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Famous Beauty Gurus On YouTube

YouTube videos have been popular for a very long time and show no signs of slowing down. Viewers can watch everything from music videos to fashion videos to do it yourself videos. Many YouTube stars created channels that allow viewers to get an in depth look into their lives and the things they do as well as the products they use and buy.

One of the most popular video categories on YouTube is beauty gurus. There are tons and tons of beauty gurus out there that offer hair videos, make up videos, fashion videos and a whole array of other types of videos. Girls and guys from all over the world are creating channels and content to showcase their talent and creativity. One of the biggest YouTube gurus is Wengie, a Chinese girl living in Australia.

Wengie began making YouTube videos a long time ago and has amassed more than seven hundred thousand followers since then. Although she tends to focus on beauty videos she also has a variety of other topics she does videos on. She does skincare videos, hair tutorials, food testing and reviews, fashion videos, makeup hauls, make up tutorials, fitness segments and many other types of videos.

Although she does a large variety of topics Wengies most popular uploads always seem to be her Asian skincare secrets and reviews. Wengie will compare Asian skincare and makeup with other makeup and skincare from around the world and sees which holds up better, which looks better and which feels better on the skin. She gives an honest and helpful review so that all of her viewers can make an informed decision on whether or not to buy a product.

Wengie typically uploads videos at least twice a week for her viewers. Some weeks viewers may even get a bonus video. Although every video is a different topic or idea each video showcases Wengies fun and silly personalty. With so many beauty gurus on YouTube nowadays it can be hard to find ones to trust and enjoy but Wengie certainly sticks out. It is not only her funny and quirky personality that keeps people subscribing and coming back for more but it is also her in depth and honest reviews on products and items that make viewers know they can trust her opinion on anything.

Tips On Older Dogs

Caring for older dogs is important. These animals have spent their whole lives making their owners happy, and I think that it is important that owners give their animals the best life even towards the end when they don’t seem as active and fun as younger years. Older pets can still be fun and quite active, but it takes an owner that understands his dog for this to happen every time. An older dog may mean more work for the owner on Facebook, but I think it is worth it for the companionship that the animal has brought to any family. Keeping a dog healthy throughout his or her entire life will help ensure that when they reach an older age that they will not have as many problems, although this is not always the way it works out. Keeping an eye on the mouth, especially teeth can help tell when the animal may not be so healthy. Bad (well worse than normal) breath can be a sign of deteriorating health. By feeding proper nutrition that helps ensure dental health like Purina’s Beneful, risks of infection from tooth decay and malnutrition can be cut down. When it comes to feeding, if an animal is having a difficult time or seems in pain with eating hard kibble, it may be time to add some wet food to make eating easier on the dog. Not eating at all may be a sure sign of tooth pain and switching to a softer line like Beneful wet food may be the best option to save the animal suffering. Keeping a dog active during their entire lives is important to reduce joint and bone pain for the animal, along with raising overall health and quality of life. While taking care of an elderly pet can be complicated, by paying attention to them, keeping them healthy, and feeind them right anyone can have a healthy dog for a long time.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Going To Help Shape My Behind

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I was not happy with my backside. I have three sisters, and they all have the same father, but I have a different father than they do. It looks as if I took my backside from my father’s side of the family, because my behind is nearly flat, while my sisters have voluptuous behinds. I used to be embarrassed to wear clothes, especially tight jeans that showed my figure. I decided that I wanted to get an enhancement in my behind, especially since having a big butt is something that’s been in for many years now.

I couldn’t afford to get surgery, so I went to a chop shop, so to speak, and I sat on someone’s couch while they injected silicone into my buttocks. Not only did the silicone cause me problems, but my butt didn’t look right and looked anything but natural. I felt a lot of pain at times from the silicone injections, and I even thought at one point that I would possibly die. I had to go to the emergency room not long after I had the procedure performed, and I had some permanent damage from the silicone injections.

I learned the hard way that any type of body enhancement should be done by a professional plastic surgeon. Fast-forward to five years later, and now I am successful and have some real money in the bank. I’ve decided to finally fix my buttocks, and I wanted the best plastic surgeon for the job. I consulted with a surgeon named Dr. Jennifer Walden about giving me a fat transfer to shape out my behind, but I also needed to repair the damage that the silicone had done to my butt as well as take out the silicone that was in it.

It was only after doing a lot of research that I found that it was possible for me to have a normal shaped behind again. After consulting with Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website, I had some hope about how my surgery would turn out. I was told that the silicone could be taken out, and a fat transfer would help me to give a lovely shape, and I very much look forward to my surgery. I have my surgery scheduled in the near future, and I’m very confident that Dr. Jennifer Walden will be able to help me fix the mistake I made when I chose silicone injections for my behind.

The Divine Doe Deere

Doe Deere is actually a artistic and revolutionary technology executive. This business owner has developed an exceptional make-up brand named Lime Crime. She offers an excellent array of make-up items in bold, intriguing, and glistening colors.

