Facts About Skout’s Fuse Acquisition

Skout is a social application that has made it possible for over 500 million people from many different countries of the world to be connected. The company has recently also bought Fuse, an application that uses the phone address book to create friends. Fuse has an easy interface that is easy to navigate and it gives users better and much simpler tools to create their social networks from the contacts on either the mobile phone or tablet. The app is mostly liked by people on the go, and they can easily create a ‘fuse’ that makes photos and messages posted automatically dissapear in a few minutes. The same feature can make the same messages and photos disappear forever.

Fuse uses initials to identify people by their cell numbers. An interesting thing about the app is the fact that it has very interesting social dynamics. For instance, if one wants to join a group, an invite from another member makes it possible. However, when one joins, there is no defriending. In the event that one wants to leave the group, the opting out feature makes it possible. When a message is shared in the group, members receive a notification and when time expires, the content disappears from view. When sharing content, users can choose to use their initials or use the Ghost Mode feature.

Founded in 2007, Skout has been on techcrunch and is able to employ more than 150 employees, and seventy-five are based at its San Francisco headquarters. The company describes itself as the largest global platform that allows people from different parts of the world meet and improve their social circles. The best thing about the app is the fact that it is also available in fourteen different languages therefore not locking out users who do not neccesarily speak English.

Just like Skout, Fuse is also free and available in Google Play Store as well as iTunes App Store. Skout uses a cellphone’s GPS to help users easily find other like minded people within the nearest radius. Users who sign up for the application create profiles that have photographs and then communicate with people who are within their radius. When the communication progresses, they can extend it and slot for a meeting later.

Initially formed as a travel app, the app has slowly turned itself to a social and dating app that has attracted a lot of users from different. Among its recent developments is the ban on users uploading bathroom selfies and nudes. After a careful assessment, the company was able to prove that such photos added no value to any user’s profile and if anything they destroy the reputation. This move was aimed at improving overall user experience and filtering content that is not appropriate for youngsters keeping in mind that the platform has users who demand respect. Skout has and will continue being on the front line when matters related to offering the best in terms of social networking are concerned.

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  • Tonar Geril

    December 27, 2016

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