent perspective is highly valued.

5 Things You Can Do To Cleanup Your Name Google’s Search Results

Are there unflattering results about your name in Google? If so, there are a few things you can do.

1. Logout Before Googling Yourself
The first thing you need to do is logout out of your browser. Go into Google Chrome’s search history and delete everything. Delete cookies too because you will be able to see what the average Google user sees when they search for your name on Google.

2. Find Problems And Remove What You Can
Search your name and see what shows up in the search results. Look for negative information, such as negative news articles, old social media posts, bad reviews and things of that nature. You will be able to remove some things, such as old social media posts belonging to you, but there will be content you can’t remove.

3. Create New Content
Creating new content about yourself and your business gives Google fresh and up-to-date information about yourself. This means there is a good chance the new information will get a better place in Google’s search results, and the negative information may rank lower in the search results. It’s also a good idea to join a few major social media sites and update your profiles often.

4. Look For Data Brokers
Data brokers search the web and create profiles about people they find, including you. Most sites do have opt-out forms you can fill out, but that doesn’t guarantee that another profile will eventually popup at some point. There are companies that can automate the process and this makes it easier finding profiles about you and filling out opt-out forms.

5. Be Proactive
If you find negative info about yourself on a site, then contact the owners of the site. Be polite and ask them to take the info down, but if they don’t comply, then consider your legal options.

About Status Labs
The above tips were provided by Status Labs. They are an online reputation management company that offers various services.

If you run a business or you just want to look good in the Google’s search results, then Status Labs can help with their online reputation management services. Other services the company provides include search engine optimization, social media marketing, public relations, content marketing and crisis response.

The World Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Many people think about doing a little work to help boost their self confidence, to help them look a little younger. They may have sagging skin, need a rhinoplasty, usually called a nose job, or breast augmentation. Texas has some of the best Plastic Surgeon in the United States. Dr Jennifer Walden is consider one of them.

Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas on November 17, 1967. She attended Anderson High School, then pursued a degree In Biology from the University of Texas. Soon she went on to Medical school at the University of Texas, here she graduated as salutatorian of her class.

She is one of Texas top Plastic Surgeons, and many know that Texas has some of the best. Dr Walden is also an author, with many books to her credit, this includes textbooks on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, research and she is also a special media commentator; where she appeared as an expert on some of the news and television shows, such as: ABC News, Dr 90201, and Fox News,just to mention a few. She would discuss topics about injectables, soft tissue,teen plastic surgery, non and minimally and invasive procedures. She has her own very successful Cosmetic and ambulatory surgery center, also in Austin, with a different location in Marble Falls, Texas. Dr Walden and her staff are committed to safety and the best level of care for her patients. She is also a big advocate for women health issues.

Jennifer Walden’s journey began at the Manhattan Eye, ear and Throat Hospital. There she worked under the guidance, and known renowned Dr Sherrell Aston, a board certified plastic surgeon. He is considered one of the best in aesthetic plastic surgery. A number of her past awards, includes the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The Janet M Glasgow Memorial Award, and an Award given by the American Medical Association, for Achievement, and this is only touching the tip of her voyage.

So if one is looking for a top of the line plastic surgeon, Dr Jennifer Walden office can be reached either by email or their telephone number. They are very easy to find. The staff is very friendly, and would help individuals with any questions they may have.

Slyce Launches Their Newest Technology Called Slyce Link

Slyce is the owner of an amazing app that allows users to take a picture of items to find the best deals available. This shows them all the deals around them at various retail stores. This feature is used by really popular mass retail stores. This app allows stores to be very competitive with their prices and it helps bring in more customers. This is because it allows users to find deals and coupons. Here is some great information about Sylce’s recent achievements and what they mean for consumers and retail stores that use Slyce’s visual search technology.

This year Slyce completed a contract with a company that sells children’s toys. This company will be added to Slyce’s app that allows users to search for items by taking pictures of the product that they want to find. The app will also allow users to find coupons for this toy company.

Slyce is constantly coming out with new features. Recently Slyce launched their newest feature. This is currently being tested by one company. This feature lets companies show images of products that are similar to what a customer is looking to buy. This allows these establishments to make more sales if the current product the customer is looking for is not available in their store because it is very popular. This is also great if a product is not available in a customers size. For example if they put a shirt in their cart then realize it doesn’t come in their size they will often not purchase anything. With this feature they will be showed different options that are similar to the shirt they were wanting to purchase. This new feature also allows users to push a button that shows them similar products that are more expensive or cheaper.

This feature is going to revolutionize the way people shop for items and look for great deals on them. It will lower the amount of customers that do not buy items in their cart due to them not being available in the store or in their current size. It will increase profits for big companies.

Coriant’s new CEO will be Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant, the optical transport vendor has chosen Shaygan Kheradpir to be the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Coriant is a well-known and established business that supplies innovative networking solutions for top network operators in more than one hundred countries around the world.

Shaygan Kheradpir takes over the role of CEO from Pat DiPietro, who will slide into the slot of vice chairman and return to being an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, a private equity business that created Coriant by joining the optical unit of Nokia, Tellabs to a section of Sycamore Networks.

Kheradpir has prior experience being a CEO, as he spent 10 months being the CEO of Juniper Networks Inc. in 2014. He moves into his latest job as the CEO of Coriant after working very closely with the senior management team as the company’s Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners.

Kheradpir is known as a business and technology leader who has more than 28 years of management experience in the areas of telecom, and financial services, and technology. Former CEO DiPietro said that the company is honored to have him come to lead Coriant, and that his strategic insight and guidance are already invaluable and will help the company to grow.

Kheradpir is also said to have lots of experience in this industry in other ways, as he has worked at GTE and Verizon Communications, as well as working as Barclay Bank’s chief operations and technology officer.

The company expects his leadership to be very valuable as he helps them go on to do things like handle the mobile backhaul upgrades that underlie the evolving technologies from 4G to 5G, as well as lead the demand for providing expanded market opportunities for customers, long haul transport deployments, hyper scale data centers, and dealings with cloud infrastructure.

Kheradpir also has a Ph.D., as well as a master’s, and bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University. Kheradpir also owns several patents in the areas of telecom, and the media, and he was a member of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology and on the Cornell University Engineering Council advisory board.

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