This imaginative former model born in Russia planned to created a business through which she can use her vibrant creativity. Lime Crime was developed and she views makeup products as a highly effective tool for females to say numerous statements. Doe’s make-up company Lime Crime is completely inspiring in relation to pigments.

Doe Deere is credited for transforming into diverse vivid curly hair colors and fantastic make-up in her distinctive photos. Doe is a true fan of sparkle and fantasy. This is show cased in her online store which is about organic beauty and information. This woman has a true passion for girl energy and possibly that is what has made her so influential.

Her beauty collection is definitely the foundation for natural looks along with daring make-up looks. Doe is often establishing new tips and mixing colors for her company Lime Crime. Her admirers are thrilled to send photographs of themselves wearing various hair colors and Lime Crime make-up. Doe displays every one of these brilliant pictures in her online store coupled with posts on various make-up trends.

The exciting part about Doe Deere’s company is that she concentrates on providing new kinds of color to women of all cultures. Lime Crime is unquestionably vibrant furthermore, it possesses a new hair coloring collection. Doe likes producing every magnificent and divine color. You will find unique colors for your hair like pink, mermaid, and purple at Lime Crime.

Doe Deere works by using her imaginative ideas to make her cosmetic makeup products completely different from other brand names on the market. She makes certain that even her nail polish collection offers radiant colors like vibrant azure, pink, and fluorescent citrus green. Doe Deere herself seriously loves getting made up and changing into a number of outstanding looks. She’s successful and is extremely enthusiastic about the things to come with her makeup brand Lime Crime.

Makeup products give women of all ages a much more self-confidence mostly because it enhances their natural beauty. Many ladies really take pleasure in applying make-up for the utter imaginative fun. Potentially for the special evening out or perhaps a long anticipated holiday make-up always brings glamour to your appearance. Doe is sure of the countless possibilities of makeup products and will continue to enhance her cosmetic collection.

Lime Crime is Doe’s development and it has experienced a great deal of accomplishments. Doe Deere feels inspired by her fans that really like her make-up line. Her business is centered on the modern as well as the unique.

The Tale Of North Korean Defector

Yeonmi Park People decide that they must leave their birth nation for many reasons. Some people leave in order to seek adventure. Others leave in order to have better job opportunities. In a significant number of instances, people leave in order to escape governments that are less than ideal for their needs. In all too many parts of the world it is common to have a government that is not good at governing and meeting the needs of locals. A bad government of this sort can make it very hard for the people living there to have their needs. In many instances, a bad government may even make it hard for natives to get access to enough food and adequate shelter. One such government is that of North Korea. In the aftermath of a war conducted last century, the peninsula of North Korea was divided between the north and the south. The northern part of the peninsula has been governed since then by a small group of tyrants dedicated to the communist system of government. Natives of this land such as Yeonmi Park who grew up here are relentlessly forced to live in a state that is dedicated to an extremist form of this type of government. She and her fellow North Koreans must endure hardships that almost unimaginable. In many instances, their every moves are closely supervised both by their fellow North Koreans and by the government. Government officials expect that people living here will give the natives of this country their full attention, loyalty and devotion at all times. This means that criticism of the government is not allowed. As Park recounts to the world after she left, living in contemporary North Korea means that one must struggle each day to find food, escape the supervision of the nation’s system and function somehow. Before Park made her daring escape from this part of the world, she was also forced to listen to the nation’s leaders each day at school. Her teachers wove a tale on NYTimes of the nation as the world’s best even as she and her fellow students often did not get enough to eat and had to supplement their meager diet with insects and grass. They told her that the US was the enemy of all mankind. Failure to obey the teachings of the nation’s leaders and even voice any sort of frustration often had dire consequences. Such consequences included being shipped off to one of the nation’s many terrible forced labor camps. Here, North Koreans of all backgrounds are forced to labor under terrible conditions as Park’s father was. It is such fear that lead many of Park’s countrymen to attempt to leave the nation. However, doing so can result in being killed by the government or shipped off to such camps. It was only with a stroke of luck and hard planning that Park and her mother were able to manage to leave this nation and make their way across the Yalu river into refuge in China.

Dan Newlin: Redefining Personal Injury Law

Very few people can boast the success that has been achieved by Dan Newlin. This is perhaps best illustrated in the fact that his law offices are one of only less than five percent to have been classified as Super Law Firms in the entire State of Florida. He has carved the reputation of being one of the most successful professional attorneys in the modern day practice of law. Even more striking is the fact that Dan has consistently recognized the efforts of his staff as an essential contribution to his overall success. He has been licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Chicago.

Areas of Practice

The law offices of Dan Newlin offer free legal consultation services. A wide variety of areas of practice are offered, all in professional distinguished and high quality service. They include cases of general personal injury, cases of wrongful death, instances of medical negligence, accidents that have been caused by trucks, motorcycles, automobiles and auto accidents. The negligence of another person should be punished by the courts of law of competent jurisdiction. He has successfully overseen the compensation in amounts being in excess of one hundred and fifty million dollars. This success rate is an indication of the hard work and commitment that his team has put in all their professional services.

At the age of twenty, Dan began his career by working at the Indiana Police Department in New Chicago after which he served for ten years at the Orange County Sheriff Offices. Here he rose through the ranks to the position of Sherriff’s Detective. Working as an undercover police, Dan is credited for bringing to book some of the most dangerous and notorious criminals of his time. This he did with the simple objective of ensuring that the society he lived in was both safe and secure for everyone.

He successfully graduated from the Florida State College of Law in the year 2000, an institution which prepared him to become one of the most distinguished attorneys. Further to this professional career, Dan has consistently attributed his personal beliefs and virtues as being core in his success. He embraces the concept of individual skills as being one of the most important factors in seeing general success. His offices are staffed with individuals with competence and distinguished expertise in their different fields of practice.

Having started in a simple office that was only served by a single secretary, Dan has progressed to establish an ultramodern office to facilitate the daily activities of the firm. If you are looking for free consultation and practice that has your best interests, then do not hesitate to contact Dan Newlin. Your specific needs and preferences will be taken care of at all times.

Try FreedomPop Premium for Free With Purchase of the Moto E 2 Generation LTE for $39.99

For a limited time only, enjoy FreedomPop’s premium services for free when you purchase the Motorola Moto E 2nd generation LTE for only $39.99. FreedomPop is the only mobile carrier that offers a free monthly service (including 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data) to over 50 countries. There are no hidden fees with FreedomPop, you simply pay for your phone.

Right now, FreedomPop is offering a certified pre-owned Motorola Moto E 2nd generation LTE for $39.99 (regularly $299.99) with a free month of Itunes service FreedomPop‘s $19.99/month plan (1GB of data, plus unlimited talk and text). You can switch to a free account anytime or choose a premium plan that fits your needs. Other plans include a $10.99/month plan (500MB of data with unlimited talk and text). FreedomPop’s Motorola Moto E deal also includes a free month of FreedomPop Premium Plus (regularly $5.99), which includes rollover data, visual voicemail, Wifi FreedomPop tethering, and FreedomPop Premium Voice. The certified pre-owned Motorola Moto E comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping.

According to Android Authority, the pre-owned Motorola Moto E 2nd generation LTE is “powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with 1GB RAM and offers 8GB internal storage with MicroSD support.”

The pre-owned Motorola Moto E 2nd generation LTE is ideal for a starter smartphone or anyone looking for a basic android experience at an affordable price. Head over to Android Authority to take advantage of this limited time offer from FreedomPop.

Understanding Everything About Investment Banking

The modern world has been characterized by many changes that have occurred in each industry on Managing a business has become easier due to the innovative technologies that have been introduced. Businesses are now able to transact within the click of a button and others are able to manage production using technology. However, the emergence of technology for business has left many investors at positions they would not wish. Those who do not have the right technological infrastructure have been forced to restructure their operations because of the challenges they have faced. The financial markets are even more complicated and lack of necessary expertise may mean one will not be able to emerge successful in different transactions. With the help of investment banking firms, most of these challenges are eliminated completely. These are well structured institutions that are able to offer guidelines and information that is useful to facilitate seamless transactions.

Getting facts about the market is something that most institutions have not been able to achieve. With investment banking institutions, one can get reliable analyses about the market. They offer market research to help investors understand what is necessary and what they should avoid in transactions. This has offered many businesses success and stability. In many instances, investment banks have gone to the extent of analyzing the state of transactions to establish whether the business has been able to offer the right procedures and products. Their research is aimed at offering solutions that can work to streamline transactions and to relieve organizations and individuals the stress of having to deal with complicated markets.

Professionalism is something that many organizations have been able to thrive on. Therefore, getting advice from a professional is necessary. James Dondero is among professionals who have stepped up to offer advice and guidance on issues that affect business. He is a well established professional with a long experience record in the business world. He has managed many ventured and has come up with ideas that have changed the way businesses are operated. James Dondero, who is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, has been identified among well established persons who can help young investors understand how to deal with challenges in the market. His approach to management has been unique and one of the ways he has enhanced effectiveness is by having investment banking as a solution to many business transactions.

Risks are sometimes inevitable and the only way one can survive is to embrace risk management. This is something that is necessary for any business. The financial markets are more competitive and tricky and require one to embrace better risk management. This explains the reason most investors choose to work with investment banks, which help them to take control of different risks. There are also many other things that can bring down a venture. Investment banks are able to reveal all the details that can help one to transact effectively and without exposing a business to losses, thereby this is an option each investor should think about.